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Benefits of Online Job Website

Hunting a job is a never-ending mechanism; a fresher, experienced unemployed or already employed whatever the status is but people love to change their jobs to upsurge their livelihood. So recruiting has become more laborious because hiring the best employee from a bunch of candidates with the same sort of credentials is a headache. However, job websites and professional portals are playing a very decisive role for recruiters and candidates themselves. Job websites are job aggregators or a hub linked with static search pages to provide a platform for recruiting and looking for a job. A few congenial job websites or hubs are allowing interaction and engagements between the seeker and employer.

Job Websites Have Several Benefits

Branding Opportunities for Employers

Almost all successful companies are utilizing their carrier tabs to project their products as a consistent brand. Not only products but companies are exhibiting their work environment, culture, and facilities on the same platform because top talent is very distinctive about the company they want to work for. So, for influencing the top talent for applying the company carrier tabs could be the best place for branding.

More likely to get a deserving candidate

Human resources is an expeditiously increasing sector as every year we have a fresh batch of professionals so as a recruiter we are always ready to dive in the sea in search of some big fishes. Strategic job-seekers are always in the target of recruiters as they have particular skills with the long-time vision. These candidates are more likely to apply through online survey as per their skills and requirements. So, by trending our job posts on websites or social media leverage them to apply.

Automated job notification

Most of the job sites or apps provide us with a custom search and email notification facility where they daily email us about all job posts related to our custom interest and skills. So, we don’t need to login daily to check out for job vacancies but to mark the presence of our profile in recruiters search results is a must.

Database build-up and tracking

During the hiring through job websites, recruiters can maintain a database of some potential candidates for our future preferences because sometimes due to some circumstances our best candidates couldn’t join may be due to their prior bonds or our immediate joining requirements. In such cases, being as a recruiter we offer some job commitment to candidates for the future. So, in these cases, our prior database helps us in recruiting or tracking the candidate.

Low cost hiring

Finance is always a concern and a study has shown that posting vacancies on some considerable job website costs around £150- £500 along with some extra charges for advance CV accessibility. This is undoubtedly less than the salary charged by a professional recruiter or costs by a newspaper for publishing a job vacancy. In short, it reduces the hiring cost up to 20% while it can be reduced to 35% if the company is utilizing its own carrier tabs.

Less time-consuming hiring

Traditionally we were hiring through newspaper advertisements which were a day’s long procedure and as recruiters have to decide the geographical location for publication, the cost of publication and analyze all the factors and optimize them to save recruitment cost. Moreover, asking interested candidates to appear in the walk-in for a particular day only. The whole process took around one month while hiring through job websites foster the hiring up to 70% because here recruiters can advertise 24*7 within 5 minutes and can start shortlisting the CV’s and interacting with the potential candidates to fix the meetings. Recruiters took the initiative and contacted the candidate immediately to hire as they never wanted to wait if they found a potential best fit for their vacancies.

Multiplication interactions at a time

Almost all the job websites require our profile so that recruiters can understand and sieve for their vacancies through customized searches as per their needs. Job websites allow the recruiters to shortlist and interact with multiple candidates at a time to get the best fit. Job websites are serving best to both hands. Not only the recruiters but candidates can also apply for multiple job vacancies without taking too much stress.

It is a well-acknowledged fact that recruiting through job websites is imperative as it resorted to saving time and money which is the most important factor for all the corporate. Besides it the chances of getting more deserving candidates are also higher. Also for the candidates they provide resume writing services and expert’s advice for getting the dream job. Job aggregators or hubs are serving; there is an open sea of opportunities. So, get up your loins and dive. If you are particular, dedicated and strategic surely you’ll grab the pearl.

SEO for Job Website

We all are well aware about job conditions in India. There are millions of people searching for SEO jobs every month. Job seekers are searching for jobs on Google every single minute but most of the people are not able to find a suitable job to pursue their career. So, to overcome this problem innumerable of websites has created for job seekers to find suitable job as per their skills and requirements.

Despite the availability of so many SEO job websites, people are not able job titles they are hidden behind your ATS or within a long list of every other companies vacancies. Now, A career site has changed and ensure the top talent view and apply to your vacancy FIRST.

It is also important to ensure that every page on your Career Site has the correct balance of relevant keywords, web-specific SEO friendly URLs, as well as appropriate meta tags and links should be available. Each place you post should have its own SEO-optimized page. This should happen automatically and should be generated when the role is posted.

Keeping content outside and running regularly for your SEO jobs and other jobs on your platform is also important. This content should be oriented towards answering relevant questions about your company and its culture. This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, express values of your business and really introduce you to the best talent.

How to Keep Your Home & Kids Safe with All Electronics Appliances

The presence of kids in any household makes it twice more beautiful. Their sweet laughter and innocent naughtiness soften the heart of anyone who gets to be around them. As much as it is a privilege to have kids in one’s home, it is equally challenging to keep them safe in a place that is full of electrical appliances concerning various purposes.

In today’s time, it is impossible to have a house that does not consist of electrical appliances. Although electrical appliances accompany our daily needs to accomplish them smoothly, there are a few cons that follow with its usage. Electrically driven devices have a few hazards by its inaccurate use, and with the presence of kids in a household, the risk only increases.

Safety regarding the usage of electrical appliances

Safety regarding the usage of electrical appliances

Electronic appliances have to be operated with extra care if you have kids in your home. Children invite risks unknowingly if left around open cords and switches. As a parent, it should be your priority to protect your kids from all the possible damages that can arise with the usage of appliances. It is impossible to stop using electrical devices to block any upcoming risks, which is when the role of prevention comes in the frame. Read on to know how to keep your home and kids safe with all the electronics appliances.

Safety regarding the usage of electrical appliances

Safe usage of electrical appliances comes first with its handling, which is why a user manual is always available with the device for you to ensure how you can use it properly. Read the user’s guide carefully before placing and operating it at its designated place. There are a few more things that you won’t always find in the manual, but you have to keep them in mind to prevent risks. If you are using an appliance daily, then make sure to follow these steps to guarantee a safe operation and life of that appliance.

  • Do not operate any electrical device with wet hands. Water is a good conductor of electricity, which makes it easier for us to get an electric shock.
  • Plug out the power cord of the appliance from the switchboard when not in use.
  • Take extra care of the appliances that you place near any source with water such as washroom, swimming pool or kitchen.
  • Do not use appliances that are broken or have snapped cords.
  • Make sure you have socket covers installed around your child’s playing area. Socket covers prevent kids from the risk of touching and putting their fingers near the source of electricity that is a socket.
  • Abstain from putting any metal object in or around any electrical appliance. Metal, being a good conductor of electricity, can risk your and your loved one’s life.

Safety regarding the maintenance of electrical appliances

How to Keep Your Home & Kids Safe with All Electronics Appliances

How to Keep Your Home & Kids Safe with All Electronics Appliances

The life and smooth usage of an electronic device depend on the way you maintain it. The more you keep it well, the safer it is for your home and kids. Every appliance demands maintenance to work well. Maintenance consists of essential cleaning and necessary check-ups from a professional to ensure its smooth and safe usage. Proper maintenance not only extends the life of your appliance, but it also promotes safety that a house with kids must-have. Lack of support increases the risk of accidents, so here are a few steps that you should keep in mind to guarantee a safe environment.

  • The most important thing that you must acknowledge is not to repair faulty appliances on your own. Handling electrical devices is a challenge on its own and we better not mention the risks of handling a faulty device. It is a professional’s task, and you should leave it upon them only.
  • Get broken cords of any device repaired or do not use the appliance with broken cords. Kids can easily reach places and play with such an unsafe device.
  • Cleaning the device can be a tricky task, so study well about it before taking up the task. Usage of water or detergent depends on the device, so go through the instruction manual on how to clean it.
  • Contact an electrician once in a while to search for any possible damages that can be risky.

Safety regarding proper storage of electrical appliances

Safety regarding proper storage of electrical appliances

Safety regarding proper storage of electrical appliances

You have to ensure the safety of your household even when the electronic devices are not in use. There are lesser chances of an electrical injury if the device is stored safely when not in use. It extends the lifetime of an appliance and guarantees safety for your household. The chances of electrical pieces of equipment getting damaged increases when you keep them open and away from the sheltered storage. Keeping unused appliances away from open places assure its and kid’s safety. Here’s what you must know about the safe storage of electrical appliances.

  • Before storing the appliance, keep it in its original box.
  • If you are storing a device such as Television, then do not wrap the tv power cord around the device. Instead, tie it neatly and cover it with a plastic wrap. This will make sure your kids don’t fiddle with it.
  • Secure the boxes well that have electrical appliances made out of glass. You can use thick duct tape to secure it well.
  • Refrain from storing the appliance in places that are near water sources.

Reducing the usage of electrical devices is nearly impossible, which is why prevention is a necessity. The risk of an accident always persists but smartly managing your appliances lessens that risk. Electricity has empowered our lives to a large extent, but it also has its cons, which are not very hard to drive away. Following all the safety measures around electricity is all that it takes to keep yourself and your family safe.


Procedure to Submit Guest Post at Online Guider Blog

The main purpose of posting this content is to educate our beloved authors to post their content on Online Guider Blog. Therefore, this will make us to easy for our next steps like review and publish it. We want to make our blog to most useful for our readers and anthers as well.

