An essential SEO Scan for websites

By Isak May 1, 2020 #SEO
An essential SEO Scan for websitesAn essential SEO Scan for websites

Does your website not provide you with the visitors – and conversions – you expected? Then perform an extensive website scan. When you perform an SEO scan, you will find all the information you need about the find ability of the website. You can also discover how to attract more organic traffic to your website. In this article, we tell you how to do this yourself!

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

With Google Analytics you can do a website analysis to see how much traffic you have on your website. You can also see how long a visitor stays on the website. You can set up Google Search Console for specific details or goals. For example, you can see how many broken links there are on the website and how many crawl errors there are.

Robots & Sitemaps

Checking the robots.txt file indicates which pages should be crawled. If you also share a sitemap with Google, the search engine will be informed more quickly about the changes to the website. This is better for Google rankings.

Google Search Console

Often enough it happens that a visitor ends up on a page that no longer exists, a 404-page. This can result in a drop in visitors. In every website check, therefore, you should check for broken links or errors on the pages of your website.

Google Page Speed

A visitor naturally likes it when your website loads quickly. Especially now that mobile users have the upper hand. With Google Pagespeed you can see how fast the website loads and what steps you should undertake to make the website faster. The Google Pagespeed check helps with this.

Keyword Analysis

To get more visitors, it is useful to carry out good keyword research. This can be done, for example, by typing keywords in Google. Google immediately shows suggestions on keywords with high search volume.

Scan Your Website

Perform a website check with the above programs. You will find that a thorough SEO check, contribute to your website being quickly and easily found.

By Isak

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