When It Is Time to Buy Carbide Drills, Take A Look at Online Carbide

For years, machine shops have purchased their products from local tool distributors. Many are unaware that they are paying a distributor markup of up to 40% for the products they use every day. Online Carbide saves your shop money by manufacturing their products in the USA and selling them direct to the customer.

If your machine shop will Buy Carbide Drills in the future, the purchasing agent needs to know about the quality and value Online Carbide brings to the table. As a manufacturer of carbide drills, Online Carbide knows what every customer wants but not every customer gets – true value.

True Value Starts Right Here at Home
We have standards which we feel are the highest in the industry for our tools. You can buy cheaper, lower quality products from offshore companies in China or India, but more often than not, the tools don’t have the quality of engineering and quality of materials that we expect here in America. The really hard part of the process is determining who actually made the tool and what components the tool is composed of itself.

Check Out Our Product Line-up for Yourself
We offer:

• Center Drills
• Spot Drills
• Stub Drills
• Jobber Drills
• End Mills for Aluminum
• 6FL End Mills
• Chamfer Mills
• Drill Mills
• Full Form Thread Mills
• Angle Pitch Thread Mills
• Standard End Mills
• Variable End Mills

Top quality carbide cutting tools offered at manufacturer direct pricing. Buy carbide drills with confidence. All products are made in the USA using premium 10% cobalt micrograin material on our CNC grinders. Why pay more for a brand name? Our tools are as good or better at much lower prices. Combine items to lower shipping cost.

Free shipping is offered on orders over $250.
At Online Carbide We Make It Right
All of the metallurgical components that go into our Carbide Drills are carefully checked and tested to insure you’re receiving the right materials in the correct amounts to produce the longest lasting drills on the market today. We use premium 10% cobalt micrograin material on our CNC grinders which results in a better, harder edge that lasts longer and reducing machine tooling time costs.

By using the best materials and the best production methods, we can insure our customers aren’t going to be disappointed in our quality or longevity on the machine. Regardless of the application, CNC, drill, end drill, lathe, or any other machine, we know you’ll find the quality that you expect from a well-engineered machine tool.

Made in the USA Doesn’t Mean Higher Prices, Just Better Quality
Because we are able to sell direct to the customers from our manufacturing facility, we know we are saving all the middleman markups tool distributors have to build in to their pricing schedules. Machine shops and production plants can purchase great products at reasonable prices. The larger the order, the better the discount. And orders over $250 are shipped free!

In today’s world, it’s important to get the biggest bang you can get for your buck. Online Carbide makes sure you do exactly that, over and over again. With delivery right to your receiving door, you can’t get much better than that. We know what our customers want and expect and we work everyday to meet and exceed those expectations.

Find us Online

Take a look at our website, www.onlinecarbide.com, and you’ll find everything you need to run your machining operations properly and with confidence. Poor tools make for poor machine performance and no one wants to throw away a production run because one of the tools wasn’t 100%. We make sure this won’t happen by providing the same high quality all of our competitors claim, but don’t produce.

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