5 Free Tools you Should Use While Doing Your Site’s SEO

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5 Free Tools you Should Use While Doing Your Site’s SEO5 Free Tools you Should Use While Doing Your Site’s SEO

Who doesn’t know how important SEO (search engine optimization) is. Your website will get buried under a hoard of other websites that provide more or less the same kind of services as yours if you don’t do good SEO.

5 Free Tools you Should Use While Doing Your Site’s SEO
5 Free Tools you Should Use While Doing Your Site’s SEO

Search engines keep track of a variety of parameters about a website. Using those parameters they determine whether or not to increase the ranking of that website or not.

Using SEO, you can boost your website’s ranking within the SERPs and make sure that a lot of people visit it.

With that said, let’s check out some free tools that can help with your website’s SEO.

1.      Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

SEO of a site is linked to multiple factors, one of the factors is plagiarism. Search engines do not place importance on a website that has plagiarized work on it.

This causes the website to drop down in the ranking and it barely stands out. Hence tools such as plagiarism checkers are very important.

Editpad.org is an online services portal that offers a paraphraser, a word processor and a plagiarism checker, among other tools.

Their plagiarism checker offers a good variety of features that can be helpful for SEO experts.

The Editpad plagiarism checker allows you to check for plagiarism in more than just English. It works in other languages such as Indonesian too.

All in all, the Editpad plagiarism checker allows you to check for duplicate content across 13 languages.

It works reliably fast and the results are more than satisfactory.


  • Multi-language support
  • No word limit or character limit
  • A document can be uploaded for plagiarism check
  • URLs listed for plagiarized sources


  • Advertisements

2.      Title Generator

title generator

A stream of healthy and new content keeps a website afloat and important in the eyes of the search engine. However, content writers can get burnt out and get writer’s block.

This is where blog title generators come in, they can help writers by suggesting helpful and catchy titles that they can write about.

Impactplus.com offers a very beautiful and simplistic blog title generator. Here’s how it works.

It asks you to choose from a broader range of topics like “preparation”, “your opinion”, and “a challenge”. Once you have chosen the topic, it starts suggesting catchy titles.

These titles can be very helpful to writers when they do not know what to write about. It can spark a sudden drive to write or just get those creative juices flowing.

It also offers an integrated doodling pad, if you click on the small button which says “writer’s block?”, it will take you to an art pad on the same site with the message “Doodling is just thinking in disguise”.


  • Good user interface
  • Easily generate many titles
  • Save titles
  • No advertisements
  • Save your doodles


  • Sometimes the titles can be very vague

3.      Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

Search engines do not like websites that do not have new content. If a website keeps recycling the same topics over and over, it will lose all its credibility and its ranking will drop.

With so many websites publishing articles about similar topics, it becomes very challenging to write unique and fresh content every time.

This is where paraphrasing tools come in.

Textreverse.com is another online services platform that offers SEO services such as a plagiarism checker, paraphraser, and summarizer.

The paraphrasing tool of Textreverse.org offers you integrated tools to help enhance the reworded text.

The tool has no word limit so you can paraphrase large documents. You can upload a file that needs to be paraphrased or you can copy and paste just the part of the text that needs to be rephrased.

Once you achieve the results you can copy them directly with a single button press and you can download a report.

This tool comes with an integrated plagiarism checker so you can make sure that your paraphrased content does not have any plagiarism in it.


  • Fast results
  • Support for 7 languages.
  • No account required


  • Advertisements
  • No advanced modes

4.      Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker

DA (domain authority) is a site-performance metric designed by Moz. It lets you know the probability of a website to appear in the SERPs when a term or keyword relevant to it is searched.

It’s a good idea to know the DA (domain authority) score of your website and your competitors so that you can know where you stand in the competition.

DA checker frequently bundles page authority (PA) checking with it as well, so that is why they are usually discussed together. The difference between them, however, is that domain authority is for a whole website whereas page authority is only for a particular webpage.

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Bulk DA checker is a website that offers a great DA and PA checker. It allows you to enter the URLs of 5 websites at once and check their domain authority, page authority, IP address and Moz rank.

The results of the check can be downloaded as a CSV file, so they can be presented at a meeting or a discussion.


  • No advertisements
  • No account or registration required
  • Fast results


  • Can only check 5 links at once.

5.      Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool

Good content lends itself to good SEO.  A text summarizer is a tool that condenses the information provided in a text into a shortlist or paragraph.

This condensed result provides the core of the information that the original text wanted to provide in fewer words.  This is useful because sometimes text can be very long, which makes it difficult to read.

Summarizer.org is an online tool that can shorten any text that you provide to it. It comes with a slider that you can use to adjust the length of the summary that you need.

It offers features such as showing the result in the form of bullet points rather than a paragraph.

It also shows you the best line if you wish to see it. Just click the ‘Best line’ check box.


  • Supports up to 6 languages
  • No word or character limit
  • No advertisements
  • Good privacy; user data is not stored for privacy protection.
  • No account required


  • Does not offer any integrated services


SEO is an important field in today’s internet landscape, any webmaster should be worried about whether their site’s SEO is up to the mark or not.

We took a look at 5 free tools that are used to improve the SEO of a website directly or indirectly.

We checked out Editpad’s plagiarism checker, it was a good tool that could find out whether some content was plagiarized or not in under a few seconds.

We took a look at Impactplus’ blog title generator which was a very simplistic and beautifully designed tool that could help writers with blog ideas and even allow them to tackle writer’s block.

We saw the Textreverse.com paraphrasing tool that could reword and structure sentences so that they had the same meaning but different wording. It had a good feature of not having a word limit so you could paraphrase any length of text that you desired.

The Bulk DA checker tool as we saw was able to provide a lot of information about a website such as its authority and IP address. This is very useful to know when doing SEO.

Finally, we checked out the summarizing tool from ‘Summarizer.org’. It is an AI-based tool that could shorten a large amount of text while preserving the core message that the larger text wanted to convey.

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