Luceat Enterprise E-Commerce is easy way of Online Business


Hey !! are you a business owner! who runs the local retail store and now wants to start selling online, for someone who already sells online on various better marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and yes your own web store as you grow your eCommerce online business and start selling on multiple platforms. You will face new challenges like maintaining suffered, product catalog, synchronizing and wintry processing orders in Luceat Enterprise E-Commerce.

At Luceat Enterprise E-Commerce Printing shipping labels and invoices handling promotions and having only 24 hours in a day to do all this you already realize by now that during all of this manually using spreadsheets or handwritten notes is impossible.

Don’t too smart and let’s technology to solve your problems. so, in addition to your web store as enterprise eCommerce store, you have added a bunch of systems to tackle these new challenges, but all these systems have suffered and got them to work together as a nightmare, fortunately, the solution to all these problems is simple Lucy at an enterprise eCommerce platform. so, Luceat Enterprise E-Commerce helps to make an easy way of online business.

This Enterprise E-Commerce is just what you need you can create a new product let’s say a cool t-shirt and Lucy it back in with a single click. You can list your brand, new products on all the marketplaces as well as on your web (eCommerce) store and your retail stores.

Luceat Enterprise E-Commerce POS enterprise system supposes you create a purchase order five t-shirts from Lucy attacking you can send a request for purchase directly to your supplier. The supplier fulfills your purchase order and packs the five t-shirts you order and sends it to a third party logistics company and as soon as your 3pl company receives your package.

You automatically get notified and Lucy it back in and with a single click, all your stock information gets updated on your web store and your stores on Amazon and eBay.

Suppose one of your customers places an order for the new t-shirts on Amazon and another customer places an order on eBay, both these orders get updated on your loose yet back. In these new orders are now sent to your 3pl company who gets these two t-shirts ready to ship and provide you with the tracking details from Lucy eight battle you can acquit both your customers who are tracking numbers to track the shipment with no extra effort your inventory status get subjected across all platforms automatically.

Suppose you want two t-shirts delivered to your retail shop you can create an internal transfer order from your loose yet back in and send it to your 3pl company when your 3pl company to the rescue over to your retail shop. Your least backing gets updated status and again stock levels across all the platforms get updated and synchronized a customer walks into your retail shop looks around and find your cool new t-shirts and purchases two of them. so, this new order information goes directly from your store’s POS system to the Lucy.

Luceat Enterprise E-Commerce back in another shopper while looking for fashion products online comes from your online store and chooses to buy the new t-shirt. She places the order on your online store and the order information is directly sent to Lucy. It back from Lucy it back in the order information is sent to the 3pl company to fulfill this order, as usual, your 3pl company gets the order ready to ship and update you with the shipping information. The t-shirt gets delivered to your customer and again stock levels get automatically updated and synchronized across all platforms.

Whether it’s your Amazon or eBay customer or the customer on your online store or your retail shop’s customer. You can keep them all happy while ensuring seamless and hassle-free integration across all of this luceat enterprise platform.

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