7 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic and Leads to your Website

By Isak Feb 16, 2022 #Digital Marketing #SEO
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Many organizations are seeking to build traffic with audiences who leave their reviews, share content and come back to the site frequently. Increasing your web traffic and leads requires an understanding of SEO and implementation tactics.

SEO rankings require an emphasis on the best ways of e-commerce web development and optimizing the site to improve the process of reaching out to customers. The same is applicable even to blogs and other sites. If you are looking to drive organic traffic and boost SEO rankings, do research and implement the following effective strategies.

Create Valuable Content

Content plays a big role in SEO ranking. If you are looking to boost organic website traffic, invest resources in creating valuable content. Instead of just focusing on writing the content well, pay attention to being strategic with that content.

Understand your audience and write according to their expectations. Use appropriated tools to find content writing ideas and try to address questions that many people are likely to have. You can also review other people’s work and create more relevant and engaging content based on the identifiable gaps.

Eliminate bad backlinks

The SEO manager for the best essay writing service says discarding bad backlinks is an effective way of improving your website’s SEO ranking. Low-quality links are known to reduce a website’s credibility and can lead to Google penalties and subsequently dropping the rankings significantly.

Avoid backlinks such as link exchanges, advertorials, and paid links because they can disregard the links’ sources, quality, and impact on the sites. Eliminating bad backlinks entails carrying out a detailed analysis of the existing backlinks to identify the low-quality ones.

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You can also your webmaster to help you remove low-quality links from your website or create a report of bad links and send it to the Disavow tool from Google. The process may be time-consuming and sometimes, it may be difficult to remove all the backlinks at once.

Optimize the website’s speed score

A web essay writer and SEO guru says that speed score website optimization is important because your audience may not wait for long for a page to load. Your visitors have many options to consider and if your site is not loading fast, they will leave the site immediately.

To optimize the website’s speed, keep checking the speed score and take timely action if you find any inefficiency. You can also track the progress of the site and analyze its performance using available online tools.

Create landing pages that are SEO optimized

A well-developed landing page can significantly boost your site’s traffic and sales because that is where strong relationships with visitors are initiated. More landing pages mean more gateways for incoming web traffic.

An SEO-optimized landing page should have informative, relevant, and useful content. Since you intend the users to stay on the landing page for long, ensure that it has no navigation. More importantly, include a call to action whether you want the visitors to call for help, sign up for services or products, or any other action.

Research keywords

Researching keywords is a crucial step in the process of SEO. It helps you to know the specific phrases or words people use on the search engines. It is important to optimize keywords, analyze and choose the keywords that are likely to drive organic traffic to your website.

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Before creating a blog, research keywords that rank highly on Google by creating a list of those words or inspecting the volume of search. When optimizing keywords, include them in the content planning, title tags, URL, and relevant images.

Use infographics

Infographics can let you display any kind of information in a simplified way. Because many people prefer visually presented information, a graphic is more engaging and interactive than text. Infographics are simple to understand and follow, easy to share, and SEO friendly.

To use infographics effectively, come up with a good idea. Your infographic’s uniqueness is influenced by the creativity of your content. Your visitors are interested in how original the content is and whether it addresses their problems.

Monitor your site’s progress

Tracking your website’s progress can guide you during the update. An SEO audit tool may help you to analyze your SEO strategies’ performance. Performing the site’s SEO audit is important because the search engine algorithm is subject to change.

Since major search engines such as Google keep revising their algorithm, stay up to date to modify your website accordingly. Through SEO audits, you can identify broken links which may harm SEO rankings.

They can also help to identify any outdated content on the site. People like visiting a website that is full of fresh content and so you need to take time to reevaluate and update the content.


The goal of any e-commerce business is to drive traffic and generate leads. By implementing the above SEO strategies, you can attain this goal and see your business grow to the next level. Optimizing conversion goes beyond generating traffic and leads but is more about having clear, descriptive product and sales pages.

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