Procedure to Submit Guest Post (Blog Post)

Please keep in mind that, you post will be published only if you follow the below steps (provided with screenshots).

You must register (link provided below)

Register to Submit Guest Post

Register to Submit Guest Post

1) Click on Add New Post

2) Add New Title

3) Write your Article (Content)

4) Enter a Focused Keyword (Refer Screen Below)

5) Choose a relevant Categories

6) Enter the Tags (Type & chose from the available tags)

7) Add Image:

Click on the set featured image and upload photo (Preferred size is Width: 640 and Height: 480px)

Click on Publish.

Once you publish your content will be pending for review. One of our SEO & Content Specialist will take the next step. The next process have been discussed here.

The acceptable Guest Post Topics are listed here.

Check here for frequently asked questions.

7 World’s Most Beautiful Cities with the Best Food

Introduction: –The beauty of a city enhances due to its culture, architecture, achievements, music, dance, sports, and cuisines. Whenever we plan a trip to some port, we love exploring the specialties and main attractions of that place.

We also look for convenient places to shop, eat, and rest as they are the primary necessities of every individual. If you are a food lover, then continue reading.

  1. London, England: – The beautiful city of England follows a fusion of traditional England, America, India, and China. Here are exceptional dishes in London which are worth a try:
    • Pollack, a type of fish tacos are the best variety of fish in London. A crispy cider batter with mayonnaise, avocado cream, and cabbages forms a delicious deep-fried dish and goes well with Taqueria.
    • The Duck Fat fries with raclette cheese and truffle mayonnaise are also worth trying. You can taste these popular dishes in restaurants like Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and Core by Clare Smyth.
  2. Bangkok, Thailand:- Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is also well known for its Thai cuisines and street food. Some popular dishes in Thailand are:
    • The aroma of this famous street dish Moo Ping is so tempting that it is hard to resist tasting it. The dish marinades and grills in soy sauce, and skewers. The red wine complements the dish very well, giving it a spicy flavor. You can drive to Silmon Road to eat it from the popular Moo Ping Hea Owen Cart.
    • They also serve the Boat Noodles on the boats floating on the canals. They are a kind of rice noodles filled into a broth consisting of pig’s blood and stock. You can have the traditional snack at Victory Monument for10 baht daily from 11 am to 9 pm.
  3. Mexico City:- The food of Mexico includes ingredients like corn, tomato, sweet potatoes, beans, vanilla, chili pepper, and avocados. Here are some of the specialty items to eat and drink in Mexico.
    • Flauta, popular fried food and a kind of tortilla. The dish comprises of filling like beef, chicken or cheese mixed with a rolled flour tortilla. You will also get guacamole sauce, which is a blend of avocados, onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, and lemon juice.
    • You can take a sip of any cocktail or beer along with the tortilla to help chew better. Dine at some popular restaurants of Mexico like the Nicos, Los Cocuyos, and Mog Bistro.
    • Mezcal, a type of cocktail with ingredients like basil, agave syrup, lime, and rim salt. It has an essence of the native Maguey plant. Drink Don Julio, a kind of liquor in popular bars like Jules Basement, La Opera, and Mezcaleria Mundana in Mexico.
  4. Maldives:- Maldives a beautiful city, is a paradise on Earth. The food of Maldives is as unique as its culture and landscape. Here are some of the popular dishes and drinks of Maldives.
    1. Mas Huni, is an ideal dish for breakfast, is a type of salad comprising of tuna, coconut, onion, lemon, and spices like a chili pepper. Roshi, a type of bread is a complimentary serving with this dish. You can taste these dishes at the Seahouse, Crystal Sands and Raaveribe Moazzam harbor.
    2. You can also taste the popular cocktail of Maldives such as Lucky & AL in the Avi Pool Bar, at the Velaa Private Island.

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Digital Marketing Course in SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers. Simplilearn helping professionals and freshers to get certified in different field. Here I am going to talk about “Digital Marketing Course” details by SimplyLearn.

The Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top eight digital marketing domains — search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile and email marketing. Fast-track your career in digital marketing today with practical training you can apply on the job.

Digital Marketing Course Covered

01: Search Engine Optimization
02: Social Media
03: Content Marketing
04: Email Marketing
05: Mobile Marketing
06: Pay Per Click (PPC)
07: Conversion Optimization
08: Web Analytics
09. Programmatic Buying
10. Marketing Automation
11. Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Covered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Covered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important pieces of Digital Marketing. This module provides the foundational knowledge in SEO, helping you to improve the visibility of your website on Search Engines and increase website traffic.

After completing this course, you will understand the best on-page and off-page SEO practices, how to generate relevant keywords for SEO optimization, and how to do competitive analysis. You will also look at link building, local SEO, and how to measure SEO success.

1. Introduction
2. On-Page Optimization
3. Off-Site Optimization
4. Duplicate Content
5. Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence
6. Design and Architecture
7. Local SEO
8. SEO Measurement
9. Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes
10. Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines

Social Media Training

Social Media Training Covered

Social Media Training Covered

Social media is about people connecting with each other and sharing content. It represents a huge opportunity for big and small brands alike to engage with people across various demographics—and drive traffic to their websites.

In this course, you will learn the importance of building a social media strategy and how to strengthen your social media presence. You will learn about the variety of social media channels: blogs, microblogs, social networks, media sharing sites, social review sites. You will also look at engaging with influencers, as well as how to manage your social media reputation and measure performance against social media goals.

1. Introduction to Social Media
2. Making the Message Stick and Spread
3. Social Media Channels
4. Engaging with Influences
5. Listening and Reputation Management
6. Social Media Measurement
7. Integrating Social Media with Other Disciplines

Content Marketing Training

Content marketing Training Covered

Content marketing Training Covered

Content marketing enables marketers to distribute relevant and valuable content to attract customers. This content can be in the form of videos, articles, blog posts, guides, white papers, and more.

1. Introduction to Content Marketing
2. Content Marketing Strategy
3. Overseeing a Content Marketing Program
4. Content Marketing Tactics
5. Social Media Platforms
6. Content Marketing Budget and Measurement

Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Training

Email has been viewed as a spammy channel in the past, but today it has made a comeback as a powerful marketing tool. In this course, you will learn how email can be effectively used to create a loyal base of engaged customers.

1. Introduction to Email Marketing
2. Spam
3. List Building and Management
4. Elements of an Email
5. The Process of Measuring Email
6. Marketing Automation
7. Integrating Email with Other Disciplines

Mobile Marketing Training

Mobile Marketing Training

Mobile Marketing Training

As mobile devices have become ubiquitous, marketers cannot afford to ignore this channel. Customers increasingly expect to engage with brands and businesses via mobile, regardless of size. In this module, you will look at various Mobile products and services, and how to use them to build an effective marketing campaign.

1. Introduction to Mobile Marketing
2. Products and Services
3. Incentives and Loyalty Programs
4. Location Opportunities
5. Mobile Advertising
6. Mobile Audiences
7. Rules and Regulations
8. Mobile Measurement
9. Mobile and other Disciplines

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Training

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Training

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Training

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or paid search, enables advertisers to reach the audience they want, when they want, and at the budget they want. In this course, you will learn the basics of paid search and how to set up and organize a paid search account. You will compare different buying funnels and learn how to modify your PPC strategy based on the buying funnel structure.

1. Introduction to PPC
2. Account Hierarchy
3. The Buying Funnel
4. The PPC Auction
5. PPC Targeting Options
6. Keyword Research
7. Creating Compelling Ads
8. Measuring Goals and Bidding Options
9. PPC Audit
10. Integrating PPC with other Disciplines

Conversion Optimization Training

Conversion Optimization Training

Conversion Optimization Training

Efforts in Digital Marketing should not only lead to increased traffic but also to higher conversions. If not done right, Digital Marketing can be a drain on your resources, without achieving desired results.

1. Introducing Conversion Optimization
2. Laying the Foundations of Conversion
3. Getting to Know Your Customers
4. Creating the Message
5. Anatomy of a Landing Page
6. Why Design Matters
7. Testing for Conversions
8. Seeing the Bigger Picture

Digital Analytics Training

Digital Analytics Training

Digital Analytics Training

In the offline world, you might not understand where your customers heard about your business, what they looked at in your store, or even how their past purchases influence their current visit. Digital Analytics data can answer all of those questions and more.

1. Introduction to Digital Analytics
2. Organizational Maturity
3. Building Blocks
4. Management Perspectives of Digital Analytics
5. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
6. Segmentation
7. The Analysis Process
8. Marketing Management
9. Experimentation and Testing
10. Experimentation and Testing
11. The Digital Analytics Stack

Marketing Automation Training

Marketing Automation Training

Marketing Automation Training

This course covers the basic concepts in marketing automation, what it is, and the impact it can have on customer engagement. By looking at how you can automate marketing messages based on time or event-based triggers, this course explains how you can build relevant conversations with your customers and increase revenue.

1. Introduction to Marketing Automation
2. Lead Capture and Nurture
3. Triggers and Series
4. Drip Campaigns
5. Nurture Campaigns
6. Measurement Attribution
7. Customer Journey

Programmatic Buying Training

Programmatic Buying Training

Programmatic Buying Training

As the digital ecosystem is expanding, more businesses are moving to Programmatic Buying for their online advertising campaigns. Programmatic Buying automates ad transactions through systems and algorithms that work in real-time.

