SEA definition in Digital Marketing

SEA full form is Search Engine Advertising in Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing). When I was searching for something then saw a post on SEA then immediately SEO has comes to my mind What is SEA definition in Digital Marketing. As I have heard all of those SEO, SEM, PPC, PPM, CPC, Display Ads and all. Immediately my mind ran away on the internet research on the SEA.

What is SEA definition in Digital Marketing

The quite interesting part of my research about the SEA is advertising terms what we use every time on the internet and websites which is exactly Advertising on the internet (websites). The actual meaning of SEA is used for increasing the customer’s journey to the website by using different types of digital marketing methods and channels.

We always think about the targeting audience by using the different marketing method based on the promotion and sales, and then we choose the most suitable channels which will drive more customers to the page. In Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines most of them using the SEA method.

The final definition of SEA is Search Engine Advertising. Which increase website traffic through digital advertising methods.

In order to boost CTR, and some specific keywords will be applied for audience target in Advertising platforms. At last how much money you spend on your Ads for creating customers journey towards your promotion.


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