Dos and Don’ts to Guide Your SEO Campaigns

By Isak Mar 18, 2020 #SEO
Dos and Don'ts to Guide Your SEO CampaignsDos and Don'ts to Guide Your SEO Campaigns

Earlier, the most common method used in SEO to hype your website’s traffic and ranking on the search engine results is by tricking the system. Usually, old sites were used as repositories for links and keywords than helpful online destinations. With time SEO has undergone a makeover. Now, SEO is not out of reach of anybody. It is a standardized form of techniques used to strengthen a site in the eyes of the search engines. Therefore, when you search something on search engines, you are not entirely working on the internet but surfing the data that have been indexed on these search engine.

Nowadays, businesses realize the potential of SEO to generate revenue by increasing traffic and visibility across target audiences. Thus, steep increases in the investment of SEO campaigns are seen, especially by companies that have a higher stake in expanding their online presence. However, a lot of people don’t know exactly what protocols to follow to get the most out of it.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind

What you should do?

  • Bank on Backlinks:

The foremost thing while doing outreach campaign planning is to prepare a list of influencers who can contribute content for the site. The primary purpose of doing this is to become an influencer so that other companies can take benefit from your website to earn a reputation. It will help you to increase backlinks, which in return, help your website to climb faster on the top of search engine results.

  • Develop creative content using long-tale keywords

Creative content is what takes makes your website engaging and unique. Google algorithm also appreciates the website with unique and relevant content and makes it crawl faster on the search engine. Instead of stacking up your content with keywords, use an extensive SEO strategy, and write about relevant content.

  • Main focus should be featured snippets

The highlighted content on the top of the search engine results is referred to as featured snippets. It provides users with the gist of information requested by them. The primary focus, while planning the SEO strategy is to develop webpages with components that will help the website earn featured snippets.

  • Follow Barnacle SEO approach

If you have just started your online business, your SEO strategy must focus on the Barnacle SEO approach for the first three months. It is the best approach to get your business to rank higher on SERPs. Under this approach, high ranking websites are leveraged to drive the online presence for your website and generate brand equity.

What you shouldn’t?

  • Don’t make links in bulk

Building thousands of links for your website might look enticing to you; instead, they are harmful to your website ranking. Google algorithm no longer prefers and rewards sites with hefty backlinks. They prefer the quality and relevancy of the generated backlinks instead of quantity.

  • Avoid posting duplicate content and keyword stuffing

The quality and uniqueness of the content on your website play an important role in boosting your ranking. The issue with duplicate content is that Google doesn’t prefer to see the same article on ten different websites nor interested in a glut of keywords in your content. Thus, make sure to post relevant and unique content with proper keyword density. In order to check the uniqueness and apt keyword density of the content, there are numerous free SEO tools that you can use.

  • Encourage guest posting solely for the sake of SEO

A few years ago, the head of Google declared guest-posting as dead because people use to do it a lot and end up being in the web spam division. It is not your end game; it is just a tool to drive traffic on your page. If you do guest posting on the relevant and high-quality website, then only it will be going to work for you.

  • Don’t use spam tricks

Spam tricks like using black hat SEO techniques are easily identified by Google either manually or through an algorithm. Your website’s ranking will increase only by ethical means nit by spam tricks including:

  1. Duplicate Content: Copying content from other sites on the web.
  2. Invisible text: Using the same color of the text as the background to make it inconspicuous.
  3. Doorway pages: Creating pages solely for linking your own website, and that is generally of low-quality.

In Final Words: The best way to avoid Google penalties is to follow ethical SEO practices and to stay up to date about the Google algorithm. These dos and don’ts will ensure you get the best chance of ranking for your top keywords.

By Isak

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