Benchmarking Organic SEO Rankings

By Isak Apr 16, 2019 #SEO
Benchmarking Organic SEO RankingsBenchmarking Organic SEO Rankings

People really like to check their search rankings. Many companies want SEO to use it as a measure of time, but it is a bit problematic for various reasons. Here’s a summary of the main problems with the rank check.

Benchmarking Organic SEO Rankings
Benchmarking Organic SEO Rankings

Google results are not compatible:

  • Various geographical locations (also in different cities of the United States) often provide different results.
  • Users are personalized for logged-in users based on their search history, and are personalized for non-logged-in users, as well as based on their navigational behaviors in SERPs, browser history, location data, and more.

A random checker can monitor and report all these discrepancies (at least, with Google’s global settings, without scraping it hundreds of times).

Focusing on rankings (instead of traffic) can lead to poor strategic decisions:

  • When site owners ignore rankings for specific keywords, the time and power spent on certain keywords and phrases often generate very little value compared to those resources they have fully spent on the site.
  • Long-tailed traffic is often 70% -80% of the demand curve, and it is very easy to rank in a longer length than focus on some rankings and get valuable traffic from there at the top of the demand.

So, by typing some questions or using authorization tools like the Authority Lab, go to the search engine, express your desire to check the rankings and do it yourself, but do not forget to pay attention to your visitors and conversion statistics.

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