Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur History

manjarabad fort sakaleshpur

Welcome to Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur. Just a few KMs away from Sakleshpur taluk center in Hassan district. The fort is built on a hilltop on the Bangalore-Mangalore National Highway. Read the below article of Manjarabad fort history.

The fort is at an elevation of 988 m above sea level. The fort, which stands at 3393 feet and 252 stairs, is a “staircase” and “Giridurga” with a star-shaped unique technique. The protection of the fort was one of the most memorable monuments in the entire district, with the exception of the 1956 Archaeological Survey of India, which provided proper protection and recruitment of expert guides. This fort, with a unique dungeon technique, styled only 60 percent of the fortress, maintains a great deal of strength. The Tiger Sultan of Mysore probably records the construction of the fort in AD 1785 and stopped the day and completed in 1792 AD. The fort was originally built on an artificial hill named Manjabad Fort.

Manjarabad Fort Sakaleshpur History - Entrance view of Manjarabad fort
Manjarabad Fort Sakaleshpur History- Entrance view of Manjarabad fort

We see that the king’s monarchs have been conducting history throughout the history of securing a valuable fortune for securing the last protection when the enemy invades the capital. It is said that this Manjirabad Fort was a valuable fort of Tipu who made such a defense.

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Reasons for the Fort were built in the name of Manjarabad

  1. This place was a strategic place to stop the attacks of British, Nizam and Marathas.
  2. Hyderali and Tipu Sultan wanted to secure Mangalore Port as a naval base. During his reign, the port was still handover to British rulers. It was in the strategic area between Mangalore and Srirangapatna that the fort was built on the hill.
  3. In 1784, Tippu fought the British and became the medium of communication in the port of Mangalore. Tippu, who had often traveled to Mangalore, came from Belthangady and stayed at Bhalam (now Ihuru). He was aware of this place and decided to build a fort here.
  4. Tippu was mainly aesthetic. It looks like this is a place where you can see the imposing beauty of the castle, surrounded by a mesmerizing staircase and surrounded by a mirror. This fort was created in an octagonal shape. The fortresses of Jamalabad, Bangalore and Dindigul built by Tipu are not exactly the exact same point in the fort. There may be stubbornness, lush style, and octagonal decoration.

Sakleshpur to Manjarabad Fort Distance

If you are the first time visitor, welcome to sakleshpur and also called as Malenada Siri (A beautiful greenery). Manjarabad fort distance from Bangalore is around 230KMs on the way to Mangalore, located in between the BM road (NH 75).

Manjarabad Fort sakleshpur History - manjarabad fort location distance
Manjarabad Fort sakleshpur History – manjarabad fort location distance

How to reach Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur

  • Get down at sakleshpur bus station or railway station
  • Distance from sakleshpur to Manjarabad fort is around 10 kms.
  • Come out of the station, you will find Autos outside, go and ask Auto driver to take to Manjarabad Fort (Donigal stop)
  • Get down at Donigal stop, and the immediate left side you can find a way to Manjarabad Fort entrance.
  • There you have to climb around 250 steps to reach the fort.

Advice for Manjarabad Fort sakleshpur Visitors

  • Carry the drinking water, because you’ll be definitely tired after climbing the steps.
  • Please maintain the cleanness, don’t throw wastages. Keeping this place clean is essential to the visitors and they will continue maintaining.
  • Don’t stay after 6 pm, because there will be full of dark and no lights. It’s dangerous also guards will not let you stay after sunset.

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