Best AI-Powered Tool for Digital Marketing In 2024

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Marketing is no longer just about reaching the target audience and promoting your products or services. Instead, various marketing concepts, like SMM, emerged after the digital era’s introduction. The brands must stay updated with the current and future digital marketing trends to survive in the market among competitors. One such trend in digital marketing is using AI tools, which is exactly what we’ll see in this guide.

Read along to discover the top eight and best AI tools for digital marketing that’ll increase efficiency and decrease the load of marketers. Let’s see how AI tools can help in digital marketing.

How AI Tools Helps in Marketing

Being a marketer comes with many responsibilities and tasks requiring so much attention. But, with the help of AI and its applications, we can utilize specific tools that’ll help manage the workload of marketers. Are you interested to know how this is possible? Keep reading to learn about the combination of AI and digital marketing.

AI is capable of personalization. AI is expertise in displaying content based on consumer behavior’s and activities. This way, the chances of consumers finding and exploring their preferred content increases. Apart from this, AI-powered chatbots are very helpful in providing 24/7 customer service to the audience.

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Not only this, AI is now helping marketers in producing content. Multiple tools are available that provide the base of content to marketers and writers, saving the team’s time. And most importantly, AI helps automate specific marketing tasks like scheduling emails, social media posts, etc. In this way, marketers will not have to worry about posting content; instead, they can focus on more important aspects of the businesses.

These are only some of the ways through which AI tools help in marketing. Now, let’s see the top eight best AI tools for digital marketing.

Top 8 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing

We’ve seen how incorporating certain AI-powered tools can help in digital marketing. Now, it’s time to see some of the best tools.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of content marketers’ best, most popular, free AI tools. The tool helps in the editing process of any content and allows correct punctuation, spell-error, and grammar of sentences. Not only this, it gives real-time suggestions to make the sentence short, clear, and to the point. These basic features provided by the tool are free of any cost. However, for more advanced suggestions, one can purchase the premium version of the Grammarly tool.

2. Seventh Sense

This AI tool is capable of managing and improving your whole email marketing process. Seventh Sense can send personalized emails to your customers with minimum involvement and will eventually increase the ROI from email marketing. This AI tool is also trained to analyze the receiver’s list and give you the best time to send mail, which will increase your mail’s click-through rate.

3. Brand24

Brand24 is a social media and an SEO tool. The tools keep tabs on all the mentions about your broad across the internet, which will help you monitor your online brand presence. It also analyzes your target audience and gives you a list of influencers to work with to make your brand more popular. Brand24 tool is also capable of identifying relevant keywords and tracking backlinks and ultimately helps in identifying multiple hidden SEO opportunities.

4. is one of the most used content-generating tools that saves content marketers time and helps them generate unique ideas. With the help of machine learning and NLP, the tool effortlessly analyzes the website and target audience of the brand. It helps generate content like blog outlines, social media content options, keywords for a specific ad copy, etc.

5. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a handy tool for marketers who need to analyze their websites and seek feedback. The tool analyzes every page of the website and identifies the content gaps. The tool suggests content that is loved by users and search engines. Along with keyword suggestions, the tool provides data-driven suggestions and strategic recommendations regarding the brand’s content marketing.

6. ManyChat

ManyChat is not for a website or multiple social media apps tool but for a particular social media platform, which is Facebook. Since many brands get good-quality leads from social media platforms, especially Facebook, this tool can be beneficial to them to manage the consumer’s query. ManyChat helps in creating an interactive chatbot for the Facebook app. It helps in automating the conversation with your brand’s prospects. The tool also offers multiple template options for the chatbot to select the one that matches your brand image and tone.

7. DeepL

Many businesses sell their products and services globally. And, DeepL is one of the best AI tools that offer language translation features. It uses NLP and neural networks to provide accurate and to-the-point translation. So, with the help of this tool, marketers can translate the content into different languages and effectively reach a global audience. The basic feature of this tool is very useful and free of cost; on the other hand, if you’re looking for more advanced features, the tool also has the premium option.

8. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI tool that helps marketers better understand the workings of search engines and their algorithms. The tool first analyzes the top-ranking pages on search engines, derives data, and then provides strategic recommendations to help your content rank higher. The tool also helps in keyword research, suggesting keyword destiny, and forming a content structure. Surfer SEO also helps marketers save time by doing competitors’ research and providing insights.

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These were the eight best AI-powered tools to help marketers in digital marketing. It’s important to note that 100s of different AI tools are available to make digital marketing easy for marketers. Select the tool that best serves your requirements, like social media, automation, SEO, analysis, research process, etc. With this, it’s time to end this guide.

Parting Words

The introduction of AI has made daily life and work much more accessible and convenient. The same thing applies to the field of digital marketing. Using AI tools helps the marketer make better and faster decisions for the organization. Professionals can easily save time for more critical aspects of business. We hope our guide on the best AI tools for digital marketing will help you find the best tool for your business.

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