Die-Cut Boxes: Master Piece of Technology

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Die-Cut Boxes Master Piece of TechnologyDie-Cut Boxes Master Piece of Technology

<![CDATA[When we enter any store, there are products of numerous varieties and brands, and all of these products are packed inside unique boxes known as the Die-Cut Boxes. After the quality of the product, it is the packaging that attracts the customer the most. A die-cut box is a highly customised corrugated cardboard that can fit any size or shape. They are called die-cut boxes because a machine known as the die-cut machine is used to cut the flat sheets of corrugated substance into various types. Corrugated material, a paper with a hard texture, often layers of which are combined to make a container. The die-cut machine cut these sheets into numerous shapes and designs.

Die-cut boxes are first designed by engineers or the design specialist, and then the die-press begins its work on the cardboard. After preparation, these boxes can be further customized by adding unique graphics that may include unique designs, brand logo, or warnings.

What is die-cut?

The die-cut process is a popular technique for the manufacturing of die-cut boxes. The die-cut is a machine that uses the latest laser technology to cut soft materials like cardboard into numerous designs and shapes. The real ability of a die-cut machine is considered when custom boxes are required. It is most cost-effective to create any kind of custom packaging.

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Die-cut process; preparation of die-cut boxes

  • What is a die-cutter?

A die-cutter is a giant cutter that is pressed over any soft material to produce the desired shape of the packaging. Its origin goes back to the shoemaking industry and has been modified at several stages finally attaining its present structure. It can cut any design, shape, or style virtually. The custom packaging is obtained by using the steel die-cut machine. There are numerous replaceable cutters inside this die-cut which allow us to obtain different types of designs. The cutter is of the following types

  • Through cutting

It cuts through the packaging material.

  • Scoring

It leaves an impression of cut on the cardboard instead of cutting entirely through it.

  • Creasing

It creates a fold line on the cardboard boxes. It allows the inward bending which is necessarily needed at the edges. Having two stress point consequently allows for more flexibility.

  • Perforating

It can create any kind of holes inside the cardboard material, mostly a detachable design.

  • Cutting

The die-cut cutting parts are provided with the foam material of the same shape. For cutting, the die is pressed over the corrugated material resulting in a cut-out shape. The cut-out will lead to the formation of several lines, folding, and cutting designs.

Digital die-cutting; corrugated boxes

Advancement in technology has led to the modification of the die-cut method. Although the traditional method is the same and being frequently used the modern die-cut machine allows the cutting without using any knives. The automatic machinery is used to cut through the laser. This I the same die-cutting technique that is used in the preparation of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Types of die-cut boxes

  • Mailer boxes

This one-piece box has a self-locking lid to open and close it several times. These boxes are preferred for the packaging of retail products. Customized inserts can be introduced inside them to place more than one product.

  • Suitcase die-cut box

You might have an idea from its name, the box arrives with a suitcase-like handle. These boxes are considered Superior for conventions, trade shows and can add a unique taste to the product. For promotional products, these die-cut boxes are preferred.

  • Tote boxes

Tote cardboard boxes are made of cardboard sheets, having a snap lock bottom, and does not need any seal or tape for closing. They provide an outlet for trade shows and promotions.

  • Ballot boxes

These boxes are used in the malls and plazas for suggestion purposes. These boxes have a drop slot in the front of them so that the customers can submit their contest entries per the complaints etc. Same boxes are used in the election for voting including the other varieties like bin boxes and gift boxes etc.

Top features of die-cut boxes

  • Uniformity

You might have noticed that no matter what is the shape of your die-cut cardboard box, it still retains the uniform shape and design. Thanks to modern technology, perfection becomes a part of these boxes, either they are square in shape or rectangular.

  • Speed

Unlike their unique appearance, the manufacturing of these boxes is not time-consuming, as almost all of the work is done by machinery. It does not take too long to join the pieces together to obtain an entire container.

  • Cost

These boxes are not expensive, and won’t cost you much either you are a buyer or manufacturer. You can attire this business as a good start of your career. Just one piece of machinery is at work, so the set up for their production is inexpensive. So, it would save your money but in return will bring huge benefits.

  • Recyclable

These boxes are recyclable, the material is nature friendly so you can reuse it more than one time. You can renew the old boxes, and what can be better than utilizing the waste junk.

  • No extra’s

Often it happens that you have to put extra glue or tape on your box to keep your thing secure. But the die-cut boxes don’t need one as they have their tabs and slots that will keep it close, a reason why they are preferred for shipping.

  • Professional carrier

Die-Cut Boxes are used for both internal and external shipping, due to their professional outlook and ability to secure goods. These boxes are affordable and provide an easier way of transferring the product to your customer.

Uses of die-cut boxes

Retail products and other items are packed in highly customized boxes that require high efficiency. These boxes can be of any shape, design, or color. Even the most delicate items can be packed inside them.

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