10+ Best Document Scanner Apps for your iPhone

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As we live in a busy digital world, we are constantly on the go. The ability to scan papers with our mobile devices makes printed documents much more accessible in today’s society. We can use our tablets or cell phones to scan important papers with the help of scanner apps. Depending on the application you’re using, the scanned material will be converted to a PDF or another type of file that may be shared or stored in the cloud drives to make your daily work easier.

You can share corporate documents, store receipts for reports, archive personal documents, and much more with the help of scanner apps. Children may scan homework handouts using the same scanner apps that you use for individuals and businesses, giving them easy access to these documents wherever they go.

Having a scanner app removes the need for a large, cumbersome scanner in your business, even if you are not on the go and are at home. Hence, finding the ideal scanner app for your needs (both personal and professional) may take some effort, given the abundance of options available. So, we are here to assist you. After exploring several scanner apps for your iPhone, we’ve put together a list of our top picks.

Let’s get started!

What are the features of good scanner apps for your iPhone?

A good scanner app helps to make your scanning experience smooth and better. If you get to install a not-so-good scanner app on your phone, you may face hassles and produce nothing. So, you can avoid this situation by considering the given features before downloading the one:


One can have some private documents to scan, so it should be handled with privacy. If any personal document is breached, it can be troubling. So, you should always choose document-scanning apps for your iPhone that provide proper privacy and security.

Customer Support

Whether you choose the pro, free, or trial version, the app should provide solid customer service support. If you get stuck in understanding any feature, the platform should provide proper assistance from their support team on a priority basis. How fast any team can solve the user’s issue decides the level of service that the app provides.

Processing Speed

There are many scanner apps available in the market that take a lot of time to scan any document. Also, it can take more time to convert files from one format to another. So, choose wisely and consider this feature for sure, otherwise, you have to wait for a long time while you scan.

Easy-to-use Interface

No matter how many features an app has, its interface is complex and not customer-friendly. Before selecting the scanner app for your iPhone, make sure it has easy navigation and enough interaction.

User Reviews

In this busy digital world, no one has time to try and use every app available in the market. Hence, user reviews and the popularity of the app play a crucial role in helping you choose the best. You can consider the given two factors before deciding:

  • User ratings and reviews on the app store or any authenticated site.
  • Number of downloads.

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Try to go through their feedback section and new features in the latest updated version of the application. Now, you must be well aware of the features that you should consider in the best scanner apps for your iPhone. To sort it more for you, here is our list of the best document portable scanners.

The Best Document Scanner Apps for Your iPhone

As there are numerous options available for document scanner apps for your iPhone, we have tried to gather the best ones. The options have many easy-to-use features to let you easily scan your documents. So, here are the available options!

Apple Notes

If you use an iPhone, you likely use Apple Notes. It is an in-built mobile scanning app that is used to note down essential information on your phone. It produces incredibly good OCR and automatically saves all the scanned documents to iCloud. So that you can access those files from multiple devices.

If you want to scan only business cards, lunch bills, or any homework assignment, the Notes app is enough. One main thing to learn here is that it can only export PDFs and raw text. It cannot export searchable PDFs.

Potential features of Apple Notes

  • It lets you secure sensitive data in a locked note.
  • You can recognize texts in documents.
  • Easily save the scanned documents as PDFs.
  • You can even set passwords to protect the documents.

Adobe Scan

Another option for one of the best scanner apps for your iPhone is Adobe Scan. It is an excellent software for scanning papers, business cards, and receipts rapidly. Additionally, the application swiftly transforms the scanned items into an editable text format.

Identifying and capturing papers for automatic scanning is one of the app’s best features. The document is scanned, and Adobe Scan creates a PDF file from it. You can use optical character recognition, share the file with others, and save it to the cloud.

Potential features of Adobe Scan

  • You can modify your scanner document in a better way with cropping, readjusting colors or size, etc.
  • It has advanced photo processing technology to automatically detect border areas, sharpen scanned paper, recognize text, etc.
  • It lets you scan multiple pages at once and save them in one file.
  • You can easily add comments and sign the scanned documents if you open them in Acrobat Reader.

