7 Strategies for Writing an Effective B2B Lead Generation Email

By Isak Nov 25, 2023 #Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to get potential leads. Or you can say email marketing is all about low cost and high rewards. But why is it so?

Because more than 70% of internet users prefer emails as a way to communicate professionally. As per many experts, email marketing helps to convert 3 times more visitors than any other online marketing medium.

When discussing email marketing, your email contact list is the biggest asset. You can earn a high return on investment with email marketing for B2B lead generation. However, using this tactic and getting results are two different things.

Many B2B businesses complain about not getting enough leads with email marketing. Either they are not capitalizing on this marketing technique in the way they should, their campaigns are falling short of some important things or they are lacking in building effective emails.

That’s why we are here with 7 best strategies for writing an effective B2B lead generation email. Let’s dive in!

How to write an effective email for B2B lead generation: 7 best strategies

Keep it simple and concise

As you know time is important for both the customer and the company writing the email. So, focusing on a simple and concise email is one of the important ways to do email marketing for B2B lead generation.

An effective email length is ideally 50 to 200 words. The email of this length has a probability of catching 50% more results. Any type of business should understand that they are not the only ones who are sending emails to potential customers. Their inboxes are full of such kinds of marketing emails.

You will only be successful if you give them simple, easy-to-understand, and brief emails. Try to make it more engaging instead of lengthy. You should keep the paragraphs short and make good use of white space. Don’t forget to add the pain points of the customers to hold their attention.

Characterize your target audience

As a good marketer, the solid base for writing an effective lead generation mail is to first know the readers or who your target audience is. The email should target the right people and make a direct connection with them.

To use email marketing for B2B lead generation, you should set up a goal, and you can start creating buyer personas. Innumerable types of buyers have different sets of expectations, some search for money-saving options, some are concerned with brand image, and others seek more design choices, etc.

So, try to understand what your target audience is searching for. To know about the target audience, you should know about their taste, needs, preferences, and areas of issue they are facing. Once you understand your potential buyer, you can make more personalized email content as per the customer’s profile and their considerations.

Choose the email type carefully

Set up the objective and make the list of emails and you will segment the list as per potential customer. Sending inappropriate emails to the recipient can backfire on the rate of lead generation. After you chunk out the email list as per different customer journeys, you need to choose the email type or format carefully to give the right message to the target audience.

You need to create an email template to draft appealing messages. You should choose the template carefully. For instance, you are doing email marketing for a solar business. The draft for the regular email to keep connection with customers, solar plan proposal, residential solar leads, commercial solar leads, etc. differs from each other. If you send emails with residential lead generation content to the businesses, there will be no use for it.

To use email marketing for B2B lead generation, here are some common types of emails to end the segment email prospects.

  • Greeting emails

Such types of emails are sent to the users who have already been in connection with your business. Once they opt for your services, you can greet them with what is expected in the next stage.

  • Promotional emails

Emails consisting of informing and selling content are promotional emails. You can send such emails to new or existing customers. You can share upcoming deals, discount coupons, the validity of coupons, etc.

  • Follow-up emails

Any B2B business should send a follow-up email after any first email. Your customers should not feel like you are sending only promotional emails from your part, but taking follow-up for each of their concerns. This way you can push them closer to being your customers.

  • Post-purchase emails

After you make any prospect your customer, don’t forget them. There is a need to keep them engaged and make good relationships with them via post-purchase emails. You can send an email with a ‘welcome to the community’ message with some more information about the next stage or the new launches.

  • Reconnecting emails

If you need to engage those readers who are interested in your product or service a couple of months back, you can send reconnecting emails. This will help you to keep your company products in mind if they ever need them again.

Have a catchy subject line

Focusing on the subject line is the key to effective email marketing for B2B lead generation. Subject lines are the first thing that catches the attention of the prospects. If you see it practically, any recipient will read the email only if they find the subject catching. So, you must add a catchy headline that not only draws the attention of the recipient but is also relevant.

To create appealing subject lines, here are some important tips to consider:

  • Keep the title short. The ideal subject line has 9 words or 60 characters.
  • Try to make it personalized.
  • Make it unique and appalling.
  • Use headlines that are capable of targeting the right audience.

Using catchy headlines is the first impression to impress the focused customers. Thus, if you do it in the right way, you are on the right track to fetch more and more leads.

Create imperativeness

To move the email readers to action, you have to create a sense of urgency. Make all matters important or urgent to encourage the reader’s action. To do this, you first need to show their circumstances. Other than this, demonstrate to them that you have instant solutions to their pain points. In short, you should show:

  • Let them know that you understand their situation.
  • You have what they require.
  • You have solutions to imply immediately.

If you fail to provide imperativeness to the readers, you are backfiring the response rate. So, try to create a situation that immediately calls for action.

Use CTA (call-to-action) or appealing buttons

There is always something appealing about buttons that encourage the reader to click them. So, playing with buttons, especially CTAs is the best that you can do in email marketing for B2B lead generation.

Emails with even a single and appealing CTA get more clicks than multiple buttons. A single CTA is an email that clarifies the email scenario for the recipient and what they should do next.

Some examples of using CTAs are:

  • Get a free discovery call
  • Start a free trial today
  • Learn more
  • Interested in demo

So, overall, you can provide them a button that takes them to your web platform, or related blog or post. This will surely raise the click-through rates quickly.

Define a schedule and keep monitoring

Consistency is the key to any successful business. The same is the case with email marketing for B2B lead generation. As per the buyers’ personas and the aim of your marketing strategy, you should schedule the email-sending process. You can even automate the email-sending process and do the campaign without wasting time and money.

Sending emails is not sufficient, you should analyze the performance of email campaigns to count on your efforts. A thorough analysis assists you in finding out the positive and negative results.

After you get the findings, you can work to enhance the process further and fulfill the pitfalls. The email success rate not only depends on the conversion rate but also various other factors. Here are some of the metrics to know the success of writing an email campaign:

  • Ratio of conversion
  • The growth rate of segmented email lists
  • Click through rates
  • Email forwarding rate
  • Unsubscription rate

After you find the results, you can modify the email marketing process.

Summing Up

From making relationships to fetching qualified leads to converting sales to establishing the B2B business, every step has its difficulty level. But email marketing makes it a bit easy if you do it correctly.

Writing an effective email without following all the basic rules to write a good one is not possible. There are many steps to follow to generate a highly effective lead-generation email. So, with these given strategies for writing a proper email for marketing, you can do it effectively.

If you write a result-oriented lead generation mail, it can be one of the biggest tools. With this, you can entice new users, retain the previous ones, and multiply the revenue.

So, what are you waiting for? Start effective mailing and get incomparable results!

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