1. What is Programmatic Buying
2. Programmatic Buying vs. Traditional Paid Marketing Approaches
3. Programmatic Direct vs. Real-Time Bidding
4. Programmatic Workflow
5. Targeting Strategies in Programmatic
6. Targeting Strategies in Programmatic

Digital Marketing Strategy Training

Digital Marketing Strategy Training

Digital Marketing Strategy Training

With the ever-increasing scope of Digital Marketing, having a strategy in place is indispensable. Digital Marketing Strategy is knowing what to do, why, and how to do it. A written digital marketing strategy provides a tremendous amount of focus and clarity to digital marketers.


1. Digital Marketing Strategy

In this lesson, you will learn how to communicate your message clearly, in a way your products or services resonate with the benefits expected by customers. You will also look at how to plan the right mix of channels and how to manage and measure your campaigns.

Digital Marketing Course Fee 

Simplilearn offers many courses on different subjects. The courses are designed by experts in their respective fields. Generally, the course design is excellent, content quality is good and prices are very reasonable.

Simplilearn offers two types of courses, Self-paced online courses and Instructor-led online courses. They offer Flexi-Pass for instructor-led courses. Using Flexi-pass you can attend multiple sessions on the same topic during the course period. Check for Digital Marketing Course Fee Details at SimpliLearn.

SimpliLearn Contact Details

SimpliLearn located in many different major cities in India, USA and Singapore. Here I have listed few training locations in India. Hope this will help you to reach them easily.

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt. Limited
#53/1C, 24th Main, 2nd Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560102.
Phone No: 1-800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
RMZ Milenia Business Park, Phase 2, Campus 4B, 6th Floor, Unit 602A, No 143, Dr. M.G.R Road, Kadanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai – 600 096, Tamil Nadu, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
101-104, GCP Business Centre, Opp. Memnagar Fire Station, Vijay Cross Road, Ahmedabad – 380014, Gujarat, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
2nd Floor, KLJ Tower North, B-5 District Centre, Netaji Subhash Place, Wazirpur, New Delhi – 110034, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
1st Floor, Phoenix Tech Tower, Plot No. 14/46, Survey No. 1(part), IDA – Uppal Village and Mandal, Uppal Notified Industrial Area Service Society, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad – 500039, Telangana, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
RDB Boulevard, 8th Floor, Plot K-1, Sector V, Block EP & GP, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 091, West Bengal, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
601, 6th Floor, Rupa Solitaire, Millennium Business Park, Plot No.A-1, Mahape, Navi Mumbai – 400710, Maharashtra, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in Pune, India

Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd,
6th Floor, Pentagon P-2, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune – 411013, Maharashtra, India, Call us at: 1800-102-9602

Digital Marketing Course in USA

Simplilearn Americas, 201 Spear Street, 11th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94105.

Digital Marketing Course in SINGAPORE

Simplilearn Singapore Pte. Ltd.
10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza, Singapore (079903).


Best Tourist Places in Nepal with Short Himalayan Treks

A large portion of the circumstances, you visit Nepal, you have inexhaustible time to investigate its tendency and terrain. Be that as it may, you may have a short era for Nepal occasions yet despite everything you need to go trekking in Nepal. You ought to most likely investigate a portion of the best outdoor adventure activities and short treks in Nepal. We have rattled off the 5 best short treks in Nepal. Every one of the points of interest of the best short treks in Nepal is based on our itinerary. You can likewise find the rundown on our site about trekking in Nepal. Here is the rundown of the best short treks in Nepal.

Royal Trek

The Royal Trek is one of the short treks takes after a bush like way along the lower regions of Annapurna, north of the Pokhara valley. The Royal Trek is so-named in light of the fact that Prince Charles and his 90 man company had investigated this course in the mid-eighties. This Royal Trek gives the chances to meaningful social encounters with the various blend of people groups and societies that inhabit this area.

Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This is a short trek in the Annapurna region. This trek includes 2 days trek that prompts the wonderful Gurung town of Dhampus. The trek begins after you achieve Pokhara following 6 hours drive from Kathmandu. This trek can be reviewed as a simple trek and takes you to some lovely settlement of the Gurkhas. We spend a night in Pokhara and next morning we head towards Kande, the trek starting point. The trek prompts the rhododendron woods and offers a great perspective of the Mount Fishtail, Annapurna run, Lamjung Himal, Dhaulagiri and some more. Since this is a simple trek individual leading a dynamic life can undoubtedly do this trek with no issue from elevation and the emphasize.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Jomsom Muktinath Trekking is arranged North of Pokhara, Nepal’s staggering decent variety shows up at its finest The profound valleys and high mountains encircling the monster Annapurna Himal grasp an extensive variety of people groups and terrain, from subtropical wilderness to a high, dry scene resembling the Tibetan Plateau. This is the most mainstream trekking area, attracting more than 75% of all trekkers (in excess of 30.000 yearly). It’s additionally among the most agreeable territories, with incredible hotels lining the main courses. Finding Nepal underneath the surge of trekkers can be troublesome, yet the landscape and culture are first rates, and you can stay away from the pinnacle season smash and still get fine climate and perspectives.

Helambu Trek

Langtang Helambu trekking is a standout amongst the most prevalent trekking trail in Langtang Himalayan locale. Langtang Helambu trekking is known as Langtang Gosainkunda Helambu trekking. Langtang Gosainkunda Helambu trekking offers a chance to investigate antiquated towns, an extensive variety of creatures, for example, red pandas, pika, muntjac, musk deer, Himalayan mountain bear, Himalayan tahr, ghoral, serow, rhesus monkey and regular langur, awesome Himalayan view of Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishanker, Ganesh Himal, Langshisa Ri, Gangchenpo, Yala top, Naya kanga, Annapurna Himalaya run and relaxing with Tibetian sherpa culture. Langtang Helambu trek combines the remote and dynamite valley of Langtang, with the high mountain lake Known as Holy Gosainkund lake and Helambu valley.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Chisapani Nagarkot trekking is the eastern side from Kathmandu. It is simple and short trekking or hiking inside backwoods, Nepalese inhabitants and the shrouded valley. Chisapani signifies “icy water”; the game is renowned for mountain all-encompassing perspective includes Annapurna to Langtang range and starting and ending point of Helambu trekking. Check here for more details on Nepal travel destination and points of interest.

Google Analytics Dimensions and Metrics Definition

Google Analytics Audience Tab

Audience reports in Google Analytics provide the insights and characteristics of your website visitors. Here you can check and analyze the number of users, visit, new and returned visitors, Number of Sessions per User, Page views, bounce rate and pages per session details. Here I have defined Google Analytics Dimensions and Metrics Definition which are available in Audience tab.

Sessions: The Total number of sessions within the date range

New Sessions: An estimate of the first time visits

% New Sessions: % of first time visits

Pages/Session: Average number of pages viewed during a session

Pages/Session: Average length of session

Page views: Total number of pages viewed (Repeated views are not counted)

Users: Users that have had one session within the selected date range

New Users: Number of first time users during the selected date range

Bounce Rate: % of single page views


The language settings in your user’s browsers. Analytics uses the following ISO codes: Language 639

For example: en (English), en-us (English, United States), en-gb (English, Great Britain)

Country: The country from which the session originated.

Channels: Default Channel Grouping, Source / Medium, Source, Medium and Other

Referrals: Source, Landing Page and Other


Source/Medium describes where your traffic comes from. The Source is the place users are before seeing your content, like a search engine or another website. The Medium describes how users arrived at your content. Values for Medium include “organic” for unpaid search traffic and “none” for direct traffic. Custom values you define for Source and Medium will also be included in this dimension.

Source: The sources which referred traffic. Includes sources identified via utm_source.

Medium: The mediums which referred traffic. Includes mediums identified via utm_medium

Affinity categories:

Affinity categories are used to reach potential customers, to make them aware of your brand or product. These are users higher in the purchase funnel, near the beginning of the process. These are the same Affinity categories that AdWords uses.

In Market Segmentation:

Users in these segments are more likely to be ready to purchase products or services in the specified category. These are users lower in the purchase funnel, near the end of the process. This is the same In-market designation that AdWords uses.

Google Analytics Behavior Tab:

Behavior tab in Google Analytics provide the insights of your website visitors details like pages they have visited, time spent on the particular pages, previous page, source, page speed and suggestions, events and site search etc. Here I have defined the meaning of the dimensions which are available in Behavior tab.

Page: The pages visited, listed by URI. The URI is the portion of a page’s URL following the domain name; for example, the URI portion of is /contact.html.

Page Views: Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.

Exit: %Exit is (number of exits) / (number of pageviews) for the page or set of pages. It indicates how often users exit from that page or set of pages when they view the page(s).

Unique Page views: Unique Page views are the number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once. A unique page view is counted for each page URL + page Title combination

Avg. Time on Page:

The average amount of time users spent viewing a specified page or screen, or set of pages or screens.

Page exit:

%Exit is (number of exits) / (number of page views) for the page or set of pages. It indicates how often users exit from that page or set of pages when they view the page(s).

Avg. Page Load:

Avg. Page Load Time is the average amount of time (in seconds) it takes for pages from the sample set to load, from initiation of the page view (e.g. click on a page link) to load completion in the browser. If you see zero (0) as a value or a small increase in November 2011.