Cam Scanner

Another app, Cam Scanner is a perfect option if you are looking for an all-in-one scanner app to convert your mobile into a powerful portable scanner. It automatically recognizes the text and enhances productivity, thus saving time.

It is a good option for organizing and digitizing all types of documents. CamScanner can give you high-quality results with accurate scanning, that’s why the platform is a very popular one too.

Potential features of Cam Scanner

  • The app lets you scan anything you want, like, receipts, paper notes, contracts, books, etc.
  • It lets you keep the confidentiality of the documents with passwords.
  • The platform supports multiple file formats including PDF, JPG, DOC, TXT, XLS, XLSX, PPTX, etc.
  • The app offers specific modes for passports, ID cards, and QR cards for convenience.
  • You can even optimize the scans with filters and noise reduction.
  • Multiple members can share and comment on one file simultaneously.

Microsoft Office Lens

The next option is a reliable scanner app developed by Microsoft to convert scanned images and documents instantly. Microsoft Office Lens automatically converts scanned documents into editable, legible, and searchable text files.

With this app, you can convert handwritten documents into legibly typed files or documents which eliminates the need to type out notes. You can easily integrate it with other apps and software making it more powerful.

Potential features of Microsoft Office Lens

  • It lets you scan and convert image documents into PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
  • You can optimize the scanned files.
  • You can save the scanned files onto cloud storage or devices, like OneNote, OneDrive, or your local device. So, you can keep them organized and synchronized.
  • You can easily scan different files, like documents, notes, whiteboards, receipts, blackboards, business, handwritten notes, and much more.

Swift Scan

SwiftScan is marketed as a quick and simple method for producing high-quality scans for iPads, and iPhones. The software’s makers claim that it can make “hundreds of decisions to capture the document perfectly.”

It lets you scan documents, receipts, drawings, whiteboards, business cards, labels, QR codes, and barcodes. As you can scan various business documents, it eliminates the need to have a professional scanner to save money for your business. After scanning a file, you may select from different color settings to ensure that it looks ideal.

Potential features of Swift Scan

  • Scanned documents can be optimized and cropped using tools automatically captured at a resolution of 200 dpi or higher.
  • It keeps your privacy intact as it has no involvement with third-party apps.
  • You can instantly auto-upload the scanned documents to Evernote, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • It works well with PDFs, like, signing, rearranging the pages, or highlighting the major points.
  • It supports OCR technology to recognize texts in scanned documents.

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Scanner Pro

The next option among one of the best scanner apps for your iPhone is Scanner Pro which lets you access all the basic scanning features. You can scan and store high-quality documents in JPG or PDF format using this scanner app.

You can use your smartphone to scan single receipts, multi-page papers, and other physical papers. Every document that is scanned is transformed which allows for simple text searches.

Potential features of Scanner Pro

  • You can smartly organize your scanned documents in multiple folders.
  • You can easily edit your PDF scans whether you have to do comments, drawings, or highlighting. You can easily convert the scanned documents into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • It supports OCR technology to transform your scans into full-text speech
  • It has support for over 25 languages.
  • You can easily share your scanned files as it has support for third-party applications.
  • You can automatically export files to major cloud storage, like iCloud, Google Drive, OneNote, WebDAV, etc. So that you can access them anytime.

Quick Scan

Another all-in-one app for document scanning on iPhone is QuickScan. Using the iPhone camera, you can scan documents, or you can import previously created PDFs or photos into the app.

Additionally, the QuickScan supports several other languages in addition to English, including German, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, etc. The fact that you may save the entire scanned document as an image, PDF, or text file, or just the identified text, is good. The text is embedded into the produced PDF, making it searchable. After that, you can search inside the PDF, pick text, and copy and paste.

Potential features of Quick Scan

  • It has automatic angle detection to scan new documents or import the previous ones to edit.
  • QuickScan seamlessly integrates with iPhones and iPads.
  • The app text recognition capabilities with OCR technology. So that you can make PDF documents searchable by integrating text recognition.
  • It can automatically export scanned documents to cloud locations, like WebDAV, iCloud, Dropbox, NextCloud, etc. Once you export it, you can delete it from your device.
  • It lets you export the scanned files as an image or recognized text in a .txt file.
  • It has advanced PDF editing capabilities, like, filters, image rotation, cropping, etc.

