What is it like to live in Fife Keith a Tourist Place?

What are the points of it?

  • Overall very friendly people
  • Beautiful area
  • Very cheap supermarkets
  • Many forests
  • Giant homes
  • Free outdoor gym
  • Lots of water nearby
  • Part of the castle in Fife Keith
  • Many famous parts of History in relationship to this town
  • Chivas Regal operate here
  • Wild Raspberry

The people in this town are some of the friendliest people were ever met they will less always smile at you and you ask how are you or start a chat with you an expression they use  a lot is “Fine enough” instead of saying” I am fine ” they say that a lot of the time. The crime in this town is more less zero overall.

The area has much nature beautiful it’s basically like being in a town full of forests surrounded by it you can see trees most places and a lot of houses own a mini forest and have very fancy greats often as well. Has a very beautiful waterfall area in Fife Keith which is something many people would pay giant money to live near it. Have sheep from New Zealand in very pretty part of Grass on Jessiman street which is very nice breed to see and instead of saying baba they say mama for us the first tried we heard it made us very integrated by it.

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All the supermarkets here sell  things very cheap all the time they reduce everything less 24/7 so you never run out of bargains and it’s of very good quality things not the case of always cheap rubbish or anything like that staff in these places overall very sweet and helpful  you could by moving here say 90% of  your shopping bill  since they take the prices down by a giant amount all the time such as it’s possible to buy food for £0.05 a male which should not be possible in this day and age with inflation always going up overall.

You will see often here very big trees at least 20 foot a lot of the time with some reaching roughly 60 foot many of these trees being gown for at least 100 years in this place so if you love to see trees this is a perfect location for this and even oo trees always nearby many people in this kind of place burn trees to put into their wood burner fires which is very common in Keith overall.

The great outdoor Gym has a good range of equipment which includes the exercise bike, air walker,2 situp machines, 2 lifting up machines, Spinning machine for working arms and since less always quiet no wait to use the fitness stuff so good way to stay fit without paying £30 or more on a gym membership.

The area is full of water so you can go into rolling boat whether want or go in for a swim which is quite common here.

The Castle was built roughly 1700 centry and was last used in the Jacabite movement and is the very impressive design which you should see at least once and went back to it often overall.

A famous Jacobite battle was won here which was a part of where a lot of the Jacabites came and also it has world famous whiskey distillery which people come from all around the world to see it all the time more less and has the only Tartan Workshop in Scotland.

The Wild Raspberrys growth in many parts of the Fife Keith area near the Public railway you will find roughly half a mile worth of berrys at summer time or warmer times and they are the tastiest raspberys any of are team ever tried.