Top 10 Work from Home Jobs

There has always been a stigma around online jobs, untrue beliefs about how they don’t pay enough, or that it’s too much work with little to no perks. However, the pandemic forced most of us into taking online jobs for safety reasons, making us disregard our previous issues. Now, however, the time has finally come for everyone to return to working a 9-5 job, and yet, many don’t want to return to what was their life before COVID. Life was too comfortable at home, getting all the things we would when physically going but still having the comfort of our own houses, and the few extra minutes in bed due to no travel time.

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Top 10 online jobs

To help all of those out there who have decided that life in lockdown, was indeed, much better, here is a list of the top 10 online jobs from home that pay well and don’t require you to leave the safety and relaxing setting of your home. 

1) Online Writer

For anyone out there who has always had a way with words- this one is for you. This job offers a range of options, each varying in stipend and what it asks of you. You can take a full-time job with a newspaper/blog, or a company, or you can freelance and write articles, or you can even start a blog. Writers are as free as one can be and still be working, they can join companies in any field varying from marketing, to academia, and even cooking. Anything you wish to write about, you can be paid for it. Among writers, though, technical writers and digital marketing writers are the jobs that will get you the highest salary. This job is also great for those who already have jobs and simply want something to work for on the side. 

2) Social Media Manager

Due to the pandemic, the world today is practically functioning on social media, especially with the gen-z. This is good because it means that you get paid for scrolling through your social media platforms. This job entails knowing the latest trends, no matter how quickly they change, and knowing the audience that is mostly on these social platforms, i.e. gen-z. Their responsibilities would include things like creating posts and adding fun and attractive captions. Companies and websites hire these individuals to enhance their public image, and to increase their following on apps like Twitter and Instagram, allowing them to advertise and reach more potential customers. 

3) Translator

If you are fluent in two languages, you can get easy money from this job. This job pays well enough, and it requires barely any work. Western businesses, Indian businesses, Authors, etc. are the kind of clientele you will be attracting. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork hold offers for such jobs so you can start today!

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4) Virtual Assistant

This job is as similar as it gets to offline work without actually having to go outside. Duties would include the same as any other offline assistant, except from home. You would have to answer emails and handle calendars, and even social media accounts. 

5) Programmer

This is a job that has heavily increased in demand in the past few years. If you are someone who knows any computer language or is willing to spend the time and money on taking courses and learning it, you can make a relatively high salary. This programmer job gives you the freedom of working on small projects and freelancing or even working full time for a company as a coder. Online markets and websites have a huge demand for workers with this skill set. 

6) Graphic Designer

With so many people working from home and the pandemic forcing everyone inside, digital art is in high demand. This job would entail designing and creating artwork like logos, etc. for companies that deal in marketing, and even in gaming. Companies are willing to pay big money for an appropriately designed logo for their brand. 

7) Consultant

If you are someone who has a degree in a certain field, you can now use it. So many people out there are looking for professionals to help them out. This job would require simply explaining and answering any questions asked of them by their client, all within what they have already studied in college or university. Reach for SEO Consultant here. 

8) Online Tutor

Taking online courses is something that people have been doing ever since it became an option, however, the business certainly grew to new heights during the pandemic. Depending on how well you remember the things you learned during your academic years, you can hold private classes for clients, and even get hired by learning websites like Udemy and BYJU’S to make courses for students all across the country. 

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9) Video Game Tester

Competition in the virtual entertaining industry has always been high, but it has reached new heights with kids being forced inside their houses, and many data analysts predict that it is here to stay. Each year companies in this field produce new games, and they hire individuals to test and play them so that they can analyze and predict how well the video game might do if it’s released in the market. The job would entail playing the game for some time, and then writing reviews about what they like or dislike. This job is easy to do, and dare I say, the most fun out of all the ones listed here. 

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10) Call-Center Representative

If you are available to answer calls 24/7 then this job is the best pick for you. It simply asks for you to pick up when a customer calls, and answer any questions they ask. Don’t worry, the company hiring you should brief you on everything you need to know. All this job requires is a good network connection, a PC, and software linked to the company hiring you which they should help you with. 

Most of the above-mentioned jobs require minimum effort and skillset and pay well too. If you are willing to spend some time learning the trade before getting into a job, you are going to thrive in the online job world. Happy working!