5 Ways to Join the WordPress Community

WordPress is known to be an exceptional and highly-active platform as we all know about it. People these days find helping ways from different support forums to get in touch with the WordPress community and also in WordPress development. What comes as a con about this particular platform is that it somehow lacks face-to-face interaction with its members but now luckily, there are WordPress communities that give a chance to interested individuals to gather in person at WordPress events.

5 Ways to Join the WordPress Community
5 Ways to Join the WordPress Community

During these WordPress events, members of each community answer support forum questions and respond respectively and host “hackathons”. Moreover, they also give presentations about WordPress-related subjects. New users can also have an advantage from WordPress events as they provide learning and guidelines from experienced developers, designers, and bloggers, etc. From best WordPress hosting Pakistan to international hosting providers, almost everyone can become part of this vast community.

Today, we are providing five ways to join the WordPress community, you can get most out of this information to help yourself in tagging along with this particular community which is open for all skilled users.

1-) Becoming part of WordPress community Meetup:

WordPress organizes a local meetup and they can be easily searched through the WordPress.org chapter account. By selecting groups, you can see nearby meetups. Enter your city in the search bar and there you will see all the upcoming events sponsored by the local chapter. There, you will find an event page, you can join the page group. Finding meetup is an easy task through a location or you can find according to your interest in certain categories of gatherings.

2-) Organizing a WordPress event by yourself:

If you are not able to find WordPress community groups or meetups nearby then you can create your own. All you will require is to fill the Meetup interest form, it will be analyzed by deputies. Upon approval of your request, you can add members and host events.

As part of the organization of the event, your meetup will be based on planning the event’s activities, searching and booking a venue. Also, scheduling, attending and managing the event on Meetup.com.

3-) Taking participation in Local Word Camp:

If you are interested then you can initiate steps of searching out a Word Camp. The easy way is, to begin with, a simple search through WordCamp Central’s listings of the upcoming conferences. You can find the nearby conference, and navigate to its blog. There you will find more information and you can then purchase tickets. Word Camps also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to. You will be able to attend different Word camp conference sessions and can be part of additional events if you want to.

4-) Become a WordPress event Volunteer:

As you know that WordCamp is organized by local organizers and each of them has distinctive value. Most offer opportunities to volunteer. You can sign-up through specific WordCamp’s blog. As a volunteer you have to handle tasks like set up, registering attendees and taking care of food and beverage stations. Helping in such events will provide you thorough involvement and you will get to know a lot about your local WordPress community.

5-) Joining WordCamp as a speaker:

Just like a volunteer can join WordCamp, there is an option to join as a speaker. If you have presentational skills then you can provide information to the other members on a variety of topics. It can be anything from a general topic to advanced development techniques. WordCamps gives the opportunity for speakers to sign-up and then proceed to the vetting process. If you are interested in becoming WordCamp’s speaker then you must share knowledge only. Keep this mind that It’s not about heaving for any service or products.

Through these mentioned ways you can introduce yourself in the WordPress community and also become part of it.