Mastering the Snapchat Lingo: Everything You Need to Know about ‘SB’

Mastering the Snapchat Lingo: Everything You Need to Know about 'SB'Mastering the Snapchat Lingo: Everything You Need to Know about 'SB'

Whether you’re a seasoned Snap-pro or just starting your journey, I promise to keep things fun, relatable, and informative in a way that feels like chatting with a friend.

From its iconic disappearing snaps to the delightful array of filters, lenses, and stickers, Snapchat lets you express yourself like never before. We’ll be diving into all the cool features that make Snapchat unique and exploring the lingo that’ll help you fit right in with the coolest Snappers out there.

Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we, so don’t worry if you make a random typo or if your filter fails hilariously. Those moments are what make Snapchat conversations feel alive and real.

So, whether you’re eager to learn the secrets behind those mysterious “SBs,” curious about how to keep the best snap streaks, or simply looking to up your Snap game, you’re in the right place. Let’s journey into the world of Snapchat lingo and create some unforgettable moments together!

Awesome! Let’s snap away and make some memories worth sharing! 


Your “Bitmoji” is a personalized avatar you can create SB on Snapchat. It looks like a cartoon version of you and adds a fun touch to your snaps and messages. You can customize your Bitmoji to look just like you, so have fun!


  • You: Send a Snap with your Bitmoji dancing.
  • Friend: Haha, your Bitmoji moves are on point! Sends back their dancing Bitmoji.


You can add filters, and stickers, and even draw on your snaps before sending them. Go ahead, get creative!


  • You: Snap a cute selfie with a dog filter.
  • Friend: Aww, you look adorable! Responds with a Snap featuring a cat filter.


It lasts for 24 hours, and it’s like a mini personal broadcast of your day. It’s perfect for showing off your adventures, silly moments, or even sharing a cool recipe you just tried.


  • You: Add snaps of your day at the beach, having a blast with friends.
  • Friend: Wow, your beach day looks awesome! Sends a reply to your Story.


Snapchat offers a variety of “Filters” to enhance your snaps. They can add cool effects, colors, or geotags based on your location. Swipe left or right after taking a snap to find the perfect filter for your mood.


  • You: Snap a photo with a beach filter, showing off your sun-kissed skin.
  • Friend: Jealous of your beach vibes! Sends a Snap with a tropical drink filter.


“Memories” is like your private album on Snapchat. You can save snaps and stories you want to keep and revisit later. It’s a fantastic way to preserve special moments without cluttering your phone’s gallery.


  • You: Save snaps from a birthday party to Memories.
  • Friend: Reliving the fun moments from your birthday! Sends a virtual cake to celebrate.


Lenses are similar to filters but more interactive. They can add hilarious or mind-bending effects to your face or the world around you. You activate Lenses by long-pressing on your face or tapping on the screen.


  • You: Use a Lens that turns you into a cute puppy.
  • Friend: OMG, you’re the cutest pup! Sends a Snap with a Lens as a funny alien.


Your “Snapcode” is a unique QR code that acts as your Snapchat profile’s quick add. When someone scans your Snapcode, they automatically add you as a friend.


  • You: Share your Snapcode on other social media platforms.
  • New Friend: Scans your Snapcode and adds you as a friend on Snapchat.

My Eyes Only

“My Eyes Only” is a secure feature in Memories that lets you protect particular snaps with a passcode. These snaps won’t be visible unless you enter the passcode, making it perfect for keeping sensitive or private content safe.


  • You: Save snaps of your surprise party preparations in My Eyes Only.
  • Friend: Can’t wait for the party! Sends a Snap of party decorations.


“Discover” is a section in Snapchat where you can explore content from various media outlets, brands, and creators.


  • You: Swipe through the Discover section and find a fascinating article.
  • Friend: That’s interesting! Sends a Snap with their thoughts on the topic.

Snap Originals: Snap Originals are exclusive shows produced by Snapchat. They are short-form, vertical videos created for the platform, featuring various genres like drama, comedy, and documentaries.


  • You: Share a Snap from your favorite Snap Originals series.
  • Friend: Oh, I love that show too! Sends a Snap with a funny scene from the series.

Snap Map Actionmoji

When your friends are active on Snapchat and have their location enabled, their “Actionmoji” appears on the Snap Map, showcasing what they’re doing, like driving, listening to music, or even sleeping.


  • You: See your friend’s Actionmoji dancing on the Snap Map.
  • Friend: Grooving to my favorite tunes! Sends a Snap off the music playing.

Snapstreak Emojis

When you have an ongoing snapstreak with a friend, Snapchat adds emojis next to their name to signify the streak’s progress. For example, the “Fire” emoji shows up when your streak reaches three days.


  • You: See the Fire emoji next to your friend’s name.
  • Friend: Woohoo, three days and counting! He sends a Snap to keep the streak alive.

Filters for Photos & Videos

Snapchat offers different filters for photos and videos. Some filters are designed specifically for the static images you capture, while others are tailored for the videos you record.


  • You: Apply a funny filter to your photo.
  • Friend: Haha, you look hilarious! Sends a Snap with a wacky filter too.

Group Chats

You can create “Group Chats” on Snapchat with up to 32 friends.


  • You: Start a group chat to plan a movie night with your squad.
  • Friends: Sounds like a blast! Everyone chimes in with movie suggestions.

Snap Map Status

Whether you’re studying, hanging out, or feeling adventurous, you can share it with a creative Bitmoji and message.


  • You: Set your status as “Chillin’ and Netflix.”
  • Friend: Sounds like a perfect evening! Sends a Snap sharing their status too.

Snapstreak Saver

It allows you to save a snap in advance and send it later when you’re busy or unable to snap in real time.


  • You: Use the Snapstreak Saver to keep the streak alive during a busy day.
  • Friend: Thanks for keeping our streak going! He sends a Snapback.

Snap Map Alerts: You can enable “Snap Map Alerts” to receive notifications when friends’ locations change. It’s a nifty way to stay updated on your friends’ whereabouts.


  • You: Get an alert that your friend is nearby.
  • Friend: Let’s meet up! Sends a Snap showing their location.


Well, here we are, at the end of our epic Snapchat journey! Experiment with filters, lenses, stickers, and all the cool tools available to add that personal touch to your snaps. Share your adventures, your daily musings, and those silly moments that bring a smile to your face.

And hey, it’s okay to make mistakes too! Embrace those hilarious filter fails, embrace the spontaneous typos, and embrace the imperfections that make your Snapchat moments uniquely yours.

Building and maintaining streaks is exciting, but don’t let it become a burden. Remember, friendships are about connection, not just a number next to a fire emoji. Reach out to your friends with genuine snaps, meaningful chats, and be there for each other, even beyond the Snapchat world.

As you share snaps, stories, and moments on your terms, cherish the friendships you’ve built, old and new. Celebrate the laughter, the adventures, and the tiny gestures that make your connections special.

Now go forth, my Snap-happy friend! Until then, keep snapping, stay connected, and have a blast sharing your life’s moments on Snapchat. Happy Snapping, and see you in the digital realm!

By Isak

Founder of online guider blog (A guest posting website). I love reading, writing, and sharing my skills and knowledge all over the world using a modern digital platforms.

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