Developing Mobile Apps for Your Marketing Strategy

Developing Mobile Apps for Your Marketing StrategyDeveloping Mobile Apps for Your Marketing Strategy

Mobile apps can actually boost your business to a very good extent but for that, you should have an application that should stand out among your competitors. There are thousands of mobile app developers around you and if you are looking to hire one, you should check if your developer is providing you with these features in your app or not?

Features that are necessary for your app-

I will try to be precise and brief about the features so that you can understand what makes one app better than other-

Allow personalization- Users like the app more when they are allowed to personalize the app according to themselves. It gives your app a higher chance that the user will retain the app after downloading.

Simplicity in design- Your app should not look too complicated and must be easy to use and access. Too much complication will get you bad ratings and lose users easily.

Compliance with the GDPR standards- GDPR standards are set of rules, agreed upon the European Parliament, which are introduced to protect the user’s data. Google recognizes this and will improve your rankings if your website comes in compliance with GDPR standards.

Cross-platform coverage- If you are looking for an app then you must be knowing what is your targeted customers. You can start by having an app which is available for one platform only, such as Android or you can target a broad audience by having a cross-platform app.

Fast loading time and high performance- Nothing irritates a user more than a slow loading app and low performance. If your app can deliver high performance to the users, they will keep on using it and you can certainly expect good reviews and high rating for your app on the app stores.

Great UI- User Interface has a lot more to do than providing good aesthetic value to your app. A UI is how the users can interact with your app and recognize your app with and distinguishes it from other apps.

Rich experience- This is the most important feature of your app to retain the users. When your app is satisfying the needs of your users, they will keep on using it.

Intuitive and easy navigation- Navigation let your users access the different section of your app easily. If your app lacks an intuitive and easy navigation then the users will certainly face a difficulty when moving from one section to another while using your app.

Social media integration- Social media integration ease out the process of signing up for the users and they really like it too. More than that, when a user likes something he can immediately share that content on his social media accounts providing you more exposure.

App development companies that you can hire for developing your app-

I have listed 5 best companies that you can look for if you want to develop your app to make things simpler for you. The selection of is based on the features that I have listed out above. Here are the five best app development companies in India-

  1. Hidden Brains Infotech
  2. WorkLooper Consultancy
  3. The NineHertz
  4. Click Labs
  5. Appster

These companies are known for their good performance over the past and customer satisfaction with their apps. They have worked with the top brands in our country and can certainly deliver the best apps for your company.

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