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Top 5 Career Options For Car Lovers

People passionate about automobiles are in luck because they have a great chance of finding a career that will make them happy and offer financial stability as well. It is a growing industry that is not showing any signs of slowing down which means that it has a lot of career opportunities to offer.

Whether you are interested in the engineering of the automobiles or their design or their features or any other aspect of the cars you will be able to find a career option and become part of the industry you are passionate about. Before you decide to take MOT classes in UK you need to figure out what career path you want to take.

Here are some of the best career options available to car lovers.


If you are interested in the working of the car and the parts that are present under the hood then becoming a mechanic is an excellent career option. The mechanics get to take a look at the engine and other parts of the car, identify the problems and find solutions. When you become a mechanic you have a variety of job options. You can start working with a dealership service center, municipal garage, and local garage and if you want then you can open up your garage after getting some experience.

A restorer:

If you like paying attention to the details and are highly interested in the design of the cars then becoming a restorer is a good career choice for you. When you are restorer you will get to work with new and old car models. Restoring car to their former glory is a satisfying process.


If you love cars and are interested in the design of cars and have plenty of ideas about better designs then become a designer is a great choice of career. You can use your creativity and precise drawing skills to create a working prototype. By becoming a designer you can make a huge impact on the future designs of the vehicles.

Car salesperson:

Becoming a car salesperson is a good career option. There are so many car dealerships where you can find a good job. You can choose a dealership that sells your favorite brand and you will surround yourself with the best and newest models. You can help people in finding a good car. You can also use your passion and knowledge of the automotive industry to help people in finding the parts they need. If you have a business degree then you can also manage a store or open up your own.

Automotive journalist:

You can use your passion and knowledge of the automotive industry and become a journalist. The journalists get to share their knowledge and expert opinion with other people. As an automotive journalist, you get to research the automobiles, keep up with industry trends, and write about the latest automobile technology and the newest cars. As an automotive journalist, you will also get a chance to become a part of exciting events and interview important people of the industry.

What Are The Special Things That Take Audi Q7 Out Of The park

Want to be reliable and superlative? Follow the footsteps of Audi Q7

No, it is not about just transportation as it was. I am not like early day’scars who were used just as a conveyance, it is technology age and I am facing as much challenging situations and competition as every human does. Being superlative among all updated and strong rival is not a piece of cake. You have no idea how hard it is to be best.

How I maintain my place in top auto motives from past many years is a long story. But here I am telling you my all those specs and features with whom my manufacturer made me a master piece.

Introduction of Audi Q7

Well, let me introduce you myself first. It is Audi Q7, I am a SUV and ruled on automobile world from November 2005, because of Quattro four wheel drive system I was named Q. When someone is looking for a powerful vehicle with classy interior along with lavish looks the first thing comes in their mind is SUV and when they start looking for the best in SUV’s, all of them are stuck on a four ring badge which I have on my forehead.

Where the badge of these four rings is a symbol of standard and comfort, their I feel it like a crown for myself. My manufacturer Audi is one of the most reliable and trustworthy make of automobile world who have an impressive value of its name in the world of automobile and introduces many quality engines from past many years.

Do you think it is an easy job to maintain someone’s name in competitive market and meet their expectations like they want, not only this but also to provide quality and standard for your consumer as well? If you think it is, than you are wrong because it is not that much easy as it is sounds like.

My engines are my real strength

It has been up to 12 years since I have been serving my worthy users, what make me that much strong and reliable are nothing but my loyal engines. From November 2005 till today’s date, my make updated me with quality petrol and diesel engines with a variety of potentials.

I had 3.6 FSI (VR6) and 4.2 FSI (V8) petrol engines who were proficientenough to make respectively 280 and 350 horsepower along with the standard of 320 pound-foot of torque. And when it comes to the diesel engine I am still matchless. I had and have 3.0, 4.2 and 6.0 litre turbocharged direct injection diesel engines.