Avg. Redirection Time:

The average amount of time (in seconds) spent in redirects before fetching this page. If there are no redirects, the value for this metric is expected to be 0.

Avg. Domain Lookup Time:

The average amount of time (in seconds) spent in DNS lookup for this page.

Avg. Server Connection Time:

The average amount of time (in seconds) spent in establishing TCP connection for this page.

Avg. Server Response Time:

The average amount of time (in seconds) your server takes to respond to a user request, including the network time from user’s location to your server.

Avg. Page Download Time:

The average amount of time (in seconds) to download this page.

Results Page views / Search:

Results Page views/Search is the average number of times visitors viewed a search results page after performing a search.

Search Refinement:

The total number of times a refinement (transition) occurs between internal search keywords within a session. For example if the sequence of keywords is: “shoes”, “shoes”, “pants”, “pants”, this metric is 1 because the refinement of “shoes” to “pants” occurs once.

Average Search Depth:

The number of pages visitors viewed after getting results for the search term.

Google Analytics E-Commerce Tab

E commerce Tab in Google Analytics provides the complete details of you e commerce transaction, revenue, products, conversion rate for each products and category wise performance. To get a complete date on your e commerce website, you have to enhance the eCommerce by writing an additional tag in you Google Analytics account. Here I have defined meaning of dimensions which are available in E-Commerce tab.

E com. Conv. Rate: Number of visits that resulted in an e commerce transaction

Transactions: Total number of completed purchases on your site

Revenue: Total Revenue from (e commerce) transactions. Depending on your implementation, this can be included tax and shipping.

E Commerce:

Under eCommerce tab there are 4 main tabs. they are:

  • Shopping Analysis – Shopping & Check out Behavior
  • Product Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Product List Performance

Average Order Value (AOV): Average value of transactions.

Product Performance:

Product Revenue: Revenue from individual product sales.

Unique Purchases: The total number of times a specified product (or set of products) was a part of a transaction.

Quantity: The number of units sold in eCommerce transactions.

Average Price: The average eCommerce revenue per product.

Average QTY: Average number of products sold per transaction.

Cart-to-Detail Rate: Product adds divided by views of product details.

Buy-to-Detail Rate: Unique purchases divided by views of product-detail pages.

Product SKU: The product codes of items sold

Product Category (Enhanced E-Commerce): The hierarchical category in which the product is classified (Enhanced E commerce).

Product Brand: The brand name under which the product is sold.

Product List Name: The name of the product list in which the product appears.

Product list View: Number of times the product appeared in a product list.

Unique Purchases: The total number of times a specified product (or set of products) was a part of a transaction

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels:

Conversions: The number of conversions that occurred

Assisted Conversions: The number of conversions for which this channel appeared on the conversion path, but was not the final conversion interaction.

Assisted Conversion Value: The value of the conversions assisted by this channel.

MCF Channel Grouping: The default channel grouping in the Multi-Channel Funnels reports.

Last Click or Direct Conversions: The number of conversions for which this channel was the final conversion interaction.

Last Click or Direct Conversion Value: The value of the conversions for which this channel was the final conversion interaction.

Assisted / Last Click or Direct Conversions: A value close to 0 indicates that this channel functioned primarily as the final conversion interaction. A value close to 1 indicates that this channel functioned equally in an assist role and as the final conversion interaction. The more this value exceeds 1, the more this channel functioned in an assist role.

Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur History

Welcome to Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur. Just a few KMs away from Sakleshpur taluk center in Hassan district. The fort is built on a hilltop on the Bangalore-Mangalore National Highway. Read the below article of Manjarabad fort history.

The fort is at an elevation of 988 m above sea level. The fort, which stands at 3393 feet and 252 stairs, is a “staircase” and “Giridurga” with a star-shaped unique technique. The protection of the fort was one of the most memorable monuments in the entire district, with the exception of the 1956 Archaeological Survey of India, which provided proper protection and recruitment of expert guides. This fort, with a unique dungeon technique, styled only 60 percent of the fortress, maintains a great deal of strength. The Tiger Sultan of Mysore probably records the construction of the fort in AD 1785 and stopped the day and completed in 1792 AD. The fort was originally built on an artificial hill named Manjabad Fort.

Manjarabad Fort Sakaleshpur History - Entrance view of Manjarabad fort

Manjarabad Fort Sakaleshpur History- Entrance view of Manjarabad fort

We see that the king’s monarchs have been conducting history throughout the history of securing a valuable fortune for securing the last protection when the enemy invades the capital. It is said that this Manjirabad Fort was a valuable fort of Tipu who made such a defense.

Click here to read in Kannada language.

Reasons for the Fort were built in the name of Manjarabad

1) This place was a strategic place to stop the attacks of British, Nizam and Marathas.

2) Hyderali and Tipu Sultan wanted to secure Mangalore Port as a naval base. During his reign, the port was still handover to British rulers. It was in the strategic area between Mangalore and Srirangapatna that the fort was built on the hill.

3) In 1784, Tippu fought the British and became the medium of communication in the port of Mangalore. Tippu, who had often traveled to Mangalore, came from Belthangady and stayed at Bhalam (now Ihuru). He was aware of this place and decided to build a fort here.

4) Tippu was mainly aesthetic. It looks like this is a place where you can see the imposing beauty of the castle, surrounded by a mesmerizing staircase and surrounded by a mirror. This fort was created in an octagonal shape. The fortresses of Jamalabad, Bangalore and Dindigul built by Tipu are not exactly the exact same point in the fort. There may be stubbornness, lush style, and octagonal decoration.

Sakleshpur to Manjarabad Fort Distance

If you are the first time visitor, welcome to sakleshpur and also called as Malenada Siri (A beautiful greenery). Manjarabad fort distance from Bangalore is around 230KMs on the way to Mangalore, located in between the BM road (NH 75).

Manjarabad Fort sakleshpur History - manjarabad fort location distance

Manjarabad Fort sakleshpur History – manjarabad fort location distance

How to reach Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur

  • Get down at sakleshpur bus station or railway station
  • Distance from sakleshpur to Manjarabad fort is around 10 kms.
  • Come out of the station, you will find Autos outside, go and ask Auto driver to take to Manjarabad Fort (Donigal stop)
  • Get down at Donigal stop, and the immediate left side you can find a way to Manjarabad Fort entrance.
  • There you have to climb around 250 steps to reach the fort.

Advice for Manjarabad Fort sakleshpur Visitors

  • Carry the drinking water, because you’ll be definitely tired after climbing the steps.
  • Please maintain the cleanness, don’t throw wastages. Keeping this place clean is essential to the visitors and they will continue maintaining.
  • Don’t stay after 6 pm, because there will be full of dark and no lights. It’s dangerous also guards will not let you stay after sunset.

Manjarabad Fort Video at Monsoon Season

List of Online Shopping Websites in India

Online shopping is also called an Internet shopping or E-Commerce shopping. Buy things online using the internet without visiting shop and payment can be done using a different method like Cash on delivery, Net banking, Debit/Credit/Gift cards etc. Available list of online shopping websites in India and have listed below. For shop online, we need internet and electronic device where we can access from home, office and anyplace. Each and every online seller has their own website or Apps, where you can visit their site or app and browse products over internet and purchase through a device. Below images shows a clear process of how online shopping works.

Process of Online Shopping - A Clear Understanding

The process of Online Shopping – A Clear Understanding

Here the business owner will be selling products to the customer and it’s called as B2C (Business to Customer), few website owners will be selling products in bulk or wholesale, it’s called as a B2B (Business to Business). Online business at present market situation is growing well because of shopping modern technology and behaviour is keep changes day by day, also internet users around the globe increasing rapidly. The biggest cities are performing well in the E-commerce business they are Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata and etc.

List of Online Shopping Websites in India

Do you know how many online shopping websites are available in India? Those sites are available for different categories products like Electronics, Clothes, Office & Home products, School products, Toys, Books, Smartphones, Video games, Jewelry, Footwear, Beauty Products and many more. Here I have listed some of the top genuine sites.

Amazon is a global shopping website. India extension used for India online business. Available products are mobiles, laptops, cameras, books, watches, apparel, shoes and e-Gift Cards and more.

Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectables, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay.

Online shopping site in India to shop Electronics, Mobile, Men & Women Clothing, Shoes, Home & Kitchen appliances online on Snapdeal in India.

Online Shopping Site for Fashion & Lifestyle in India. Available Shoes, Clothing, Accessories and lifestyle products for women & men.

Jabong is India’s online Fashion & Lifestyle shopping site.

Available Bags, luggage, electronics, kitchen items, toys, office and home products

Shop clues is an Indian online shopping site. The available wide range of mobiles, electronics, laptops, home appliances, fashion, shoes, home & kitchen products.

Shop online for men, women and kids in India. Buy the latest mobiles, shoes, kitchen accessories, jewellery, clothing and more at Homeshop18.

India’s biggest online store for Mobiles, Fashion(Cloths/Shoes), Electronics, Home appliances, Books, Jewelry, Home, Furniture, Sporting goods, Beauty & personal care and more!

Online shopping like most fashionable range of apparels, accessories and many more.

Online Shopping in India for Mobiles, Electronics, Men & Women Clothing, Shoes etc.

Online Shopping site for women clothes, footwear, lingerie, bags and jewellery in India. Also, available Sarees, Kurtis, Tops at Voonik.

