Types of Campaigns in Search Engines

Campaign type is most important for advertising your products or offer in Search Engines. It is like a goal where we target the business goals based on the benefits of your marketing and advertising strategy.
Types of Campaigns in Search Engines

First select the Campaigns types which suit for your goals. The Campaign type determines where clients will have the capacity to see your advertisements, yet you make this more particular by focusing on your promotions.

There are 6 different Campaign types include:

  1. Search Network with Display Select (Best Opportunity to reach the most customers)
  2. Search Network only (Google Search and search partners)
  3. Display Network only (Google’s network of partner websites)
  4. Shopping (Best way to create your Product Listing Ads)
  5. Video (Video Ads on Youtube and across the web)
  6. Universal App Campaign (Promote you App across Search, Display and You Tube)
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