How to Register in Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE)?

By Isak Sep 9, 2022 #Educational #Saudi Arabia
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This article is for every expatriate engineers and technicians, who are residing and working in Saudi Arabia. In order to renew your iqama, you must register and create a membership in Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) website. This article shows you how to register Saudi council of engineers membership for Engineering and Technician Profession. Let’s first learn about the procedure to create membership in Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).

Procedure to Create a Membership in SCE

1. Visit the Saudi Council of Engineers website,

Register in Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE)

2. Change the language to English and click on the New User Registration button.

3. Fill the requested details and click on register button.

While register, you have to enter the below requested details for SCE registration:

  • Email (Enter your email: Gmail, Work, Yahoo, Outlook and etc)
  • Nationality (Select your country)
  • Membership Classification (Select your profession)
  • Password (Enter your password, but you should remember for login every time)
  • Preferred Notification Language (Select English)
  • Mobile Number (A verification code will be sent to the entered number)

4. You will receive a registration confirmation email from SCE and you need t activate the account for completing the registration.

5. After the successful registration, you have to login to the same website using the link given in the email.

Here, you need to enter the following details:

  • Iqama number
  • Passport number
  • Iqama expiry date
  • Iqama profession

6. Once you enter all the above details, website will fetch your data from the Jawazat and automatically filled the details. However, you have to manually enter the remaining details as below:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Residence country
  • Residence region
  • Residence city

7. Click on the next button. Here you have to choose the duration of the membership. The membership cost per year is as below:

  • For Engineers: 250 SR
  • For Technicians: 200 SR

8. After selecting the membership duration, next step will ask you submit all you details as below:

  • Degree specialization
  • Graduation degree
  • Graduation year
  • Name of the college or University

9. After filling the above details, next screen will ask you to submit all the required details in the form of PDF or JPEG format. Once all the documents are uploaded just click on finish button.

Documents are listed below:

  • Academic records (All SEM marks cards)
  • Degree certificate Front
  • Degree certificate back (Should be attested)
  • Authorization letter
  • Employment letter
  • Iqama
  • Passport

10. Now it’s time to Registration of SCE account by making the payment of 500 Saudi Riyal. You have to make the payment using SADAD, and you will be receive a sadad account number to your mobile number to make the payment. In order to audit your account and documents you must make the payment to SCE. Once the verification is completed by SCE, you will an sms to make the payment of membership fee.

Once your account has been verified by the SCE audit team, your SCE account looks like the below with the two green tick marks.

There are many sources available on the internet now a days. The life in Saudi Arabia has provided the SCE registration guidance in their blog and video on Youtube as well.

We wish you all the best!

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