Tourist Places to Visit in Kushalnagar

Valnur Fishing Camp KushalnagarValnur Fishing Camp Kushalnagar

A calm and beautiful city located in Karnataka, in the east of Kodagu district with picturesque beauty of nature – Kushalnagar! The name Kushalnagar signifies ‘the city of gladness‘, which is believed to be named by Hyder Ali who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in southern India. If you are looking to spend some peaceful weekend away from the chaos of city life, then it will be for sure the perfect tourist place to visit in Kushalnagar.

If you are an explorer and a coffee lover then this city has the best coffee plantations where you will get to know so much more about coffee and types of plantations. Don’t forget that this place is also called the ‘Scotland of India’, where one can enjoy various things as the place is a melting pot of adventure, culture, and nature. The town is filled with hotels popular for delicious non-veg and veg dishes and shops that sell organic spices, flavorings, and more. The best thing about the city is that every season seems beautiful here whether it’s summer, winter, or monsoon. To give you worthy reasons to visit this city, we have listed the best tourist spots for you.

Tourist Places to Visit in Kushalnagar within 1 Day.

  1. Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery (Golden Temple)

Golden Temple Kushalanagar
Golden Temple Kushalanagar

Namdroling Monastery, popularly known as the ‘Golden Temple’ holds some excellent examples of artwork and Tibetan architecture. It is also one of the biggest teaching centers of the school of Tibetan Buddhism known as Nyingmapa. Apart from being a shelter to over 5,000 nuns and monks, the temple sight is beautiful to see. It is fully constructed in a typical Tibetan style and architecture with red and gold paint, tiered gates, gardens, and much more that will make your eyes pop out. And if you enter inside, it is so peaceful and artistic that it will make you forget about everything else. The moment you enter you will see monks chanting, feel the bliss of pure aura, and the three main gold statues of Padmasambhava, Amitayus, and the Buddha.

  1. Kaveri Nisargadhama

Nisarga Dhama Kuhsalnagar
Nisarga Dhama Kuhsalnagar

Kaveri Nisargadhama is a lush, beautiful island, which can also be called a little slice of paradise. With deer rambling, bamboo, teak, and sandalwood trees standing tall, and elephants lumbering, it is clear that what can be more beautiful than this. You will also see the running Cauvery River flowing nearby where you can also swim, but keep in mind that the river is prone to flash tides. You can also consider staying in this place as it has some resorts nearby that will give you an experience unlike any. If you love adventure sports, then you can also trek along the small peaks that the jungle has. If brought in a straight way then, trekking in India is anyways popular and all trekking tours in India have some unique spice to it.

  1. Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp Kushalnagar
Dubare Elephant Camp Kushalnagar

Who doesn’t love big animals, and if given a chance any person would love to get personal and up-close with them. This is the right place where you can feed these animals, help them bathe, play with them, roam around with them and much more. Take some time out from your busy schedule and spend some time with nature and animals, and get to know yourself in a better way. Eat fresh, breath fresh, and live fresh!

  1. Harangi Dam Kushalnagar

Harangi Dam Kushalnagar
Harangi Dam Kushalnagar

Impressive and large, Harangi Dam gives a spectacular view of the water splashing. It is an ideal place for a picnic, with its calm waters on one side and water gushing on other sides; it offers a spectacular view. Forgoing on the top either you can choose the staircase to get to the vantage point or can use the sides of the dam for added adventure. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunset right from above then try getting on the bridge before the sunset. Also before climbing to the top, ask for permission from the office nearby. And also try to taste the super fresh and sweet coconut water that is served on the way. Stay hydrated!

  1. Valnur Fishing Camp Kushalnagar

Valnur Fishing Camp Kushalnagar
Valnur Fishing Camp Kushalnagar

If you love fish or even want try your hand on fishing then you have to go to the Valnur fishing camp, which is in the backwaters of the Cauvery. Though you have to bring your own fishing equipment here, the water is so calm that it is not even difficult for an amateur to get a big catch as the fishes actually bounce out of the water. Or you can also just have a picnic by the side of the river or just chill and read a book in the beautiful quietness. You will be needing permission from the Coorg Wildlife Society or many resorts allow you to chill and relax there.

Kushalnagar is anyways becoming famous among the tourists and not only travelers but the yoga seekers also come to this place to practice yoga. The way trekking is famous in India, the same is with yoga. You can always consider this place to practice yoga and to enhance your skills. You can also opt for yoga teacher training in India course to get something valuable out of your holiday. There are many schools and centers, where you will see not only monks and nuns practicing yoga but most of the locals and travelers too.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kushalnagar

Which are the best places to visit in Kushalnagar?

The best places to visit in Kushalnagar Madikeri within 30 KMs are Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery also called Golden Temple, Kaveri Nisargadhama, Dubare Elephant Camp, Harangi Dam, Valnur Fishing Camp and many more.

How far is Kushalnagar from Coorg?

Kodagu is known as Coorg. It is a rural district in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka. The distance between Coorg main city Madikeri and Kushalnagar is 30 KM.

How can I go Kushalanagr from Banaglore?

The distnace from Bangalore to Kushalnagar is 237kms. There are no direct flights or trains to Kushalnagar, you can travel by Bus or any of your own vehicle. Own vehicle to most comfortable to cover all the places within short period of time. Also, private taxi’s and lodging facilities are available at online and in visit booking.

How far is from Mysore to Kushalnagar?

The distnace from Mysore to Kushalnagar is 88kms. It is about 2hours of journey and has very good road across Coorg district. There are no direct flights or trains to Kushalnagar from Mysore, you can travel by Bus or any of your own vehicle.


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