Online shopping in India, Shop mobiles, books, electronics, clothes, shoes, laptops, home appliances on online shopping store. India’s most-loved online fashion store featuring women’s and men’s fashion and kids’ wear.

Online Shopping Site in India for Women Fashion. Buy latest and trendy Women fashion clothes, bags and accessories at addictive prices at

Online shopping in India for shoes, clothing, watches and accessories for men & women at

One of India’s finest retailers for more than 20 years, we are at the forefront when it comes to retail development.

Kraftly – online shopping site in India for clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women and kids. Get the latest fashion trends, gifts ideas, and unique & quirky

Mirraw online Shopping sites of Indian fashion wear for women, kids wear and men.

Online fashion shopping store for women clothes & apparels in India. Buy women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery, belts, sunglasses & accessories at FabAlley.

Lifestyle offers you an exquisite range of Branded Clothes, Artificial Jewelry, Shoes, Beauty Products and Accessories for Women, Men & Kids at affordable Prices.

Shoes Online – Find the best shoes online from footwear shopping site that offers several branded shoes, slippers, sandals, sneakers etc.

Online Shopping In India For Mobiles, Electronics, Appliances, Kitchenware, Clothing and More.

Shop the very latest fashion online at Next India. Excellent international shipping and return options available.

Shop online at ZARA for Men, Women and Kids clothes.

That’s where our online bra and panties shopping site comes in with experts listening, talking, understanding and guiding.

iBhejo is India’s first online shopping site to provide best international brands such as Apple, Sony, Puma, Blackberry, Bose, Epson, HP, Google, Samsung, Armani, Fossil, Asus all from the USA imported to the Indian market.

Aliexpress INDIA – Online Shopping in INDIA for Cheap Automotive, Phones Accessories, Computers Electronics, Fashion, Beauty Health, Home Garden, Toys Sports, Weddings and many more.

Planning for Online Mobile Shopping? Visit us now to explore mobile phones including mobile prices, reviews, comparisons, features, videos, accessories & more

Indiarush Online Shopping For Latest Fashion Trends Women Clothing & Jewellery Online In India At Good Price. Shop Online From Our Huge Collection of Women’s Fashion designer Sarees, Jewellery, Salwar Suits, Kurti, Skirt, Dresses, Earrings, Necklace.

Liberty Footwear Online – One-stop-shop for footwear shopping in India. Buy online branded shoes at the best prices from shoe shopping site. is your one-stop shop for buying sports goods online in India. We are B2C now, open for all to buy sports products at an extremely affordable price. is a premier online beauty and wellness destination. It offers beauty and wellness products for men and women at best prices. – India’s best website with deals and best lowest prices and reviews on latest and wide range of mobiles, feature phones, smartphones, 4G smartphones, iphones, ipads, tablets, accessories and more.

Bigbasket is the first comprehensive online grocery store in Bangalore. Now it’s available across metro cities in India.

MaxFashion provides a wide range of Designer Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Belts and Accessories at affordable prices in India

HP India’s official store for Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Monitors, Printers, Inks & Toners, Workstations, and Accessories! : Online Shopping Store in India for Mobiles, Pack of Sarees, Home and Kitchen, Appliances, Jewellery, Fashion, Hot Deals, Top Picks, Bedsheet, Health and Beauty.

Naaptol is India’s online store. Available latest mobiles phone, digital cameras, bedsheets, watches, accessories, gifts, brands & hot deals products at best price.

Online Furniture Shopping in India: Shop from our online store in India for Furniture, Home Decor, Furnishings, Kitchenware, Dining, Housekeeping, Hardware and Lighting Products.

HomeTown – Shop online for Furniture, Home Decor, Furnishings, Kitchenware, Dining Products at best prices from

Online Fashion Store for Men’s clothes in India. – Asia’s Largest Online Shopping Store for kids & baby products. Buy baby care products, toys, diapers, clothes, footwear, strollers, car seats, furniture and more.

Ethnic Wear – Craftsvilla has a wonderful collection of Ethnic Wear Online in India for men and women. Get Designer Ethnic Wear and Traditional Wear in various patterns. – Buy Gold and Diamond Jewellery Online in India with the latest jewellery designs.

Available online fashionable clothes for women in India. Purchase your favorite brand online from jamuntree

Shop for PUMA Sports Wear, T-Shirts, Running Shoes, Jackets and Accessories online.

Shopping destination to buy cosmetic products, hair products & skincare based on your persona. – an exclusive online store for toys and games. Shop from a wide variety of drones, dolls, bikes, puzzles, action figures, soft toys, and many more.

Check new collection of all types of online handbags, ladies bags, wallets, mobile pouches, belts, caps & more here.

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Available ps3 games online in India at the best prices. Pre order the latest ps3 games online. Choose from the latest collections to buy pc games that will set your pulse racing.

Available baby clothes and baby products online in India. Wide range of products for infants.

Online Shopping like shoes, apparels, bags, watches, mobiles & home.

Croma Retail is one stop destination for online shopping in India. Available online all the products that you need here.

OLX offers free local classified ads in India. OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds. OLX provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near.

Tourist Places to Visit in Karnataka

Karnataka is located in the southwestern region of India. It is one of the most beautiful state of India. It was formed on 1 November 1956. At the time state was named as the State of Mysore. Later it was renamed to Karnataka in 1973. Karnataka is the 7th largest state in India in terms of area and it has 30 districts. Kannada is an official language of Karnataka. 1st of November is celebrated as the Kannada Rajyotsava (Formation of Karnataka). Here I have listed the best tourist places to visit in Karnataka, India.

Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka and is known as the Silicon Valley, name reveals Bangalore’s status as a hub for information technology companies in India. Also one of the fastest growing states in the country. Karnataka state has 2 international and 13 domestic airports.

Rivers in Karnataka

Rivers in Karnataka India

Rivers in Karnataka India

Karnataka filled with natural diversities. The rivers in Karnataka are a source of water for drinking, household, and agriculture purposes. These are some of the largest rivers in the state and drain towards the Bay of Bengal. Kaveri (Cauvery) also called Dakshina Ganga, is one of the largest rivers in Karnataka state and originates from the district of Coorg (Kodagu). It is called as Talakaveri, a famous pilgrimage and tourist places in Coorg (Kodagu). There are many cool places to visit in Karnataka and check the below list of rivers name and their located district.

  • Kaveri – Coorg (Kodagu)
  • Tungabhadra – Chikmagalur
  • Penner – Chikkaballapura
  • Kali – Uttara Kannada
  • Palar – Kolar
  • Arkavati – Chikkaballapura
  • Bhadra – Chikmagalur
  • Chakra – Udupi
  • Gangavalli – Dharwad
  • Malaprabha – Belgaum
  • Kumaradhara – Dakshina Kannada
  • Mandovi – Belgaum
  • Netravati – Chikmagalur
  • Ponnaiyar – Chikkaballapur
  • Sharavathi – Shimoga
  • Shimsha Tumkur
  • Tunga – Chikmagalur
  • Varada – Shimoga

List of Best Tourist Places to Visit in Karnataka

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Karnataka

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Karnataka

Karnataka state is one of the main tourist destinations. Major cities are Bengaluru (Bangalore), Mysoru (Mysore), Hubballi (Hubli), Mangaluru (Mangalore) and Belgaum. According to population Bengaluru is a number one city. Here we have listed some of the best places you must visit.

  • Agumbe
  • Aihole and Pattadakallu Monuments
  • Badami Rocks
  • Bandipur National Parks
  • Bangalore palace
  • Belur and Halebidu Temples
  • Bidar and many more.
  • Bidar Fort
  • Chikmagalur Coffee estate
  • Chitradurga
  • Dandeli
  • Dharmasthala
  • Gokarna and Karwar Beach
  • Gol Gumbaz Tomb
  • Gommateshvara Statue
  • Gulbarga
  • Hampi Bazaar
  • Jog and Sivasamudram Waterfall
  • Jog falls, Shimoga
  • Krishna Raja Sagara and Tungabhadra Dam
  • Kudremukh and Mulayyanagiri Peak
  • Kuduremukha
  • Aranya dhama Kushalnagar
  • Golden Temple Kushalnagar
  • Lalbagh and Brindavan Gardens
  • Madikeri (Coorg)
  • Mahindra resorts Coorg
  • Majarabad fort Sakaleshpur
  • Murudeshwara Temple & beach
  • Mysore Palace
  • Mysore Zoo
  • Nagarhole
  • Regional & Wax Museum Mysore
  • Talakaveri Coorg
  • Thala kaveri Coorg
  • Udupi Temple
  • Water falls in Coorg
  • Wonder la Bangalore

India’s Highest Civilian Padma Awards Winner for 2018

Padma Awards (Civilian Awards), prestigious awards of government of India. Which were instituted in the year 1954 and is announced every year on the occasion of Republic Day (26 January). Here I have listed India’s highest civilian Padma Awards winner for 2018, check here for Padma Awards Winner for 2017 in India.

The award is 4 categories. They are:

  1. Bharat Ratna
  2. Padma Vibhushan
  3. Padma Bhushan
  4. Padma Shri.

The award specifications are:

Bharat Ratna: The decoration is in the form of a peepal leaf, about 5.8 cm long, 4.7 cm wide and 3.1 mm thick. It is of toned bronze. On its obverse is embossed a replica of the sun, 1.6 cm in diameter, below which the words Bharat Ratna are embossed in Devanagari script. On the reverse are State emblem and the motto, also in Devanagari. The emblem, the sun and the rim are of platinum. The inscriptions are in burnished bronze.

