How to Make Your Business Standout from Competitors

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Today’s business market is incredibly competitive which makes it important for your business to stand out from the rest. To become a top-performing business, you must position your business as the top choice for your customers.

For customers to choose you, your business must grab their attention, and, for most businesses, this is where the challenge lies. A quick search for goods or services online will yield hundreds of results, so how can you make your business stand out from competitors?

When you master the basic branding strategies, it makes it easy to win over and retain new customers. Each of the following factors has helped big brands build their identities and command their share of the market.

Effective Tips on How to Grow a Small Business

Customer Service

Up to 75% of customers judge a business’s competence based on its customer service. Remarkable customer service will generate loyal customers even if you are not in the service industry.

Consider big businesses such as Amazon, their customer service sets them apart from the competition. Prompt responses and quick service will set your business apart from similar businesses and put you ahead of the competition.

Provide Solutions to Your Target Market

One of the best ways to serve your customers is by providing solutions to their problems. Map out the challenges that your customers are facing and solve them to stand out from the competition.

For instance, more people are moving away from animal-based products. By providing a nutritious and tasty alternative, you can help your customers achieve their health goals and solve their diet challenges.


To connect with your target audience, you must have a website. A website makes you visible and easy to access for customers in your area. Most businesses in operation today use websites to help them stand out.

A mobile-friendly website gives your customers an excellent experience allowing them to visit your business and get familiar with you virtually.

Mobile-friendly websites also rank higher on Google increasing your visibility. Keeping in mind that up to 60% of website visits are through mobile devices, so it is critical that your business site is mobile-friendly.

Additionally, your website should be easy to navigate. Use a clean, organized design and have separate pages for each product or service. An important point to note is that up to 50% of users will leave your website if it does not load quickly. Keep it speedy to ensure you do not lose any customers.


Honesty is always the best policy. If you cannot deliver products or services by a certain date, let your customers know. Lying to your customers makes them lose faith in you and may even have a negative impact on your business as they spread negative reviews.

Even if you have bad news for your customers, always respond quickly and offer solutions. Owning up to your mistakes also helps you build stronger relationships with customers and may even help you get more buyers.

Find Your Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point sets you apart from the competition. It differentiates you from your competitors, plays up your strengths, and helps customers understand why they should choose your goods or services.

If you do not know your unique selling point, consider talking to your customers to find out why they patronize your business. Your selling point can also be used to elicit an enticing slogan for your marketing campaign.

Big brands such as KitKat or CocaCola have unique slogans that are easy to recognize and help customers recognize their unique selling point.


A branding strategy is a worthwhile investment for your business. Most businesses with consistent brand messaging stand out from the competition and resonate with their target audience.

Investing in a brand strategy also helps you save time and money on hiring new talent and creating new content. If your customers can see the imagery when your business is mentioned or hear your distinct sound, you have successfully set yourself apart from other businesses.

Most mind-melting business branding strategies speak to the customers and leverage the business’ unique selling point. A good branding strategy also makes your business likable and helps your team stay aligned with your original goals and point of difference compared to similar businesses.

Invest in Local SEO

Search engine optimization makes your website easy to find. Use specific keywords that customers looking for the goods or services you offer would search to make your business stand out.

Benefits of Business Listing Online

Although local SEO consists of multiple components which might be costly for most small businesses, it can help you rank above your competition on most search pages improving your visibility and engagement. You can read for more on What to Include in a Business Listing.

Highlight Positive Reviews

Up to 90% of new customers will look at, and believe, online reviews when they are looking for specific goods or services. Some customers might even trust online reviews more than they do personal recommendations.

Customer reviews tend to be unique and no business can take away lived customer experience from your business. Consider asking your customers to leave a review and highlight the positive on your website and other online adverts.

Find the sites where your customers leave reviews such as Google My Business and Yelp to see your reviews.

Ensure you respond to all reviews whether positive or negative and address the customers’ concerns. Offer solutions, refunds, or replacements where necessary to win over both reviewers and potential customers.

Make Your Business Stand Out

Many businesses are facing unlimited competition as the world shifts to provide digital solutions at the touch of a button. There are new businesses established every day offering similar if not exact services.

So how exactly do you make your business stand out?

For many businesses, it can seem daunting, but with the right strategy, you can set yourself apart from the competition and make customers think of you every time the goods or services you offer are mentioned.

With this list, you can create an advantage and offer a unique experience to each of your customers while leveraging technology to distinguish and grow your market to reach more people.

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