Why Waterfront Gourmet Has the Best Wedding Catering in Philadelphia

So…you just can’t wait to get married, but you’re not having the best time planning your wedding. The fact is, there’s just so much to do, from selecting the venue to creating a registry and sending out invitations; and it all has you very stressed out. Then there’s the food to worry about. You just don’t know what you are going to serve your guests. You know that there are plenty of picky eaters to be found among your friends, and you also know lots of vegans and vegetarians. So just how are you going to satisfy everyone’s food cravings? It’s just something else to worry about, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop worrying about the food if you select wedding catering from Waterfront Gourmet. Our extensive catering menu includes just the sort of treats and eats that are perfect for a casual indoor or outdoor wedding.

What’s On the Menu?

The question really should be what isn’t on the menu because we have just about everything. Want to serve a tasty collection of gourmet sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and subs? We’ve got them and we load them high with premium meats and cheeses, crispy, fresh veggies, and a schmear of spicy mayo or mustard. There’s plenty here for the heartiest of appetites. You know the type that goes for rich, thick meaty sandwiches. Well, they’ll adore these. But we won’t leave your veggie loving friends and guests out. We have tons of vegetarian and vegan options on our menu, too. These are the sandwiches that are crafted especially for vegetarians – this is not a swap out the meat for extra spinach or cheese type of thing. Instead, these are veggie combos that even your most devoted meat-eating friends will want to try. The point is, with Waterfront Gourmet, every guest will be full and happy with our menu, even those who are into lighter fare.

That’s where Waterfront Gourmet’s assortment of appetizer trays comes in to meet the demands of the picky eaters. We load these platters with their favorite snacks and treats. They’ll keep coming back to our hummus tray, which comes with tomato, cucumber, and piles of delicious grilled pita. They’ll adore our veggie trays with dip, and love our chips and dips that come with crunchy tortilla chips and a choice of guac or salsa. Those who like sweets will love our seasonal fruit trays. Then there are our baked desserts. No one can say no to cupcakes, cakes, chocolate dipped pretzels, brownies, and cookies. So why don’t you say yes to Waterfront Gourmet’s wedding catering? And say yes to stress-free wedding planning (or at the very least, less stressful wedding planning).

Why Waterfront Gourmet Has the Best Wedding Catering in Philadelphia
Why Waterfront Gourmet Has the Best Wedding Catering in Philadelphia

We know that you still have lots to do, so let us take care of the food. You can be assured that when you choose Waterfront Gourmet for all your wedding catering needs, you’ll have the freshest, heartiest, and tastiest menu ever and we will do free delivery to your event, too.

Want to know what else is on the menu? Then come check us out at Waterfrontgourmet.com to explore our wedding catering options and selection. When you’re ready to get started, just contact the Waterfront Gourmet nearest your event. We have four locations – University City, Roberts Center, Dilworth Plaza, and Penn’s Landing – so there’s likely a Waterfront Gourmet nearby. Visit us online or stop into one of our area locations today to find out more. We’ll fix you something totally delicious and help you start planning your event menu. We just can’t wait to see you, so come on by and say hi!

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