Padma Vibhushan: The badge design is “mainly circular” 1-3/16-inch burnished bronze (changed from toned bronze in 1957) badge with geometrical patterns. The center had a lotus flower with four major petals embossed in white gold. Above and below this flower, the name of the decoration Padma Vibhushan was embossed in silver-gilt.

Padma Bhushan: The badge design is “mainly circular” 1-3/16-inch burnished bronze (changed from toned bronze in 1957) badge with geometrical patterns. The center had a lotus flower with three major petals embossed in white gold. Above and below this flower, the name of the decoration Padma Bhushan was embossed in silver-gilt.

List of India’s Highest Civilian Padma Awards Winner for 2018

Padma Vibhushan

  1. Shri Ilaiyaraaja, from Tamil Nadu, in Art and Music.
  2. Shri Ghulam Mustafa Khan, from Maharashtra, in Art and Music.
  3. Shri Parameswaran Parameswaran, from Kerala, in Literature and Education.

Padma Bhushan

  1. Shri Pankaj Advani won in Sports for his contribution in Billiards/Snooker. He hails from Karnataka
  2. Shri Philipose Mar Chrysostom won under the Others category for working towards Spiritualism. He hails from Kerala
    3. Shri Mahendra Singh Dhoni won in Sports for his remarkable contribution towards Indian Cricket.
  3. Shri Alexander Kadakin, a Foreigner, won the Padma Bhushan in Public Affairs. He comes from Russia.
  4. Shri Ramachandran Nagaswamy also won under the Others category for contributions in the field of Archaeology. He belongs to Tamil Nadu
  5. Shri Ved Prakash Nanda won the Padma Bhushan in Literature and Education.
  6. Shri Laxman Pai won the award for his contribution in Art and Painting.
  7. Shri Arvind Parikh won the award in the field of Art and Music.
  8. Ms. Sharda Sinha also won the award in the field of Art and Music.

Padma Shri

  1. Shri Abhay Bang (Duo) won in Medicine with his wife, Ms Rani Bang
  2. Shri Damodar Ganesh Bapat won the Padma Shri in Social Work
  3. Shri Prafulla Govinda Baruah won the award in Literature and Education for his contribution to Journalism
  4. Shri Mohan Swaroop Bhatia won the Padma Shri in Art for his Folk Music
  5. Shri Sudhanshu Biswas won the award in Social Work
  6. Ms Saikhom Mirabai Chanu won in Sports for Weightlifting
  7. Shri Pandit Shyamlal Chaturvedi won in Literature and Education for his contribution to Journalism
  8. Shri Jose Ma Joey Concepcion III (Foreigner), Trade & Industry, Philippines
  9. Ms Langpoklakpam Subadani Devi – Art-Weaving
  10. Shri Somdev Devvarman – Sports (Tennis)
  11. Shri Yeshi Dhoden – Medicine
  12. Arup Kumar Dutta – Literature and Education
  13. Shri Doddarange Gowda – Art (Lyrics)
  14. Shri Arvind Gupta – Literature and Education
  15. Shri Digamber Hansda – Literature and Education
  16. Shri Ramli Bin Ibrahim (Foreigner) – Art-Dance
  17. Shri Anwar Jalalpuri (Posthumous) – Literature and Education
  18. Shri Piyong Temjen Jamir – Literature and Education
  19. Ms Sitavva Joddati – Social Work
  20. Ms. Malti Joshi – Literature and Education
  21. Shri Manoj Joshi – Art (Acting)
  22. Shri Rameshwarlal Kabra – Trade & Industry
  23. Shri Pran Kishore Kaul – Art
  24. Shri Bounlap Keokangna (Foreigner) – Others – Architecture
  25. Shri Vijay Kichlu Art – Music
  26. Shri Tommy Koh (Foreigner) – Public Affairs
  27. Ms Lakshmikutty – Medicine-Traditional
  28. Ms Joyshree Goswami Mahanta- Literature and Education
  29. Shri Narayan Das Maharaj Others – Spiritualism
  30. Shri Pravakara Maharana Art – Sculpture
  31. Shri Hun Many (Foreigner) – Public Affairs
  32. Ms Nouf Marwaai (Foreigner) – Others-Yoga
  33. Shri Zaverilal Mehta – Literature and Education-Journalism
  34. Shri Krishna Bihari Mishra – Literature and Education
  35. Shri Sisir Purushottam Mishra Art – Cinema
  36. Ms. Subhasini Mistry – Social Work
  37. Shri Tomio Mizokami (Foreigner) – Literature and Education
  38. Shri Somdet Phra Maha Muniwong (Foreigner) – Others-Spiritualism
  39. Shri Keshav Rao Musalgaonkar – Literature and Education
  40. Dr Thant Myint – U (Foreigner) – Public Affairs
  41. Ms V Nanammal – Others-Yoga
  42. Ms Sulagitti Narasamma – Social Work
  43. Ms Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan – Art-Folk Music
  44. Shri I Nyoman Nuarta (Foreigner) – Art-Sculpture
  45. Shri Malai Haji Abdullah Bin Malai Haji Othman (Foreigner) – Social Work
  46. Shri Gobaradhan Panika – Art-Weaving
  47. Shri Bhabani Charan Pattanaik – Public Affairs
  48. Shri Murlikant Petkar – Sports-Swimming
  49. Shri Habibullo Rajabov (Foreigner) – Literature and Education
  50. Shri MR Rajagopal – Medicine-Palliative Care
  51. Shri Sampat Ramteke (Posthumous) – Social Work
  52. Shri Chandra Sekhar Rath- Literature and Education
  53. Shri SS Rathore – Civil Service
  54. Shri Amitava Roy – Science and Engineering
  55. Shri Sanduk Ruit (Foreigner) – Medicine (Ophthalmology)
  56. Shri R Sathyanarayana – Art-Music
  57. Shri Pankaj M Shah – Medicine (Oncology)
  58. Shri Bhajju Shyam – Art-Painting
  59. Shri Maharao Raghuveer Singh – Literature and Education
  60. Shri Kidambi Srikanth – Sports-Badminton
  61. Shri Ibrahim Sutar – Art-Music
  62. Shri Siddeshwara Swamiji – Others-Spiritualism
  63. Ms Lentina Ao Thakkar – Social Work
  64. Shri Vikram Chandra Thakur – Science and Engineering
  65. Shri Rudrapatnam Narayanaswamy Tharanathan with Shri Rudrapatnam
  66. Narayanaswamy Thyagarajan – Art (Music)
  67. Shri Nguyen Tien Thien (Foreigner) – Others-Spiritualism
  68. Shri Bhagirath Prasad Tripathi – Literature and Education
  69. Shri Rajagopalan Vasudevan – Science and Engineering
  70. Shri Manas Bihari Verma – Science and Engineering
  71. Shri Panatawane Gangadhar Vithobaji – Literature and Education
  72. Shri Romulus Whitaker – Others (Wildlife Conservation)
  73. Shri Baba Yogendra – Art
  74. Shri A Zakia – Literature and Education

List of Top 50 Websites in the World

Website is a collection of related web pages, located under a single domain name. Web pages means number of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages and domain is a name of the website like Web pages documents can be displayed in a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer & Apple’s Safari etc. Domain needs to be hosted on the server to display website on internet, Host is a storage of website or collection of web pages and data on the server. In market there are many Domain and Hosting service providers available on internet such as Bluehost, Godaddy, SiteGround, HostGator, 1and1, NameCheap, A2 Hosting, GoogleDomains, One, Shopify, iPage and many more. Here I am going o list Top 50 Websites in the world.

The ranking will be given based on the maximum number of visitors, page views and time spent. Backlinks also consider as a one of most important ranking factor in Google search engine. Alexa rank gives the ranking for the websites based on the visit, duration, page views and backlinks. In the below list of Top 50 Websites in the world, most of them are Search Engines which are used by different regions in the world.

List of Top 50 Websites in the World

Click here to download the List of Top 50 Websites in the world 

Places to Visit in Kushalnagar Madikeri within 50 KMs

Kushalnagar is a place in Somavarpet taluk which is in the Kodagu District. This is the place I visited on my vacation. One of my favorite place to visit and stay. There are many beautiful Places to Visit in Kushalnagar Madikeri within 50 KMs. It is 235 KMs away from Bengaluru which is situated at the height of 830 meters mean sea level. Kushal Nagar is largest city in Somavarpet taluk. According to 2011 census population of the city is 26,487.

The city is situated in the east of the Kodagu District on the bank of the Kaveri River. In pre-independence time Kushal Nagara known as the Fraser Town, named after Colonel Fraser, who was political agent of British in Coorg State around 1834.

The weather condition is Kushal Nagar is unique in the District, It is not as cold as Madikeri and not as hot as Mysore, this has made Kushal Nagar distinctive place in the district. Bylakuppe in the Kushal Nagara is a Tibetan camp and locally known as the Tibet Camp. Ex-chief minister of Karnataka Shri Gundurao hails from this very city. The city is located on the National Highway number 275 which connects Mangalore and Bangalore. Bylukuppe is five to six kilometer away from KushalNagara, but it is in Mysore District.

