A Feature and Performance Review

I have been practicing content creation for a long and text extraction from hand-written information, facts, and citations from journals or publications, captured quotes or captions collectively made my content unique and creative.

However, converting those papers into images was truly a labor-intensive task before I discovered

It is an incredible converter tool that can perform the time-consuming task of converting images into text within a single click and seconds.

The best thing about this AI tool is that it is completely free and remains available for my assistance 24/7. It offers many other benefits that I am going to discuss below in detail, so keep reading to get to know the real worth of this amazing picture to text converter.

What is is a free AI tool that can effortlessly convert images to text. It is proficient in recognizing hand-written notes, typed or scanned documents, and printed images into digital text within a single click.

The extracted text can be edited, shared, and reprinted. It has replaced the human effort of (typing or writing) text extraction from images.

The tool helps save user’s time, resources, and physical space that is required for storing paper documents.

Its versatility, affordability, and reliability make it an ideal platform for both professionals and non-professionals.

How work? | Its Distinguishing Features

A photo to text converter online utilizes the power of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text from images.

This AI tool features the most advanced and integrated OCR models guaranteeing its accuracy and efficiency in terms of text extraction.

Moreover, it has many other user-friendly features that make the process to copy text from images easier and simpler.

Extract Text from Images in Any Language

The presence of multilinguistic OCR models enables the tool to translate text from images in any language into the English language.

This feature makes it a 2-in-1 tool i.e. converter cum translator. It is also helpful in the quick translation of quotes, captions, menus, sales, etc. for travelers, Native English speakers, etc.

Process 5 Images per Entry

It is the most unique feature offered by the image to text converter (no other free tool offers 5 images per submission).

It helps users in bulk data extraction within the shortest time and compiles information from different images or sources in a single document.

Handle Small & Large Sized Images Efficiently

The tool’s capability to handle varying sizes to extract text images eliminates the need to resize the images to meet the standard size.

If you are uploading a single image, it should be less than 10MB and the collective size for 5 images should be less than 100MB.

Compatible with 4 Widely-Used Image Formats

The image to text converter supports four of the most commonly used image extensions i.e. PNG, JPG, GIF, and JPEG.

This feature is further for the ease of user as it prevents converting the pictures from one specific image format to another.

Simple-to-Use, Accessible 24/7, & An Untiring Free Assistant

What else that we writers ask for?

The photo to text converter online is the easiest-to-use AI tool that does not require any sign-up or other similar formalities to operate it.

Additionally, it is available to the user round the clock with an active internet connection and the best thing is that it never gets tired of converting images to text.

What are the Benefits of Image to Text Converter to the Professionals?

Unlike human help, the AI picture to text converter can copy text from images within a matter of seconds.

It has efficiently replaced the tiring task to copy text from images manually. This tool has proven beneficial, especially for professionals who deal with written information daily basis.

  • Content Marketers

Compiling, editing, and sharing public comments, reviews, feedback, etc.

  • Journalists

To prepare captions for online posts of public surveys, press releases, published magazines, interviews, etc.

  • Students & Researchers

For translating online and offline literature, hand-written assignments or notes, screenshots of e-lectures, etc.

  • Medical Employees

For easy editing and preserving diagnostic reports, doctor’s prescriptions, and patient records for the long term.

  • Lawyers

For converting and storing legal agreements, contracts, and confidential information into editable and shareable form i.e. digital text.


  • User-friendly
  • Free for unlimited usage
  • Support PNG, JPG, GIF, and JPEG formats
  • Accepts up to 5 images per submission
  • io Mobile App available
  • Scalable text extraction
  • Fastest alternative to manual text extraction
  • Multilingual images to text conversion
  • Diverse fonts and distracted text are recognizable
  • Safest storage of the data
  • The extracted text is easy to edit and share
  • Can extract text from graphs, charts, etc.


  • Not available offline
  • Doesn’t offer integration with online applications and browsers
  • It may not retain the image formatting

Wrap-Up is the perfect tool to convert images to text for free, in a single click, and at any time. The digital form of document, data, or information is rather easy to edit and share.

The tool’s versatility in terms of batch image processing, scalable text extraction, compatibility with all image formats, and multilinguistic image conversion makes it an ideal tool.

It is extremely beneficial in saving time, accessible to the user around the clock, and does not require any expertise to operate it. It does not save your data and, thus, provides complete security for your documents.

So, if you are a content marketer, journalist, student, educator, medical or law employee, etc., and looking for a reliable tool for image to text conversion, you can satisfactorily rely on this incredible tool.

By Isak

Founder of online guider blog (A guest posting website). I love reading, writing, and sharing my skills and knowledge all over the world using a modern digital platforms.

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