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Teleworking from home has many benefits, such as flexible scheduling and endless opportunities to learn new things. It’s also beneficial because you don’t have to spend money on commuting.

But there are drawbacks such as misunderstandings, distraction and inability to concentrate, feelings of isolation, and loss of motivation. You also need to be very careful when choosing to work remotely, as there are many scammers on the Internet. If you want to minimize your risk, find a work-life balance by sticking to your schedule and taking time out, keep in touch with colleagues, interact with them as you would in an office. Lastly, before applying, do a thorough job sites of researching the vacancy to make sure it is legal. Keep this in mind when choosing remote professions. Well, now our list of ideas for whom you can work remotely.

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1. Blogger/Affiliate Program Member

Being a blogger is a great remote work option for those who enjoy sharing their thoughts on the Internet. The number of blog topics is limitless, so pick your niche.

Take Matthew Kepnes, for example, whose wanderlust led to the creation of Nomadic Matt. Today it is one of the most successful travel blogs with an average of 79,704 visitors per day. If you would like to gain popularity fast you need to use promotional services like top4smm.

2. Webmaster

Webmaster is one of the most popular professions on the Internet. Webmaster is a specialist who is engaged in the development and administration of a website. In other words, he creates a website from scratch. And it can work completely remotely. Most orders can be found on the Freelancer exchange, where customers are from the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and are paid in dollars.

Job responsibilities:

  • Development and revision of sites for the company
  • Administration and support
  • Editing site designs


  • Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

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3.Content Manager

The content manager is engaged in filling the site with thematic content (articles, news, pictures and descriptions of commodity items), and also monitors the performance of the site itself. The content manager is the main moderator of comments, monitors software updates, CMS.

Job responsibilities:

  • Creation of product descriptions, creation of unique texts;
  • Working with the administrator panel of the site;
  • Filling the site with text and graphic materials;
  • Search and processing of photos for further placement on the site.


  • Competent oral and written speech;
  • Responsibility, hard work, ability to ask questions;
  • Confident level of PC proficiency;
  • Ability to work with a large amount of information;
  • CMS skills (WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, Joomla!);
  • Knowledge of graphic programs, Photoshop

4. SMM Specialist

SMM stands for “Social Media Marketing” – social media marketing. An SMM specialist at home or remotely is engaged in attracting traffic from social networks, promoting a brand or product on social platforms.

Job responsibilities:

  • Promotion of the customer’s website by posting (publishing posts) on thematic forums and in social media groups.


  • Ability to write competent and interesting posts on the topic;
  • Having your own accounts on the specified thematic forums;
  • Having accounts in social networks;
  • Knowledge of the peculiarities of communication (social ethics) on forums and in social networks.

5. Web-designer

Professional development and implementation of Internet resource design is a task for a web designer. It is he, a remote design specialist, who creates a unique and memorable interface for a popular web application. The main function of a web-designer is to come up with an attractive and usability-friendly site so that visitors like to use this resource.

Job responsibilities:

  • drawing site design layouts
  • drawing site design
  • banner design
  • company corporate identity design (brandbook)
  • creation of presentations
  • modeling


  • skills in working with Photoshop and CoralDraw at a high level
  • knowledge of the peculiarities of modern browsers
  • understanding of methods of designing and modeling sites;
  • layout basics, HTML, CSS basics;
  • graphic theory design;
  • the subject of the information resources being created and the peculiarities of their perception by the user;
  • the latest trends in web design, UI and UX;
  • the basics of advertising;
  • the basics of drawing, painting , composition, color perception;

6. SEO Optimizer

For any website on the Internet, one of the most important components of success is SEO (search engine optimization). An SEO optimizer deals with complex website promotion in search engines, primarily in Yandex and Google, in order to raise it to the TOP-10, TOP-5 and even the TOP-3 search engine visibility.

Job responsibilities:

  • Ability to make a site audit;
  • Development of a website promotion strategy in Yandex and Google;
  • Monitoring of the market, products, competitors;
  • Creation of a semantic core;
  • Drawing up a competent technical task for interface optimization and content
  • Site usability analysis,
  • Ability to work with link exchanges, freelance exchanges, article exchanges
  • Skills to increase conversion
  • Calculation and budget savings for search engine optimization


  • Experience in SEO at least 2 years
  • Experience in internal site optimization
  • Ability to analyze search results
  • Knowledge of usability principles,
  • Experience in interface optimization
  • Experience preparation of audits with recommendations
  • Experience with link exchanges, freelance exchanges, article exchanges
  • Successful experience in promoting sites (queries) in Google.

 7. Online Store Administrator

Online store administrator (online store manager) is one of the most attractive vacancies for home office work. This is the most popular remote work for girls 25-35 years old, if only because the number of such stores is growing steadily, but outlets in real life, on the contrary, are closed.

Job responsibilities:

  • Consulting clients by phone or in online tickets
  • Acceptance and registration of orders
  • Maintaining warehouse documentation
  • Control of up-to-date information on the site.


  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Competent speaking and writing.
  • PC proficiency at the level of a confident user
  • Knowledge of the basics of the Internet, working with email and Skype.
  • Good PC and a reliable Internet channel with an unlimited tariff.
  • Skills of working with CMS WordPress, Joomla or 1C-Bitrix (sometimes)
  • Personal qualities: sociability, friendliness, high level of self-organization.

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