SEO link building Course by Industry Experts

SEO link building Course by Industry Experts

This course is ideal for content marketers or anyone who wants to develop the high-value skill of link building. With a straight-forward approach and a variety of frameworks, SEO link building course will help you think and operate as a more sophisticated marketer. So you can advance your career and qualify for new opportunities.

You Will Learn

  • Set campaign goals, so you can track and prove your success
  • Plan an effective content and outreach strategy that gets attention from the right people
  • Use advanced tactics to improve your backlinks profile, which means more high-quality traffic

Become Great at SEO link building

After Taking this Course, You’ll:

  • Know what works (and what wastes your time): Get best practices, proven tactics and real-world examples of content and outreach campaigns to fuel your own strategy.
  • Save time and hassle with tactics that don’t require new content: Use your brand and existing content to improve your company’s back-link profile.
  • Create and promote content that attracts high-quality backlinks: Get content examples and email outreach templates you can use right away to inspire your own program.
  • Prove the value of your work: Show your results in a way both SEO professionals and non-SEO stakeholders can understand.

This course is appropriate for any level of marketing expertise and everyone looking to improve how they build, execute and launch marketing campaigns.

Students should have experience building or working on marketing campaigns and projects in order to benefit most from the framework and strategies presented in this course.


About the Trainer:

Irina Nica is a driven marketer with over 10 years of experience in content marketing and SEO. As part of HubSpot’s User Acquisition team, she is responsible for increasing HubSpot’s product awareness across varying features, and her focus is on building buzz and backlinks. Prior to joining HubSpot, Irina was the Marketing Manager of the award-winning SEO tool,

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