Benefits of Online Job Website

By Isak Jan 19, 2020 #Educational #Jobs
Benefits of Job WebsiteBenefits of Job Website

Hunting a job is a never-ending mechanism; a fresher, experienced unemployed or already employed whatever the status is but people love to change their jobs to upsurge their livelihood. So recruiting has become more laborious because hiring the best employee from a bunch of candidates with the same sort of credentials is a headache. However, job websites and professional portals are playing a very decisive role for recruiters and candidates themselves. Job websites are job aggregators or a hub linked with static search pages to provide a platform for recruiting and looking for a job. A few congenial job websites or hubs are allowing interaction and engagements between the seeker and employer.

Job Websites Have Several Benefits

Branding Opportunities for Employers

Almost all successful companies are utilizing their carrier tabs to project their products as a consistent brand. Not only products but companies are exhibiting their work environment, culture, and facilities on the same platform because top talent is very distinctive about the company they want to work for. So, for influencing the top talent for applying the company carrier tabs could be the best place for branding.

More likely to get a deserving candidate

Human resources is an expeditiously increasing sector as every year we have a fresh batch of professionals so as a recruiter we are always ready to dive in the sea in search of some big fishes. Strategic job-seekers are always in the target of recruiters as they have particular skills with the long-time vision. These candidates are more likely to apply through online survey as per their skills and requirements. So, by trending our job posts on websites or social media leverage them to apply.

Automated job notification

Most of the job sites or apps provide us with a custom search and email notification facility where they daily email us about all job posts related to our custom interest and skills. So, we don’t need to login daily to check out for job vacancies but to mark the presence of our profile in recruiters search results is a must.

Database build-up and tracking

During the hiring through job websites, recruiters can maintain a database of some potential candidates for our future preferences because sometimes due to some circumstances our best candidates couldn’t join may be due to their prior bonds or our immediate joining requirements. In such cases, being as a recruiter we offer some job commitment to candidates for the future. So, in these cases, our prior database helps us in recruiting or tracking the candidate.

Low cost hiring

Finance is always a concern and a study has shown that posting vacancies on some considerable job website costs around £150- £500 along with some extra charges for advance CV accessibility. This is undoubtedly less than the salary charged by a professional recruiter or costs by a newspaper for publishing a job vacancy. In short, it reduces the hiring cost up to 20% while it can be reduced to 35% if the company is utilizing its own carrier tabs.

Less time-consuming hiring

Traditionally we were hiring through newspaper advertisements which were a day’s long procedure and as recruiters have to decide the geographical location for publication, the cost of publication and analyze all the factors and optimize them to save recruitment cost. Moreover, asking interested candidates to appear in the walk-in for a particular day only. The whole process took around one month while hiring through job websites foster the hiring up to 70% because here recruiters can advertise 24*7 within 5 minutes and can start shortlisting the CV’s and interacting with the potential candidates to fix the meetings. Recruiters took the initiative and contacted the candidate immediately to hire as they never wanted to wait if they found a potential best fit for their vacancies.

Multiplication interactions at a time

Almost all the job websites require our profile so that recruiters can understand and sieve for their vacancies through customized searches as per their needs. Job websites allow the recruiters to shortlist and interact with multiple candidates at a time to get the best fit. Job websites are serving best to both hands. Not only the recruiters but candidates can also apply for multiple job vacancies without taking too much stress.

It is a well-acknowledged fact that recruiting through job websites is imperative as it resorted to saving time and money which is the most important factor for all the corporate. Besides it the chances of getting more deserving candidates are also higher. Also for the candidates they provide resume writing services and expert’s advice for getting the dream job. Job aggregators or hubs are serving; there is an open sea of opportunities. So, get up your loins and dive. If you are particular, dedicated and strategic surely you’ll grab the pearl.

SEO for Job Website

We all are well aware about job conditions in India. There are millions of people searching for SEO jobs every month. Job seekers are searching for jobs on Google every single minute but most of the people are not able to find a suitable job to pursue their career. So, to overcome this problem innumerable of websites has created for job seekers to find suitable job as per their skills and requirements.

Despite the availability of so many SEO job websites, people are not able job titles they are hidden behind your ATS or within a long list of every other companies vacancies. Now, A career site has changed and ensure the top talent view and apply to your vacancy FIRST.

It is also important to ensure that every page on your Career Site has the correct balance of relevant keywords, web-specific SEO friendly URLs, as well as appropriate meta tags and links should be available. Each place you post should have its own SEO optimized page. This should happen automatically and should be generated when the role is posted.

Keeping content outside and running regularly for your SEO jobs and other jobs on your platform is also important. This content should be oriented towards answering relevant questions about your company and its culture. This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, express values of your business and really introduce you to the best talent.

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