Campaign Structure in Google AdWords

By Isak Feb 18, 2016 #Digital Marketing

Google campaign Structure is a best practice of the Google Adwords. Which will help us to set up the Campaigns based on the targeted business and products.

Google AdWords is structured into 3 layers: Account, Aampaigns, Ad groups.

  1. Google Account: Account is associated with a unique email id, password, and billing information(Bank Account details).
  2. Campaigns: To set up the budget for each campaign in your account and settings(location, Language, Area, Age, and Gender wise etc.)
  3. Ad groups: Each ad group within the campaign contains a set of similar ads and keywords that you want to trigger your ads to show.
Campaign Structure in Google AdWords
Limitations of Google AdWords account:
  1. Maximum 10,000 campaigns can be created in one account (includes active and paused campaigns)
  2. Maximum 20,000 ad groups can be created per campaign
  3. 10,000 keywords can be added in a ad group
  4. 50 keywords per ads
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