5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Henna Art Skills

By Isak Feb 5, 2022 #Art #Fashion #Makeup Tutorials

Henna artists applied the henna paste on the skin by using plastic cone and stick. Within few minutes, the past will begin to start dry and fade. It’s important to keep this area moist with lemon and white sugar paste for the better result. You have to apply this moist on the henna paste once your henna paste starts to begin dry. This process is messy and sticky so henna artists have used some bandages or clothes to steal the body natural moisture. You can increase your henna tattoo lifespan by using some oil like mustered oil, olive oil and coconut oil on it.

Here are the 6 things; you can use it to improve your henna design.

1. Use Good Henna Paste

It’s important to use a good henna paste or purchase a henna cone from the reputed henna artist. Make sure the artist makes their own henna past. Apart from that, you can also learn from artists how to make the henna paste. You can also purchase a henna power from the credible henna store to make own paste. After making this, you need to store it in the freezer for the better result.

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2. Practice the Basics

You have to start practice drills on daily basis. Lines are the first step in henna design; Try to create perfect lines by moving your hands at different speed. These will help you to know how to create thin and dark lines on your hands. Apart from that, you have got an idea how to create a line without breaking it. Make sure, the henna cone tip is not touching the surface of the skin.

You can try to practice some simple design like a row of lines, circles, shapes and triangles. Shapes and lines are the simple building blocks to design a henna tattoo on your skin.

Most of peoples think that they will get master quickly but the really is it will takes years to develop a new skill. Practice is the key; make you a good henna artist.

3. Copy Henna Design

Once you are expert to makes line and shapes in henna design then you can start with some pattern to copy. You can find this design by online search. Copying other works is not a bad thing when you are learning stage. You can copy these work in fantastic way to learn at first.

Apart from that, don’t forget to give the credit to the design when you post the work on the social media to avoid any types of controversy.

4. Find Peoples to learn from

Learning by your self is not an easy thing for us. It’s very challenging and time consuming for us. Start your journey with the community of henna artists who can make your henna artist journey easy. There are various wonderful groups of henna artist on the internet. By using this group you can learn new design and post your work and know their opinions. As a result, many of the expert henna artists shared their opinion regarding their work and you can start working on it.

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It’s not a big issue if you can afford any henna artist training centre. There are various artists on the YouTube who have share informative tutorial regarding henna art.

5. Develop your own style

Once you are expert in henna design then you can start with your own style. Copying is a great way to learn but it’s the right time to create your own style to put what you have learned into practice. It’s time to do research and create some create some designs that inspired you.


Copying is a great way to learn new henna design. So its find some great design on the internet that inspire you to make your own. No one make a professional henna article quickly. There are number of year’s hard work behind it.

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