How to Choose the Right Live Streaming Platform in 6 Steps

Live streaming lets you stream online videos in real-time. From conferences to concerts, and fitness classes to webinars, live streaming services are now commonplace across the globe. In actual fact, there is a 30% increase in live streamed events in the past two years.

This blog post will provide all the required information and tools to create a stunning live stream. What will you discover in this article? An easy six-step procedure to choose live streaming service providers to host any kind of event. Let’s get started.

Step #1: Choose a Live Streaming Platform

 The first step of the process is to select the most reliable live streaming service. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when looking for the best method to stream your live content or cover any other needs for video marketing you might have.

Consider your audience as a starting point. Do you have a fan base online on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn? If “yes,” then the best option is to choose which platforms will have the highest percentage of your followers so that you can broadcast the event to the correct users.

Certain brands, however, decide to communicate with their target audience through their own channels. Live streaming on an individual website for a brand offers many advantages, including an increase in organic traffic as well as brand awareness. Not just that, but it also creates the authority that you are the market player and are good in your domain as well.

 Step #2: Prepare Your Broadcasting Equipment

 Equipment is essential for broadcasting events live streaming. The most essential equipment is the use of a tablet, computer, or phone, in addition to audio and visual equipment. Also, you will require a reliable and secure internet connection.

Keep in mind that everything here is dependent on your requirements and budget. In the present day, everyone can stream videos from their smartphones.

You can also consider using a laptop computer or desktop computer to send live video on your platform for streaming.

But when you’re talking about live videos, the video camera is an essential tool in the procedure. If you want to upgrade the quality of your video, then you’ll most likely require camera-related tools. For example:

  • Camera stabilisers
  • Lenses
  • Light stands
  • Tripods
  • Microphone

 Step #3: Select an Encoder and set Streaming Preferences

Another crucial aspect of the best live streaming services is encoding. Encoding is the process of taking input from video and converting it to a live stream. An encoder can be described as a tool that alters raw video files into a different digital format that is suitable for live streaming.

Selecting the correct encoder is vital to the successful streaming of your videos. There is the choice to choose between the hardware or software encoder.

Software encoders are the least expensive of the two. They’re also typically customizable. You can change the type of encoder and the bitrate. One disadvantage of using software encoders is that it is heavily dependent on the capacity of your computer.

Step #4: Embed Your Video to Your Website & Owned Media Outlets

The fourth stage of our method is to promote your event across various controlled media channels. How do we accomplish this? Through creating short video snippets of past events, or other promotional materials, graphs and other information as well as by trying to get users to sign up for the streaming services or our membership platform.

 Step #5: Test Your Stream

In this stage of the procedure, you must check your stream before launching it and make sure that everything functions exactly as it should. You should first test your setup using an outline of:

  • Are all plugs in the right way?
  • Does the internet’s speed remain constant?
  • Does your site load fast enough?
  • Do you have a properly configured bitrate?
  • If you said “yes” to all these questions, you’re now ready to go.

Now is the time to test whether everything is working as it should streaming-wise. One method to test your stream is to conduct your own test webcast service provider prior to when you go live before your viewers. This can help you pinpoint issues that may affect your streaming experience. Some of the most frequent issues could include:

  • Poor visual/audio quality
  • Breaks in the stream
  • Settings for the encoder are not correctly configured.

Identifying technical issues ahead of time makes troubleshooting a much more straightforward process for broadcasters. After you’ve made sure everything runs well, there’s one remaining step.

Step #6: Start Streaming

Ready. Set. Go. If you’ve followed the steps in this article You’re now ready to start streaming. Breathe deeply and click “Start Streaming”.But before you can do that there are a few other things to be aware of.

The first step is to stream your live event via live streaming services providers that are accessible. You’ll be able to get more viewers to your event by streaming your video not only on your website but also via other media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Reaching out to audiences across multiple platforms isn’t easy since you need to think about features like captioning as well as audio description, translation, and transcription.

Now Over to You

Live streaming is one of the most important tools for many marketers, and choosing live streaming services in UAE is not an easy task. But we hope these 6 simple steps will help you to do so. However, now that you know how to choose the right live streaming service, live streaming is quite an extensive topic, with a lot of aspects to cover. Here we’ve tried to outline the basics of it to get started. Two essential elements for successful live streaming are the best live streaming platform and basic or even more sophisticated equipment. We sincerely hope that you will find our advice both interesting and beneficial. Additionally, we want to make your live-streamed events worthwhile to attend.


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