The Famous Brexit and trade with India

Critical decisions to be taken for a fruitful trade relation

One can easily understand the strong ties India and UK have in the trade side and otherwise. Brexit is just a matter of time and still much has to be done. With many other countries India is among a very important trade partner and there has to be a very precise agreement to keep things the way they are and even better.

Still many things are to be considered for reaching a final word where both sides are contended and the right decision is made. Cargo to India has demanded the increase in quota of Indian citizens entering the UK, which is already very high.

The Prime Minister Theresa May is still not agreeing to the clause as according to her this provision is by now is enough. The post Brexit conditions are uncertain but for making things remain on the right path and maintain the free trade relations, there has to be flexibility on both sides. UK is under a lot of pressure to keep up the trade around the world and as being an important trader it has to be very careful for what line it takes for the upcoming.

 What are the alternatives?

As Theresa May was not at ease with the demand from India, she has however given access to Great Club to the high worthy citizens of India. This system allows for the faster processing of visa and immigration services to give more facility. This may be to compensate what was earlier rejected.

Critical decisions to be taken for a fruitful trade relation
Critical decisions to be taken for a fruitful trade relation

India is an important country for world trade and for now Britain has to pay heavy tariffs for exporting due to failure in free trade deal between India and EU. But it should not be mistaken that UK is not important. India relies on UK for entrance in EU. What will be the end agreement is still unknown.

 Where India stands in the matter?

Once it was Britain that was in hold of the land, but now India is no more in this position any more. It is now independent in most of its sector and if it is a good destination of business then it equally competes in the world for its respectable position.

Exports from India are of high quality and of elevated demand making this land very important from many aspects. So any deal with India cannot take place until unless there is a proper and agreeable aspect in it from both the side. You are doing business with an equally capable country which is not going to agree on anything bluntly. Give and take will do the job best.

Effect of Brexit

Critics have mixed point of view for how leaving EU of UK will affect trade between UK and India. Some are optimistic of increase in goods exchange between the two. While some think UK will be in loss after Brexit.

But what matters is how these two regions behave towards this change. There has to be some flexibility, some compromise from both the sides which can help to reach a final line.