Know How These 7 Chrome Extensions are the Best Find Ever

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A good chrome extension has a single objective: to make the user’s internet experience a lot better!  You can find unlimited numbers of google chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store. These aim to improve their chrome experience in limitless ways. The only drawback you might experience is a lack of exploration as you might never get to know the benefits of chrome extensions not being used by you. Chrome extensions can reorganize your email inbox and filter out websites with inappropriate content on them. Read on to learn more about some of the best chrome extensions that you might need.

1. Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Chrome extension
Save to Google Chrome extension

It is a basic Google Drive chrome extension that does exactly what it says. You can put files for later viewing with the help of this extension. You can save images, audio, and videos along with capturing screenshots. It works well for individuals who wish to transfer things between their devices for better convenience. It is a quick tool and adds a lot of simplicity to an individual’s life.

2. Sortd

Sortd chrome extension is an organization extension that helps you integrate Gmail inbox with itself after installation and permits the users to drag and drop the messages into columns that are generally custom made. In addition, Sortd lets you take notes and maintain a to-do list that helps you remember things. These can be kept in the sidebar.

3. Honey

Honey chrome extension is a highly popular and most reviewed chrome extension out there. It is extremely simple and fast. It helps you find coupons while making an online purchase to get some discount on your bill. It lets you discover the best deals, and you can save lot of money by using it.

4. Download Manager

This download manager extension lets you download all types of audio-visual files in one place. In addition, it lets you organize your downloads neatly and conveniently. It also places a list of all downloads in a dropdown menu that is highly accessible and is placed at the upper right corner of the browser window.

5. Dalton Colourblind Extension

Individuals who suffer from colour blindness can easily use this chrome extension to operate the websites without any troubles. It has a simple menu with different options to cater to the needs of distinct types of colour blindness. Users can select from these options and use them to view the website so that it becomes readable.

6. Speedtest

Speedtest helps you check your internet connection before you try to stream a video or download a large attachment file. It performs several fast connection tests to determine the strengths of the signals and the network you use. It also gives answers to some questions put up by you.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is a useful chrome extension that has a wide array of applications. It helps in the correction of grammatical errors and fixes all the unintended typos. It corrects all mistakes in one go and suggests better synonyms too. The extension is great for those who wish to work in the content domain to avoid making mistakes.


Chrome extensions surely make your life better and simpler. There are so many of them that work efficiently so that you can have a better chrome experience. These have been designed to reduce some of the unwanted stress the internet gives us regarding organizations and installation. You can use the above-mentioned chrome extensions to get better results and be more productive.

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