How Does Unique Content Affect SEO Rankings

By Isak Nov 6, 2023 #Content Marketing #Google #SEO
How Does Unique Content Affect Seo RankingsHow Does Unique Content Affect Seo Rankings

According to a stat, there are 7 million blog posts published every day on the internet, however, not all of them make their way into the top rankings of search results. This is because they are not fulfilling the required ranking factors.

There are several ranking factors on which basis of which search engines like Google rank content. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most important ranking factors which is the uniqueness of the content.

We will discuss different ways through which unique content can affect a website’s search engine rankings.

Different Ways Through Which Unique Content Affects SEO Rankings

Below are some of the ways through which unique content affects the SEO rankings of a particular webpage or site.

1.      It Provides Values

Unique content provides value to the readers. If you are just copying already existing information and adding it to your content, then what sort of value you are providing?

Unique content contains information that is completely different from others. So, when a website or webpage contains unique information, readers are more likely to spend more time reading it. This will result in a reduced bounce rate which is a good SEO ranking factor.

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that land on a webpage or site and then leave without performing any kind of action or without spending sufficient time.

The more time visitors spend on content, the lesser the bounce rate will be, resulting in increased ranking of that specific content. Unique content will play a great role in keeping your visitors on the page for a prolonged period.

2.      Wins The Trust Of Search Engines (Google)

Search engine like Google appreciates unique content and reward it with higher rankings. On the other hand, they discourage plagiarized content and punish it in the form of lower rankings.

When you consistently provide unique content, search crawlers will notice it. This gives the crawlers a positive indication from your side that you are trying your level best to come up with valuable.

The positive indication will then result in winning the trust of the search engine. When search engines trust, they start ranking content higher in the search results.

So, this is another way through which unique content affects SEO rankings.

3.      Improves Authority

Another way through which original content can affect SEO rankings is by improving authority. When your website contains different content from others, people will share your content or refer to your content. Your website or blog will gain authority. Obviously, when the authority is improved, the ranking in search results will atomically increase.

4.      Get Backlinks From High-Authority Sites

The final way through which unique content can affect SEO rankings is that it gets backlinks from third-party high-authority websites. Let us explain how.

When you have unique content on the site, there are strong chances that big and trusted sites will start giving backlinks. This is so because they know you are providing value to the readers.

Apart from this, you can directly approach webmasters of high-authority sites to review your content and provide a direct link to it. When you have unique content, there is almost no chance that a webmaster will say “No” to your call for a direct backlink.

So, when the content gets several backlinks from high-traffic sites, it will give the search crawler an indication that your content is valuable. This will then result in improved SEO rankings.

Now, let’s understand how you can make the content unique for SEO rankings.

How to Make Unique Content for SEO Rankings

Creating unique content is not easy, this is so because there is already a lot of data on every topic. So, no matter how hard you try to write unique content, there are still strong chances that some of your written pieces may accidentally match with already existing ones.

In this case, you need to make those pieces unique before publishing them on the web. To do this, there are multiple methods you adopt:

1.      Rewrite In Your Own Words:

The first way you can try to make the content unique is by rewriting the plagiarized part in your own words. To rewrite content uniquely consider replacing words with their relevant synonyms or rearranging words. However, be sure that the original meaning of the content remains the same while rewriting.

2.      Cite Sources:

It is a process of giving credit to the original author whose information you have used in the content. This can be done by adding a reference (author name, book number, page no, etc.) at the end of content that is found plagiarized.

Citing the sources will eliminate the risk of plagiarism, resulting in unique content. However, this method will only work when only a few sentences of your content match with someone else.

3.      Quoting:

Quoting is another way through which you can make content Unique. It involves adding inverted commas both at the start and end of text that you have taken from external sources.  Not just this, you also give credit by mentioning the name of the source. In order to give credit, you can use phrases like According to, Mentioned that, etc.

4.      Utilizing Plagiarism Removal Tools:

Finally, another quick and effective way to make content unique is by utilizing plagiarism-removing tools. A plagiarism remover will automatically make the given text unique by making essential changes to it without damaging the original meaning.

The changes include replacements of words or phrases with appropriate synonyms, elimination of unnecessary words, etc. It then provides output results that are not unique but also have improved quality for better SEO rankings.

Final Words

Unique content greatly affects the SEO rankings of a webpage or a website. This is so because it improves value to grab both readers and search engines’ attention. Due to its uniqueness, it remains competitive in SERP for a prolonged period and many more ways like this. In this article, we have explained different ways through which unique content can affect SEO rankings, hope you will like the information.

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