Genius Scan

With so many capabilities at its disposal, Genius Scan also seems like a decent option. The platform provides immediate access to high-quality scanned documents by eliminating shadows and adjusting distortion. Consequently, adjusting the cropping or filter tools to achieve the desired effects is not necessary.

The batch scanning feature can be quite useful when handling large amounts of documents. It can expedite the scanning of documents without sacrificing clarity.

Potential features of Genius Scan

  • You can scan files in various file formats.
  • It has OCR features to edit PDF text.
  • You can share scanned documents on cloud storage.
  • The app supports automatic image enhancement.
  • It has a good security feature to securely save and encrypt documents.


The next option is a versatile scanner app that merges the scanning experience with many cloud storage services. With this app, you can securely scan and save any document in your favorite cloud storage service. It lets you easily create high-quality images of your physical documents.

Once you download and install the Scanbot, you can scan any document in offline mode. This also eliminates the chances of data breaching as you are not connected to the network and any third party can’t access the files.

Potential features of Scanbot

  • Scanbot automatically helps to detect the edge of the documents making it easy to get a clean scan.
  • It supports OCR technology to edit and search the text in your scanned documents.
  • It is well integrated with various cloud services, like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • You can scan and combine multiple pages of a document and make them a PDF.

JotNot Scanner

With the help of the robust app JotNot Scanner, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into one of the most feature-rich document scanners available for iOS devices. This cutting-edge application lets you easily scan business cards, papers, receipts, and images.

Using the camera on your device, it takes pictures that are then turned into crisp PDF files that can be saved, sent by email, or shared to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.

Potential features of JotNot Scanner

  • It lets you easily scan multiple documents and make them one PDF.
  • JotNot Scanner automatically detects the edges of a file and crops images as you require.
  • It has features like brightness, sharpness, and contrast to enhance the quality of the image.
  • You can give a name to every document to search for them easily later on.
  • You can even lock the app with passwords, or face IDs.


Last but not least option on our list of best document scanner apps for your iPhone is Prizmo. It is another versatile and feature-rich scanner app option that lets you manage workflow easily and from anywhere. It has features to edit scans with advanced OCR techniques to search for anything in PDF. You can get all this in a single app and that too with a very interactive user interface.

However, keeping in mind that it sometimes recognizes the scanned content as the incorrect text. This is a common issue that is diagnosed with other scanner apps too. Prizmo lets you Save time with batch editing. Also, it has the latest accessibility features, like, an open dyslexic reading font, dynamic type, or voiceover optimization.

Potential features of Prizmo

  • Prizmo has authentic on-device OCR available in over 28 languages and top-quality cloud OCR in 139 languages.
  • You can export files into multiple formats, like, searchable PDF, word files, TXT, PNG, JPEG, etc.
  • You can get good quality scans upto 300+ DPI that too with auto-shoot and innovative stabilization.
  • You can get your document scanned in just three clicks: Scan the paper, crop it up, and text-recognize it to a multiple-page PDF format.
  • You can do annotations with Apple Pencil and sign or fill out forms.
  • It has PDF editing capabilities, like, auto-rotation, cleanup mode, cropping, sharpening edges, and borders. You can keep the original image non-destructive.

Sum Up

That’s all for now! The aforementioned scanner apps for your iPhone are sufficient for one to choose the best app that appeals to you the most. If all you need is a basic document scanning tool, choose the freemium or built-in options. However, going with the fully-featured choices would be the best option if professional-quality scanning is your goal. So, you can go for Pro versions if your budget allows. Learn about pdf to jpg converter tools.

As you all know iPhone devices have remarkable camera capabilities, so they may have many advantages when it comes to handling documents. With that in mind, choose any scanning app and make your smartphone a portable scanner! So, which app do you prefer for scanning documents? Comment down below with your thoughts.

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