How Social Media Works in Cars?

How Social Media Works in Cars

Social media services in infotainment systems of cars

In the beginning it was early days when vehicles and cars were used just for transportation but in modern time’s cars are not just a medium of transportation any more. Sometimes it may also help to maintain your status in your social circle and society.

Everyone wants to have the best cars, not only with engine performance but also with its looks and classy interior along with all other features of latest gadgets and infotainment system. For being in the competition of top automotive makes, every manufacturer tries and works hard day and night.

They launch lavish models every year which undoubtedly are better than the last ones. In every model manufacturers introduced something new and special. They update infotainment system as well as interior and looks of their new models.

Infotainment systems in latest cars

Infotainment system of any car plays an important role now a days, well it is not 1980 where driver and passengers are happy with just a radio system and cassette player in cars. It is the time of technology, where man has reached the moon and is looking forward to conquer other planets; people want all the latest technology features in their vehicles for which manufacturers are continuously working for.

In every new model all makes update infotainment system for being best and now it is time of iOS and android apps in cars, which somehow are beneficial as well as have drawbacks. You are now able to use Facebook, twitter and many other social media services with the help of these apps.

Usage of internet while driving

Usage of internet while driving
Usage of internet while driving

Whenever you saw a driver looking at its mobile phone while driving, it is no longer hard to assume that he is texting or using internet. A research from AT&T proves that about 4 in 10 smartphone consumers check into social media although they are driving and almost 3 in 10 surf the internet while surprisingly 1 in every 10 is busy in video chats on its mobile phone.

It shows that every 7 out of 10 people are busy in smartphone activities while they are driving. Texting and emailing are still the most dominant part. So many other smartphone activities behind the steering have now become common these days.

Among all social media platforms Facebook surely tops the list with more than a quarter of all those who were interviewed using the app while driving. About 2 out of 10 accept that they are on Twitter while they are driving their car.

Integration of social media with infotainment system of cars

Integration of social media with infotainment system of cars
Integration of social media with infotainment system of cars

Social media combined in to the infotainment system of cars is better than looking at your mobile phone while driving your car all the time. Now you are able to tweet or retweet, check all your notifications of Facebook, update your status andpictures through android or CarPlay apps which your vehicles have now a days. But, do you think it is a good idea?

Carmakers including Honda, Toyota, Audi,Hyundai, Fiat, Ford, Suzuki, VW, Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes have already begun to merge social media into their associated car presents.

All these services are usually placed into dashboard systems, permitting motorists to send and receive updates on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media services which most of the time using vocal commands to operate.

How safe it is to drive your car while connecting with social media?

Just for being in the competition automotive makes introduced a feature with which no one is capable anymore to pay attention on road and drive properly. Do you think you can handle your car on a highway when you are at high speed and receiving updates and notifications from your twitter or Facebook account? This feature is not safe nor do some people appreciate it.

Safety concerns

Everyone knows that sending or receiving updates on social media or texting is really dangerous while driving but still many people commit this serious mistake. Driving a vehicle is pretty much complex work which requires always a high level of attention. A small disruption and flaw at high speed on road may cause a severe disaster.

According to engine trust report by Katherine Ryan in 2015, 26,300 deaths were registered in EU due to driving accidents, while in 2016 32,675 losses were verified for the same reason. In another study, it was stated that 38% of the victims claimed to be caught by an accident or had come close to being in a crash while driving when they were using a mobile phone or another same kind of technology.

Though we all are educated and know the level of risk using these applications while driving but still we want such kind of distractive apps and features in our vehicles on the name of technology.

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