SEO Manager Job Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

SEO Manager Job Roles and Responsibilities

As a SEO Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring website stability in the SERPs and working towards improving the SEO health of the website by executing future SEO projects successfully. Refining and improving the SEO strategy by showcasing a track record of campaign/project results.

Absolute ownership of these projects will lie with the SEO Manager from the phase of planning, and R&D to implementation and reporting. Being able to communicate and collaborate with the key stakeholders is an essential part of the job. The success of this job will be measured based on standard SEO metrics and execution of the projects.

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SEO Manager Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Directly managing and leading a team of SEOs.
  • Train SEOs on advanced SEO concepts.
  • Create an environment of growth, learning and data-driven approach where the team feels free to explore new opportunities which benefit for the company in the long run.
  • Take ownership of the performance, output and growth of the team members
  • Plan, research, and document new SEO projects/campaigns by working with a team of SEOs.
  • Define objectives and KPIs for each project
  • Propose these projects to important stakeholders and gain their approval.
  • Communicate project requirements and business value to the implementation team
  • Conduct detailed QA before execution of each project/campaign
  • Ensure seamless implementation of the project/campaign
  • Keep a track of project performance
  • Clear and consistent reporting after completion of each project/campaign to the important stakeholders
  • Meet deadlines strictly
  • Stay organized
  • Have awareness of the changing landscape when it comes to SEO
  • Ability to dissect technical SEO issues and propose solutions
  • Dig into huge amounts of data to find issues and opportunities. Ability to do that by writing scripts and expressions where needed.
  • Acquisition of backlinks from top-quality domains
  • Analyse traffic trends on daily basis with regards to engagement and conversion metrics
  • Grow organic traffic and leads
  • Conduct SEO Audits as per need and documenting results while sharing with key stakeholders.

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Required Skills for SEO Manager Job

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of experience as an SEO (Implementation & Execution)
  • 3 years of people management experience
  • Advanced knowledge of SEO
  • Expertise in technical SEO
  • Advanced knowledge of SEO tools like GA 360, GA4, GSC, GTM, Ahrefs, Semrush, MOZ pro, Uber suggest, similarweb etc
  • Google SEO Ranking Factors
  • Excellent R&D skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Strong collaborative and communication skills
  • Good team management skills
  • Ability to manage workload with changing demands
  • Ability to work with project management systems such as Trello
  • Excellent at writing scripts and expressions

SEO Manager Job in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait

  • Should be fluent in verbal and written English & Arabic
  • Should know the middle east marketing strategy
  • Should understand and predict the forecasting of Middle East economic growth.

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