Top 11 Significant Signs your Air Conditioner Needs Instant Repair

Does your air conditioner make bizarre sounds that you have never heard before? Or does it sprinkle water or a nasty smell from its main unit? Well, these are clear signs that something is wrong with your Air conditioner.

Don’t worry; every electronic device you own may malfunction at one or another time. All you can do is notice these unusual signs when you turn it on. This will help you and the specialist pinpoint the problem to resolve them quickly.

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Here, in this comprehensive article, we have listed out all the common signs that prove your air conditioner is in need of immediate repair. So, let’s get started!

11 Signs That Point towards Immediate AC repair

  1.   Faulty AC Thermostat

The thermostat plays a crucial role in the normal functioning of your AC. It is like the brain of your appliance since it communicates with the air conditioning system and regulates the room’s temperature. In simple words, it tells the system about the amount of cold air needed by the room to get the desired temperature.

If your AC unit does not start or stop after working for a few minutes without maintaining the pre-defined temperature, then there is a high chance that the thermostat is not working properly. You should call a professional to look into the issue and conduct repairs or replacements. Never resolve the issue yourself, as you unknowingly can further damage your appliance.

  1.   Foul smell

A bad odor or strange smell can also indicate a problem with your AC. Several reasons can cause bad smells to come out of your AC. Your appliance may be running on a dirty filter, or there may be some burned wires in the unit.

It is advised to call a professional to take a look into your unit and perform the required repairs to resolve the issue.

  1.   Noisy AC unit

If you hear buzzing, banding or clicking sounds coming out of your AC unit; then there is a chance that something is not working properly in your appliance. Never ignore these strange sounds, as the issue can aggravate and completely damage your device.

Different sounds have different meanings, which can be caused due to various reasons. Clicking or banging sounds can signify different issues like signal loss, unbalanced fan blades in the outdoor unit, damaged filters, etc. Hissing sounds refer to your unit’s faulty expansion valve or damaged air duct.

So, there can be several things that can be wrong with your unit. It is best to call professionals so that they can conduct a proper inspection of the whole unit and perform all the repairs and replacements.

  1.   Dripping water

Water dripping out of the main unit is also a major sign that your AC unit is malfunctioning. There are several reasons that can lead to a dripping water issue with your device. However, two common problems, a damaged or blocked drain pipe, and a refrigerant leak can cause this issue. Let us discuss them in detail.

  •         Blocked or Damaged Drain Pipe

You can inspect the drain pipe yourself and see the flow of draining water. Over time, dirt, debris, and sludge can form in the drain pipe and obstruct the flow of draining water. This can create a backflow of water in the main unit, leading to the issue.

You can clean the drain pipe with a running water stream. However, if you don’t have any experience, you can call a professional to take care of the issue.

If the drain pipe is kinked or damaged, it’s time to call an AC professional to replace it.

  •         Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is a critical issue and must be addressed immediately. These refrigerants are poisonous and can lead to health issues if inhaled in large amounts. So, call a professional for total inspection and repairs of your appliance.

  1.   Short Cycling

If your AC goes on and off after a short period of time every now and then, then it goes through short cycling. It can cause your appliance to malfunction. It can occur in any season but is more prevalent in the summer.

There are a number of reasons that can lead to short cycling, like damaged or blocked air filters, a faulty compressor, refrigerant leaks, a malfunctioning thermostat, etc. You should call a professional immediately rather than looking for a solution to the issue yourself. Short cycling can further damage the unit and even increase your electricity bill if ignored.

  1.   Reduced Air Flow

Reduced airflow from your main AC unit is another sign that your appliance needs proper inspection and repairs. The issue can arise due to dirty air filters. You can clean the air filters yourself. However, if the issue still persists, then your unit may have a faulty compressor.

The compressor cools the air and circulates it back to the main unit. A malfunctioning one can restrict the airflow and reduce your space’s cooling. Call a professional team to investigate the issue and conduct repairs and replacements. Read for more on air cooling tips at home.

  1.   Warm Air

If your main AC unit is throwing warm air, then something is wrong with it. The main cause of this issue is a refrigerant leak. Over time, the refrigerant level can decrease, which can cause this issue. Otherwise, the pipework can develop small pinholes, which can cause leakage and decrease the level.

If you experience warm air out of your AC unit, then pick up your phone, call the service provider, and book a service request for your appliance.

  1.   Vibrating Component Or Main Unit

If you witness any component of your AC vibrating or rattling, your appliance may have some electrical or mechanical issue. In this case, switch off the power of your unit and call a professional to look into the matter. Never try to investigate the issue yourself, as it can lead to some unfortunate accidents.

  1.   High electricity bill

If there is a sudden spike in your electricity bill than the previous season, then there is a high chance that your unit needs proper care and repairs. The high consumption can occur due to various reasons like a malfunctioning thermostat, faulty compressor, or short cycling. If you have an old AC unit, then this issue is an indicator to look for a new one.

  1. Frequent repairs

If your unit requires constant repair and you need to call the service provider to check for the errors regularly, then it is high time to upgrade your AC. This will save you a lot of time and money. Moreover, it will reduce the hassle of future repairs.

  1. No change in humidity levels

If you have an AC unit installed in your room and still experiencing no change in the humidity levels, then your device is not working properly. There can be several reasons that can cause this issue. So, call your service provider to book a service request to investigate the issue and take care of all the repairs.

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The Bottom Line

By now, you must have got knowledge about all the major signs and symptoms that indicate your AC unit needs quick servicing. Everyone should get their air conditioner service done once a year. You must get any such unusual signs detected and fixed at that time too. This will increase the longevity of your air conditioner.

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