How Does SEO Fit Into a Broader Digital Marketing Strategy?

By Isak Nov 1, 2023 #Digital Marketing #SEO

Experts in digital marketing can tell you, it’s easy to “have the blinkers on” and focus your attention on the channels close to the core of you. In our experience, this is SEO. We ve worked with many companies and well-known brands over the past few years and observed that specialists and generalists are working on this. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the how SEO fits into a broader digital marketing strategy.

What are your Marketing Goals?

As per Hubspot, Hubspot Marketing goals are the specific and quantifiable goal that aids you in achieving the bigger goals of your company. It could include anything from creating high-quality leads, building brand awareness, and increasing user engagement. Marketing plans that need clearly defined goals could be a better use of time and money. Goals act as guidelines and offer guidance.

Goals define success

Here are some of the essential goals to think about when putting together and implementing a successful marketing plan:

  1. Improve brand recognition.
  2. Create leads of high quality.
  3. Gain new customers.
  4. Increase traffic to websites.
  5. Establish Industry Authority.
  6. Improve the value of your customers.
  7. Boost engagement.
  8. Revenue growth.

Marketing strategy is a method that aids a business to reach its objectives. It is the method to achieve the goals.

What is SEO?

SEO is a crucial element of a marketing strategy since it helps businesses achieve their goals. SEO aids in improving sites’ visibility in Google. Rankings on Google allow potential customers to locate the website. By focusing and researching relevant keywords, writing quality content, and optimizing some aspects of the site, including Meta tags and images, to increase their website’s rankings and bring in more qualified leads.

As stated, SEO contributes to every one of the mentioned marketing objectives.

  • SEO helps to increase image recognition and a site’s popularity through Google.
  • SEO could produce high-quality leads as prospective customers who search for a particular item or service will likely buy that product or product.
  • The growth in organic traffic will enable it to bring in potential customers.
  • The growth in organic visits will increase the overall traffic to websites.
  • In implementing a data-driven strategy for content, companies can establish themselves as a leader in their field.
  • A website with many benefits and content that is binge-worthy will increase engagement.
  • This creates trust, resulting in more customers and greater profits.
  • SEO is an essential part of any marketing strategy, but it’s not the sole kind of marketing that a company does.
  • A total (marketing methods) is always greater than the totality of its constituents (individual marketing channels) if the SEO can be added to an additional channel.

Let’s take some examples of client usage.

An Overview of the Case of an Artist of Fine Arts

We have a client who is a professional artist. Her goal in marketing is to create brand awareness, be part of more exhibitions in galleries, and make her artwork available for purchase.

She has devised a marketing plan that includes social media, especially Instagram. Insta, Insta she produces films of work. She also is home to Insta Posts that show the work she has completed and Insta Stories, which tell the story behind each piece. In addition, the Instagram strategy allows her to connect with a vast public. The main element of the plan is that every Insta Video, Post, and Story will direct the viewer to stay on her website.

Her website is where visitors can peruse her art, read every one of her writings, and even make contact with her to purchase artwork.

If more users visit the website via Instagram, the higher trust Google will give the site. Suppose Google finds that users are visiting the area and are interested. In that case, Google will conclude that the website is worthy of visiting and will attract more people via Google searches to that website. A combination of Social Media and SEO creates something more effective and superior to each by itself.

Short Analysis of the Case of a Medical School Advisor

Our client teaches nurses what it takes to be a CRNA. Her goals for marketing include gaining leads using quality and drawing new customers.

One of the critical features of her plan is podcasting. The client publishes new shows every week. Each episode is uploaded on her website, including show notes, links to other resources, and external links to different podcasts, blogs, and other sites available on her website. Although listeners can listen to the podcast via any streaming platform, she will always use the show notes on her website. Podcasts let her get heard by a wider audience through iTunes, Spotify, and various other streaming services. However, like a professional artist, her website is always the first point of contact for viewers to her website.

On her site, users can learn more about her membership plan and registration to become an affiliate.

SEO and UX

Several factors affect user experience, which impacts SEO. Mobile optimization is only among the many well-known examples.

Most internet users utilize smartphones instead of tablets or laptops. This is evident in the algorithm of Google, which considers mobile accessibility a significant search engine ranking element.

The other UX optimization that is an SEO ranking indicator is page speed.

Two Core Web Vitals and mobile user experience are all part of Google’s “Page Experience” set of ranking indicators. This includes protecting websites via SSL certification (HTTPS rather than HTTP) and avoiding intrusive interrupts (pop-ups).

The last thought

We’ve been observing how SEO operates and interplays with other channels to market and how crucial it is to have a strong alignment in today’s multichannel advertising environment.

It is crucial to remember that all channels contribute to increasing the expansion of your company. Therefore, cooperating well can allow the best media work permit for the greatest growth.

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