How Serach Engine Works with Social Media

Top and Best Social Media Websites for Marketing ChannelsTop and Best Social Media Websites for Marketing Channels

We may have noticed that in Serach Engine Result Page (SERP), Social website results. Eg: Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and many more. so if we want better search engine results for business, we must have look at social media activities.

Best Practices to Use

  1. Publish high quality content on social media websites, It will help to Search Engines to get rank in Search Engine Result Page(SERP).
  2. use the keyword optimization and link building method on your published content on social media sites.
  3. Make social sharing easy to visitors, so that you can spread the information across all over the world.
  4. Sharing on top social sites like Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and StumbleUpon will generate strong back links.
  5. This used 2 things: One is using the right keywords in your Title and Generating Inbound links from Social Media websites, it gives more value

Some general use of social websites

  1. Photographer: Flicker & Tumbler
  2. Journalist : Twitter &Youtube
  3. Recruiter : Linkedin
  4. Musician : Myspace, Bandcamp & Sound cloud
  5. Local Small Business : Just dial, Ask laila, Yelp, Foursquare etc.
  6. Social Media sites : Wikipedia, Squidoo, Facebook etc..

Advantages of Social Media sites

  1. Social Media websites will increase your website popularity
  2. It changed the way of connecting to people, discover and share the information
  3. Your Alexa ranks may get improved
  4. Brand & Promote your business as well as products
  5. the social media interface as a free source of advertising that has been proven to be very effective and cost efficient.
  6. customers will enjoy the unique ability to instantly contact your company.
  7. Customers are always be in touch & gets updates.

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