The Best Online Resources for MDCAT Preparation

Century is known for the development of technology which is altering the way people live, connect and communicate. To promote advance tech, under developing countries ought to invest in quality education for youth, and persistent skills training for workers and managers.

The most trending online portal for the preparation of MDCAT in Pakistan is none other This platform has been developed by the experienced and highly educated teachers to provide quality notes in order to prepare the entry test in an exclusive and inexpensive way. The Collaborative Software Design drives student all the results effectively and competently. It practices contemporary instructional technologies to provide academic data, track progress and help students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Some other benefits of which prove it the best online resource for MDCAT Preparation.

  • Maximum Knowledge in Minimum time period claims to provide maximum information and learning material for the preparation of MDCAT in the minimum possible time. So, students need not worry about time. If you have a very limited time, will make an organized plan for your best preparation. Students can prepare MDCAT while sitting at home and can save a lot of time that might be wasted in travelling purposes etc. Therefore, don’t need to rush to academies because can provide everything at your doorstep.

  • Quality Education and the cheapest cost

Keeping a close weather on the inflation and needy students, helps poor and needy students to make their dreams of becoming doctor come true by providing high quality and short and snappy notes. The entire learning material is provided in video lectures so that students can absorb as they listen to it. has made it possible for an average student to compete with those who have all the luxuries of life. Whoa!

  • Well-organized teaching system

All the data delivered to the students is concept based and to-the-point. All the notes and video lecture are framed by the medical doctors and experienced professors of Medical Colleges. The test session is sketched in a way that students can repeatedly attempt a single test. The past papers are also provided with solved and unsolved questions to help students learn and practice multiple times. Once a student has gone through a subject and practiced the tests, he/she can track the progress. This is effective in a way that students come to know to what extent they have prepared for MDCAT.

  • Highly Cooperative team

Providing you all the necessary tools for the preparation of MDCAT doesn’t mean the job is done. will never leave you alone rather available for students’ assistance whenever they need. The possesses a highly co-operative team that deals students like their own children and are really performing duties of a responsible staff. It tries its best to keep students up to date with all the latest news related to MDCAT that can be useful for them. These updates are provided in the student account once a student get registered. Study in Canada, a step-by-step Guide for International Students.

Study in Canada: A Step-by-step Guide for International Students is another resource for entry test preparation. But to your knowledge it’s not as effective as an online MDCAT preparation should be. Don’t you agree? Let me back my statement, we’ll appreciate your opposition then.

The Basic component of an online portal is complete assistance that lacks. When a student is unable to acquire complete syllabus how can any platform guarantees 100% results? It might not be a useful thing rather a wastage of time and money. This is the time when students should not waste a moment. provides 2000 MCQs per week and it is not enough for every student. Students have different mind levels. At one hand, some student are sharp enough to get proficiency within 3 days, then what would they do in the next 4 days? This is really inconvenience provided by the authorities.

No doubt, there are some positive aspects too. For instance, the scholarships are available for poor and needy students. Initially it can help students to know all about entry test preparation. But specifically for MDCAT, there are very limited video lectures which are not sufficient to conceptualize every topic easily.

Taleemdost encompasses vast database of questions for the preparation of all types of entry tests including MDCAT. This website provides opportunity to the student to check single topic and all entry test related points of the textbook. It offers separate options of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English comprising MCQs for both F.Sc part 1 and part 2 textbooks. All these test sessions are time framed so that students can track study progress and get self-assessment.

When it comes to the practice test, a relevant video lecture provided against the specific topic so that the students can get through the topic once again before attempting the test session. Now, there is no need of consulting the notes before giving the test so that student can get into the test by just listening to the video lecture. The other big advantage of Taleem.PK is that they provides the students with time-based tests. This way, students would be able to attempt the test in the allowed time frame. That’s really helpful as per the entry test point of view. Moreover, the modern tools keep the record of the tests attempted by the students to allow them work on the weak areas. That’s fructiferous, isn’t it?

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This platform is another great opportunity for the students having whereabouts in remote areas as they don’t need to move to bigger cities in order to prepare themselves for entry tests. Visit their website and start doing preparation and get your aim of getting admission in top ranked medical college in Pakistan achieved. But some serious drawback of this platforms include; least interaction with the teacher, and lack of instant student assistance. In addition, many students have complained about difficulty in understanding certain concepts. The teachers are although professional yet not a single doctor is included in the staff. It means no teacher has undergone MDCAT and definitely it will be difficult for them to teach accordingly. Therefore, this cannot said to be an effective portal for MDCAT preparation particularly.

Here is what I have thoroughly explained about the MDCAT and its preparation online. Anyone can easily make an analysis that among these three, comes on the front foot, providing a long list of advantages to the students.

By Isak

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