Shettihalli Rosary Church Hassan History


Consider a Shettihalli church Hassan built by French Missionaries in the 1860s. Consider a reservoir built by government in the 1860s. Awesome Historical place to visit. And this is covered by Hemavathi rivers, it’s reaching to Gorur Dam & about 20 km far from my native place Sakleshpur.

Tourists are lured to this place which looks like a Titanic floating in the water when the Hemavathi Dam is filled. The church was built during the British period to increase its appeal as the Hemavathi reservoir was filled and ruined today.

Titanic Church Hassan Karnataka
Titanic Church Hassan Karnataka

Shettihalli Church Hassan History

Fr. David Anthonnappa, Shettihalli (Jayanagar) church Priest says, this place is becoming a historical place which is located in Hassan district. This church construction was completed in 1860s, to gather and pray for the Christian community. After the construction of Hemavathi Dam, the church was submerged in water due to heavy rain in 1976, from then people around this place were migrated to different places along with their families.

Shettihalli Church was not only the Church, it was having an Orphanage for poor family, Primary Hospital with good facility, and along with 150 years of running St. Mariam school for boys and girls. Later another new church was built just 2kms far from this Shettihalli church to worship. Even after the long time, this church is still famous and people address this church as “Titanic church”.

Fr. David Anthonnappa, Shettihalli (Jayanagar) church priest also requests visitors to maintain the clean and not spoil this beautiful place by doing wrong things. Please visit and maintain the purity.

Travel Experience to Shettihalli Church

Shettihalli Rosary Church Hassan
Shettihalli Rosary Church Hassan

During my graduation in 2010, all my native friends were saying that there was an old church in center of the river, then decided to visit this place without fail during my college holidays and after sometimes I went along with my friends by bikes, we were around 10 people with 5 bikes via Rarakoppalu, Magge and then Channapura crossed, have to take right direction from Channpura it’s about 10 KMs.

When we entered to Bridge, which is the largest bridge I saw in Hassan district, very nice with clean, completely different than compared to all other existed bridges. Whatever, I would like to say Thanks for this bridge constructor. Firstly we had spent some time near a bridge and there was hot with wonderful breezing. I never felt this happy before in any of places I have visited. From there I saw the Rosary old church but was looking like a small broken building.

After sometimes we all went by bike near to the church, there is a small path for bike and small 4 wheeler also can drive. I felt very sad after seeing that ruining church, then I asked someone farmer was working out there about the church and he told me that this happened because of the flood around 30 years back. Already there were few visitors was taking photos and looking at the walls, I went inside and did the same. Since it was my first visit to Shettihalli Church, I was very much excited to see completely and to know what has happened to this church. From then whenever I will take my friends and family to this place and spend some time. It feels relaxed. I am sure; you will visit again and again if you visit the place.

Shettihalli Rosary Church History Hassan
Shettihalli Rosary Church History Hassan

Advice for Shettihalli Church Visitors:

  • Don’t go for swimming in the river it’s very dangerous. Many people have died because of fishing nets
  • Don’t stay after 6 pm, because there will be full of dark and no lights. It’s dangerous to stay after sunset
  • Please maintain the cleanness, don’t throw wastage’s. Keeping this place clean is essential to the visitors and they will continue maintaining.

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