Places to Visit in Kushalnagar Madikeri within 50 KMs:

  1. Kaveri Nisargadhama
  2. Dubare Elephant Camp – Lake & Backwaters
  3. Golden Temple / Tibetan Monastery
  4. Harangi Reservoir

Kaveri Nisargadhama Forest

Kaveri Nisargadhama is an island situated in Kaveri River. It is 2 KM away from the Kushal Nagara State highway. Kaveri Nisargadhama is State run forest resort, in this island one can see deer, elephants, peacocks and other wild animals. Visitors are allowed to take elephant ride around the Nisargadhama which is unforgettable life time event. We can access the Kaveri Nisargadhama through the bridge, which connects the island with main land and helps visitors to cross mighty Kaveri River.

Inside click of of Nisargadhama - Kushalnagar

Inside view of Nisargadhama – Kushalnagar

Dubare Elephant Camp, Kushalnagar

Dubare is famous for elephant camp. Dubaare camp is run by Karnataka State Forest Department. Elephants for Mysure Dasara were trained here, Dubare is 4 KM away from the Kushalanagara. Dubare is situated in between Kushal Nagara and Siddapur. Dubare is on the banks of Kaveri River. View of wild Asiatic elephants are common around the Camp, tiger, leopards, deer’s, wild dogs can be seen from Dubare. Crocodiles can be seen around the river.

Dubare also offers trekking, fun fishing and river rafting by state run forest department. Tibetan Golden temple in Kodagu: The Tibetan Monastery is located 6 KM away from Kushal Nagara. This settlement is second largest settlement Tibetan settlement outside the Tibet. After Chinese invasion Tibetan Monastery established here in the year 1972, today it serves around 7000 monks and students. This place attracts not only Tibetans but also tourists in and around the world. Major attraction here is 40 feet tall golden Buddha statue. One can find shopping places which sells traditional Tibetan ornaments and dresses.

Dubaare also offers trekking, fun fishing and river rafting by state run forest department. Check the below my clicks.

Water Riding in Dubaare Elephant camp kushalnagar coorg

Water Riding in Dubaare Elephant camp kushalnagar coorg

Tibetan Golden temple in Kodagu

The Tibetan Monastery is located 6 KM away from Kushal Nagara. This settlement is second largest settlement Tibetan settlement outside the Tibet. After Chinese invasion Tibetan Monastery established here in the year 1972, today it serves around 7000 monks and students. This Golden temple place attracts not only Tibetans but also tourists in and around the world. Major attraction here is 40 feet tall golden Buddha statue. One can find shopping places which sells traditional Tibetan ornaments and dresses. People usually talk Kodava , Kannada , Are Bhashe, Urdu, Malayalam , Tulu in and around the Kushala Nagar city.

A click at Golden temple kushalnagar

A click at Golden temple kushalnagar

Harangi Reservoir

Harangi dam built across the Harangi River, which originates at the Pushpagiri Hills, dam is situated in Hudugur Village which is 9 KM away from heart of the Kushal Nagara City. Harangi is tributary of the Kaveri River. Harangi joins Kaveri near Kudige in Somavarpet taluk.

Places to Visit Near Mysore within 50 kms

Mysore also called as ‘Mysuru‘ is the cultural city of Karnataka and having many beautiful places to visit near Mysore with in 50 kms which spreads the fragrance of Mysuru Dasara, Mysuru pak, Mysore Silk, Mysuru Peta all over the world.

History of Mysore (Mysuru)

Earlier to November 1, 1973 the Karnataka state known as Mysore State and was renamed as Karnataka by Shri Devaraj Urs, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka. Now Mysore city is the administrative headquarter of the District and also regional headquarter of Mysore Division. The city is famous for the Dasara Festival also known as the Navaratri which usually falls on September or October month every year. Main Attraction of the Dasara festival in Mysore is Jambu Savari, on Vijayadashami, the procession will be held in Mysore City, on that day Idle of Goddess Chamundi will be placed inside Golden Mantapa, on top of decorated Elephant. Before Independence Mysore Wodeyar (Odeyar) dynasty kings use to sit inside the decorated Golden Mantapa on top of the decorated Elephant and use to lead the procession. But after the Independence, Goddess Chamundi idle replaced the King’s place.

The City is also famous for Mysuru Zoo, Mysore Palace (Amba Vilasa Palace). During Dasara or Navaratri Mysore palace is decorated with nearly 97,000 bulbs, this trend is continued during public holidays and Sunday’s too.

According to legend the name Mysore is derived from “Mahishasura”, Sanskrit meaning of Mahisha  is Buffalo, In ancient days Mahishasura ruled this very city , could take any form at his will, including buffalo, was very cruel and used to torture Devas who lives in heaven and rishi’s who lives in hermitages, especially in the forest, to seek relief from him, rishi’s and deva’s went to Kailas , home of Lord Shiva and pleaded him , but he expressed his inability, then god’s and rishi’s pleaded Parvathi, wife of Lord Shiva, she slayed him in the avatar of Mahishasura Mardini form of Chamundi, later days , when Odeyar Dynasty started ruling this area, they accepted Mahishasura Mardini as their family god . There is another theory exist behind naming “Mysore” is the mentioning the “Mysooru” in the Copper Plate which date’s goes to 862 AD, and in later centuries especially 11 and 12th centuries this area was known as “MAISURUNADU”, and later it took its Anglicised form as “Mysore”.

Mysore District not only hold rich heritage, it also hold the rare and prestigious distinction of yielding of the largest number of inscriptions available in the state. The earliest mention of the Mysore in recorded history goes back to Asoka, at the end of Third Buddhist council, a team of Buddhist Monks were dispatched to Mahisha Mandala, for propagating Buddhism. At later stages Shatavahana Dynasty, Ganga Dynasty, Rashtrakuta Dynasty, Chalukya, Hoysala, Vijayanagara Dynasties ruled over the place, subsequently, the rise of Mysore goes hand in hand with Mysore Odeyar Dynasty, the rise and rise of this dynasty made city popular among all over the world. The Contribution of Odeyar Dynasty is significant for the development of the city, because they ruled the state with Mysore as capital until Mark Cubbon changed capital from Mysore to Bangalore for administrative convenience.

List of places to visit near Mysore within 50 kms

1. Mysore Palace
2. Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS Dam)
3. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens
4. Manasa Gangotri Clock Tower
5. Mysore zoo
6. St.Philomina Church
7. Regional Museum of Natural History
8. Chamundi hill
9. Rail Museum
10. Brundavan Garden
11. Srirangapattana
12. Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary
13. Biligiri Ranga Hills
14. Chunchanakatte Falls

Places that should not forget to visit in Mysore:

The Mysore Palace (Palace of Mysore)

Mysoe Palace

Mysoe Palace

Being the second largest city of Karnataka state, Mysore City is an abode of The Palace of Mysore (Amba Vilasa Palace): The Palace of Mysore is the official residence of Mysore Royal Family the Wodeyar Dynasty which ruled the state from 1399 AD to 1947. Palace Consists of the Golden Throne, Number of temples, two durbar halls and surrounded by a large green courtyard.

Mysore City consists of total seven palace’s including Amba Vilasa palace. Which is constructed by Rajarshi Krishnarajendra Wodeyar IV. Part of the palace occupied by the royal family as residence and restis placed under government supervision. Amba Vilasa Palace is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India.

The then Regent of Mysore, Her Majesty Vani Vilasa Sannidhana and her son The then maharaja of Mysore state His Highness Shri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar (Odeyar) commissioned Henry Erwin to construct the new palace in the place of old palace, which was burnt and turned to ashes. The construction of the palace started in 1897 and finished in 1912. The construction cost of the palace 41, 47,913 rupees. Magnificent masterpiece is constructed with fireproof technology. The resultant is a magnificent masterpiece Amba Vilasa palace, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every day across the world.

The architecture of Mysore Palace

Raghuvulu Naidu with Henry Irwin studied and visited Delhi, Madras and other royal palaces of the day and finally fell on love with Indo-Saracenic Architecture. The Domes especially are in this architecture. Mysore Palace is three story architecture, and domes especially is 145 feet height above the ground level are five store buildings.

Golden Thrown Mysore Palace

Golden Thrown Mysore Palace

The palace consists of Golden Thrown which is of 750 kg and will be available for public view only during Dasara Celebration. During other time, will be dismantled and kept safe in Vaults. This masterpiece is a child of Singannacharya, Throne is made up of fig wood and studded with precious stones, gold, and silver. Golden Throne is the main attraction of the Dasara Celebration, During Dasara time Royal family hold private Durbar. Other Parts of the palace are Gombe Totti and Kalyana Mantapa.

Jagan Mohana Palace

Construction of this palace was completed in 1861 by Krishna raja Wodeyar III, and was used as royal palace by the then Royal family, now this palace converted into an Art Gallery. Now this palace holds the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Roerich and other notable painters. This is one of the seven palaces in Mysore City.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo showcases love on animals of Mysore Wodeyar Dynasty. This was established as the private Zoo of Royal family, later handover to Government of Karnataka. The official name of this zoo is Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden. Under the Royal patronage, it was established in the year 1892.

St.Philomina Church Mysore

St.Philomena church mysore

St.Philomena church mysore

According to the church constructed in the year 1956 and is one of the largest churches in India. St.Philomina Church It has been constructed in the Gothic Style and is inspired by Cologne Cathedral Germany. Maharaja of Mysore laid down the foundation for the church in 1933.

