Fishing Gear from Pogue Supply

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Fishing Gear from Pogue SupplyFishing Gear from Pogue Supply

The sun is rising over a windless lake on an early fall day. The air is crisp and refreshing and the only sounds are the birds, frogs, and the bustle of your fishing buddies as you prepare to bring home not only the trophy but the night’s meal. There are only a few things in life more enjoyable than a relaxing albeit engaging day on the water with friends, but consistently locating and catching fish is also a challenge not to take lightly. In order to the make sure the stove sees its work of fried filets, you need to do your homework. You aren’t worried, however. You did your homework and went to Pogue Supply to Buy Fishing Gear.

Selection and Pricing

If you are a seasoned fisherman, you know that selecting the right gear for the trip takes quite literally years of experience and winnowing the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes, it can take a series of experiences to understand the intangibles of what makes a lure a keepsake or a throwaway. That is, if you are seasoned. If you are a greenhorn, you know that the options to sift through in terms of rods, reels, lines, tackle boxes, lures, and peripherals like pliers and terminal tackle are equally intimidating in scope. Walking into a tackle shop without knowing what will work on the water is an equally overwhelming sensation. Either way, the task of outfitting yourself can be arduous no matter your level of experience. That’s why Pogue Supply is here to help. Pogue Supply couples over twenty years of professional experience with customer service that is impossible to match.

What you can expect from Pogue Supply is that if they are selling it, it is designed to deliver. That means, there will be less to sift through and more to put a bend in the rod and get the drag burning. Pogue Supply sells equipment from reputable manufacturers like South Bend, running from terminal tackle to stringers. Trusting age old classics like kastaways and prism spinners takes some of the legwork out of preparation and brings the legends to work for you. This equipment has stood the test of time and has been weighing down creels and filling coolers since the generation before you took to the water. Moreover, you can expect only the most reasonable prices from Pogue Supply, even though elsewhere the trends have been rising prices. When it’s time to stock your tackle box, cast a line, and buy fishing gear, you can be sure that the gear you bought from Pogue Supply will deliver.

Partner with Pogue Supply

Not only does Pogue Supply sell the finest gear available to bring in the limit, their experience in business means you will be in good hands when you have a question about equipment or about a prospective purchase. Pogue Supply has a history of and dedication to the practice of putting the customer first. That means that when you need information, Pogue Supply will be there to get it for you, even if it involves deference to a supplier. Are you a surfcaster and not sure when to tie on for tail water trout? Contact the team at Pogue Supply. Maybe you are more of a catfisherman who is interesting in taking up fly fishing, and you aren’t sure what bugs to throw. Call the team at Pogue Supply. Regardless of your interest in the angling world, Pogue Supply will be there to outfit you with your every need and get you into the fish. Before your next trip, see which fishing supplies you could be bringing with you at

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