Is Shared Hosting Plan Ideal for Beginners in Online Business

Is Shared Hosting Plan Ideal for Beginners in Online BusinessIs Shared Hosting Plan Ideal for Beginners in Online Business

Many businesses are transiting towards an online business. And in an online business just coming with a well-designed website having interactive themes will not solve the purpose. Even search engines must acknowledge your well-designed website. And this where domain and hosting provider MilesWeb offers them a reliable and highly-configured cheap web hosting service. Among their plenty of services, shared hosting is what we will talk about.

Their best shared hosting plans in India give online businesses a good boost in terms of their technical aspects. Now, the major question is what is web hosting and should beginners who have started their online venture must begin with shared hosting plans or not?If you have gone through shared hosting infrastructure, in this, the server resources are shared among different web hosting account users. So, will it help beginners’ online business or not? This blog will give you an answer.

Why MilesWeb shared hosting?

When web hosting users are looking for an affordable web hosting operations, MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans give them the freedom to host websites and applications at affordable prices. Their plans start at ₹50/mo. At this price, hosting users will get free SSL, hosting space for one website and many other features. If business owners are looking for more configurations in shared hosting. MilesWeb has Stellar plan costing ₹180/mo. In this plan you will get a hosting space to host unlimited websites, a free domain, free SSL certificate and other features. One of the common thing in all of their shared hosting plans are, they offer managed hosting service.

With the technical support beginners who started an online venture can easily scale their business without worrying about technical operations. MilesWeb will look after all technical aspects of the web hosting operations. The tech support from MilesWeb is available 24×7 via live chat and the email.

What About Dedicated Hosting Services?

Dedicated hosting services are although popular among different industry segments. But when it comes to cost-effective choice, dedicated servers are expensive. They are most helpful for large scale enterprises like trading, IT, logistics or others. The Dedicated server handles loads of mission-critical applications and workloads of an organization.

There are no other users who share the web server, so you will have to pay for the web server separately. Due to this, dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting. However, with shared hosting, numerous clients that use the same server split the server cost. MilesWeb along with shared hosting plans also offers dedicated hosting plans but keeping beginners’ requirement in mind, they offer shared hosting plans.

How new age online business owners can make most out of MilesWeb’s shared hosting? The answer is provided below.

Advantage of MilesWeb Shared Hosting


First time start-up owners are running their business on external funding. Thus, every penny investing matters to them. In such cases, MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans becomes a budget-friendly option. The pricing structure you can check out at their official site. Even the starting price is mentioned above in this blog.

Less resources required

There is no need to setup a server or hire an IT team manage it. Referring to the above information, MilesWeb looks after every technical aspect like website migration, monitoring server resources and others. Due to which business owners will be stress-free about managing IT operations. Also, there is no requirement to hire IT professionals on a regular payroll. In the plan price only this assistance feature is added.

Start-up owners with less technical capabilities will get a useful shared hosting plan where they easily scale online business and maximize its revenue.

Easy Website Setting

With every MilesWeb’s shared hosting plan, users get a control panel cPanel (For Linux shared hosting plans) and Plesk (For Windows shared hosting plans). Using these control panels makes the website management task, DNS setting and other activities easier.

You may host several domains

Make sure the domains you buy are linked to it before installing any of the many websites in your user directory. One person having distinct domains for their personal website, hobby blog, and business website is an example. For this, shared hosting is ideal.

Dynamic websites can be hosted there

Websites that are dynamically generated alter their look according to the viewer. Facebook, Quora, and Twitter are popular dynamic websites, and WordPress and Joomla! are dynamic content management systems (CMSs). Dynamic websites and CMSs use alternative programming languages like Perl, Python, or PHP, all of which may run on a shared server..

Key Takeaways

Shared hosting service is a good option that help several website owners to scale their online presence. Also, web hosting service providers like MilesWeb is offering appropriate solutions to all of the enterprises. Resources available on a shared server are useful for you and affordable because they are shared by multiple accounts. As a result of this, the speed and performance of the website might get affected.

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