Avoid Top Mistakes in E-Commerce Website

By Isak Dec 15, 2016 #E-Commerce #SEO #Web Development
Top Ecommerce Mistakes to AvoidTop Online Shopping Sites in India

E-Commerce is continually growing in popularity around the globe. It’s very common for the online vendors to think that by simply listing thousands of products on their E-Commerce store, they’ll be able to roll in the search engine traffic.


Here is the top 10 common E-Commerce mistakes are:

  1. No Goals for Growth or Road map
  2. Not having a content marketing plan
  3. Not knowing your customers
  4. No clear value proposition or OVP (Online Video Platform)
  5. Not following the 70-20-10 rule for your Digital Media investments
  6. Having an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy without understanding your competitors
  7. Not using Re-targeting to bring customers back to your site
  8. Running your website without a structured CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) program
  9. Optimizing the Customer life cycle without a Multi-channel Approach
  10. Not paying attention to the math.
Click here for top 10 common e-commerce mistakes in detail.

By Isak

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  1. Hi, I have started with new e-commerce site recently and working on it. Your blogs are helping me out for going ahead in digital marketing. This one is useful tips for new comers as me. Thanks

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