Regional Museum of Natural History

Regional Museum provides the rare insight of the regional history of nature and the natural world. It is situated on the banks of Karanji Lake and feet of Chamundi hill.

Rail Museum

Rail Museum situated near the railway station and is second of kind established in India after first one established in New Delhi.

Nearest Tourist Places to Visit in Mysuru:

Brundavan Garden Mysore

Brundavan garden mysore

Brundavan garden mysore

Brundavan garden is a garden located in Mandya District. It is just 24 km away from the Cultural city Mysore. Brundavan Garden is constructed in the downside of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam by the then Dewan of Mysore Sir Mirza Ismail. Brundavan Garden is basically terraced garden, construction of this Garden is started in 1927 by the Department of Horticulture and is known as the Krishnarajendra terrace Garden. Today the garden occupies as much as space as 60 acres. The musical fountain is the main attraction in the garden.

Chamundi Hills Mysore

Chamundi Hills Mysore

Chamundi Hills Mysore

The Chamundi hill is 14 KM away from the palace city Mysore and an average elevation of this hillock is 1000 meters. Chamundi Hill is named after Chamundi, believed to be an incarnation of Parvathi, wife of Lord Shiva. Chamundi attracts a large number of devotees across all over the world. Lord Chamundi also get reverence and respect from Mysore Royal Family and is also the guardian of Mysore Maharajas. Halfway to a temple near steps, Statue of Nandi of 16 feet monolith structure which was gifted by Dodda Deva raja Wodeyar in 1659, he also constructed 1000 steps to reach hillock of Chamundi.

Srirangapattana Mysore

Srirangapattana Tippu Sultan Museum

Srirangapattana Tippu Sultan Museum

Srirangapattana is the abode of Lord Shri Ranganathaswamy and is just 13 km away from Mysuru City. Srirangapattana is an island and entirely enclosed by River Kaveri. Srirangapattana is one of the important pilgrim centres for Vaishnavates. Srirangapattana served as the capital of the Mysore Kingdom under Hider Ali and Tippu Sultan. Other attractions of the Srirangapattana is Daria Daulat Garden and Jumma Masjid.

Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary

Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary Mysore

Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary Mysore


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I visit Mysore places in one day?

You can cover Mysore all places within one day before that you need to plan of visiting and time spending on each places then you can manage to cover the places within one day.

Which is the best place for one day trip in Mysore?

Covering full of Mysore places in one day is bit difficult, you can cover it based on your time spend on each places. The best places have been listed here: 1. Mysore Palace 2. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens 3. Manasa Gangotri Clock Tower 4. Mysore zoo 5. St.Philomina Church 6. Regional Museum of Natural History 7. Chamundi hill 8. Rail Museum 9. Brundavan Garden 10. Srirangapattana 11. Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary 12. Biligiri Ranga Hills 13. Chunchanakatte Falls 14. Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS Dam)

What are the important places in Mysore?

Mysore has many beautiful places covered by. You can cover those places within 2-3 days if you manage the time as per your time schedule. The most important places are mentioned here. They are Mysore Palace, Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS Dam), Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Manasa Gangotri Clock Tower, Mysore zoo, St.Philomina Church, Regional Museum of Natural History, Chamundi hill, Rail Museum, Brundavan Garden, Srirangapattana, Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary, Biligiri Ranga Hills, Chunchanakatte Falls, GRS Fantasy Park and many more.

How many days are enough to cover Mysore places?

As per my experience minimum 3 to 4 days required to cover all the places of Mysore. You'll be sight-seeing and learning about an architecture and natural heritage beauty. Also, can be covered the place within 1 or 2 days, but you'll be tired and you can learn general information of the places. I believe, just visiting the places without learning their history is no use.

Belur and Halebid Temple – Places to visit in Hassan

I am from Malenadu and my place is very close to the beautiful place called Sakleshpur. Belur is just 35KMs far from my place and here is my latest talk about the Belur and Halebid Temple – Places to visit in Hassan. As we take name of Beluru, we remember the Hoysala Dynasty. They ruled part of Karnataka State from 11th century AD to 14th century AD.  Earliest inscription which provide information about Hoysala is Madale Inscription near Beluru. Beluru City is famous for the Hoysala Architecture. The city situated 221 KM away from Capital of Karnataka State that is Bengaluru, 22 km away from Hassan, at the elevation of 975 meters above the mean sea level. Beluru is also a state protected heritage site. Recently government proposed for World Heritage Site tag.

Belur and Halebid Temple. The most beautiful places to visit in Hassan

Beluru recognised in the world map for its famous Chennakeshava Temple. Beluru is in Hassan District and also have Municipal Council as local administrative body. Beluru is famous for its Hoysala or Vesara style of construction of temples. It was earliest capital of Hoysala Empire.

Main Characteristics of this Architecture are, as follows

  • Temples are constructed 5 feet above the land, on stellar architecture.
  • Stellar Architecture is wider than the temple, Pradakshina Patha around the temple at outside.
  • For the purpose of construction smoother soap stone is used, than harder granite, it is easy for sculptures and can decorate with minute details.
  • In Hoysala temples Sanctum, sanctorum, Navaranga and Gopuram’s are important part of the temples.
  • For Sunlight to enter temple premises provided with Jali’s.
  • No cementing material is used in the construction of Temples.
  • Beautifully decorated pillars are another feature of the Hoysala or Vesara style of architecture. They are studded with minute and great details of sculpture.
  • All these features are incorporated in Beluru Chennakeshava temple

Beluru Chennakeshava Temple:

This is a very famous temple among the temples which were constructed by the Hoysala’s. As we step inside the temple Rajagopura welcomes us. This great structure constructed by Kings of Vijayanagara Kingdom. Construction of this temple begin in the year 1117 AD by Vishnuvardhana. His guru Ramanujaacharya ordered Vishnuvardhana to construct this temple. Temple construction is commemorated in the remembrance of victory over Cholas.Chennakeshava or lesser known name Vijaya Narayana Temple situated on the banks of Yagachi River.(It is tributary of Hemavati River) Chennakeshava temple is Eekakuta temple.

Since Lord Vishnu took Mohini avatara and came to this place, Beluru also known as Bhu-Vaikuntka, and in this remembrance same make up will done to Chennakeshava too, with nose stud, necklace and other dresses. Main attraction of whole complex are ,pillar’s .There are 42 pillar’s among them four inside the shrine, rest situated outside of temple. Among all the pillars Narasimha pillar is famous, beautifully carved out, in this pillar Narasimha (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) slaying the demon Hiranyakashipu, artisan never forget to depict intestines of Hiranyakashipu. Earlier days due ball-bearings the Narasimha pillar was rotatable, but as of now it is normal as of other pillars. All pillars having Madanika, and are performing various activities, someone beating drum and someone performing music. Among all madanika’s  Darpana Sundari (The girl who is looking into Mirror) is famous one. Pointer toe of Darpana Sundari in both of her legs are smaller than middle toe, according to Hindu Mythology girl who is having such fingers are, beautiful but furious. Kannada’s famous poet D.V .Gundappa wrote bunch of poems called  “Antapura Baalike”  regarding these madanika’s. The Gopura or Vimana over the shrine lost, over the time, Though Mysure Wodeyar Dynasty built gopuram on top of the temple, but these gopuram bytes dust during British era, British never shown any interest to rebuild them.Typical Hoysala Vimana raises step by step, not  a sudden raise as in North Indian structures.

We can enter temple from three sides, means temple have 3 main entrance doors, each door is decorated with pair of dwarapalakas at either side. In Hindu mythology it is believed that in Vaikunta is home of Vishnu and front doors are guarded by Jaya and Vijaya at either sides of the entrance, same thing is defined by sculptures since temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Inside the temple complex there exists four temples. In centre Chennakeshava temple, and is facing east side. Kappe Channigararaya temple is east of Chennakeshava and Soumyanayaki (form of Laxmi) is left of the Chennakeshava temple, on left of Soumyanayaki temple, Ranganayaki temple is situated. Temple complex contains two main Sthambha.Garuda (Pillar of Eagle) Sthambha was erected during Vijayanagara era and Deepa Sthambha(Pillar of Light) erected in Hoysala era. Kappe Channigararaya temple is smaller in size, compared to Chennakeshava Temple. This is Dweekuta temple. Idle inside the temple too is Keshava (Form of Krishna) installed by Shantale, wife of King Vishnuvardhana. Shantala or Shantale was noted dancer of that period.

When MalikKafur invaded South India, along with dynasties of the day,temples were also looted for diamond, gold ,silver other valuable’s which were there in the temple. There is a saying, to avoid the destruction   of the temple, whole temple was covered by sand from near river!!!

Before 1950 there was no state protection to this place, hence some portion of the statue’s , sculpture’s and temple are ruined  ,due to anthropogenic reasons and nature also gave its contribution  ,hence some portion of statues and sculptures which carved out side of the temple walls are ruined, Now due to protection provided by both Central and State government , place is well protected.

Recently temple celebrated 900th anniversary of its Construction.

Recent News of Beluru:

Recently place was in news for wrong reason, Telugu movie was shooting in the premises, installed lord Shiva statue, which would cause monumental destruction of the protected site, after warning issued by concern authorities, statue was removed and shooting also halted.

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