In 3.0 litre Q7 TDI diesel engine I serve my riders with 230 and 237 horsepower along with 269 and 406 pound-foot of torque. But with 4.2 and 6.0 litre TDI diesel engine you can enjoy the pleasure of 322, 493 horsepower with 561and 738 pound-foot of torque respectively.

These powerful pieces of metals always like metallic wings for me. Without them I was not able to fly not only on roads but also towards the peak of fame and success.

One, looking for safety and reliability should come to me

Powerful engines with standard quality horsepower and torque are not enough to compete updated rivals. It is time to compete them on every ground of rivalry. In reliability with easiness in drive along with in all safety features as well as in infotainment segments.

I proudly claim to be the best among all my competitors because of my all quality features. In 2015 I got five stars from Euro NCAP and the Insurance Institute for Highway safety gave me Top Safety Pick award in 2017 and the highest rating of good in five individual crash tests.

I always prefer my driver’s self over mine and safety & security of my consumers means a lot for me which is why I am loaded with many quality safety features for security and peace of mind of my rider including a night vision camera with which I am able to sense walkers and all other hurdles to help inavoid hitting them, an active lane keep assistance also available; which automatically lead me back in my lane if I drifts out and a front ward crash warning system who works up to speeds of 52 mph and scans the road ahead for other automobiles and hikers wandering on my track. If this system senses a collision is about to happen, it will apply the brakes automatically.

There is not even a single thing with which my rider feels unsafe with me.

I Audi Q7 is an alternative meaning of comfort and luxury

For being a SUV, it is my responsibility to be comfortable, easy to drive and should provide a luxurious feel to my rider by my interior. Not saying big words but the quality of performance and lavish interior I offer to my driver along with awesome road grip and smooth drive is really second to none. I am not going to tell you all other premium specs of mine, if you want to know more about myself, come and get me. I will show you the rest of my quality features and awesome on and off the road performance.

Fiat 500x Gets a Face Lift and New Fiat 500 engines

The new 500X is a refined and tweaked crossover with new Fiat engines and renovated interior

Fiat has finally decided to renovate its 500X model after several years of getting out of the news. Now finally the crossover returned to the news with new looks across the model. It has the new interior, loaded with a number of new technologies, the body has been tweaked to give the model a facelift and under the bonnet, it has major changes, where the engine compartment was modified with new engines. This ageing crossover has now become a versatile model again it is expected that the vehicle would appeal the buyers in the UK and Europe. The vehicle has been turned into a new age Fiat with the instigation of new Fiat engines across the range. Previous models of the 500X were not that rich in modern technology but this time Fiat has not only tweaked the interior of the vehicle for extreme comfort but at the same time the Italian automaker has loaded the interior with connected technologies of the modern era where the gadgets like Apple CarPlay have been added to the gadgets list. So there would be refreshed and refined looks and new technologies would be available inside and outside.

What’s new in the 500X?

It has already been confirmed that the changes have been made to the Fiat 500X body, engine compartment, and interior. However, the changes have been split across two trims of the 500X model where Urban and Cross trims have separate changes. Both models have tried to mirror the 500L sibling on the power and styling but at the same time, Cross trim gains a stronger and faux rugged body with aluminium alike skid plates at the front of the vehicle. It comes with beefy bumpers and alloy wheels of different designs and shapes. The cross trim has also its class-leading version called Cross Plus which is even muscular with new engine options and tops the range of the 500X models.

On the other hand, meanwhile the Cross trim has more body tweaks, the Urban trim also receives new bumpers to give the model a dashing look from the front and at the same time the rear end has also been tweaked to bring the model up to date. New daytime running LED lights have been given on the model, however, the rear LED lights cluster has been offered as standard on the entire range. However, the Cross models have the LED lights as a standard feature.

Interior design changes

The interior has almost the same design as it was in the previous models but there are a number of tweaks have been offered to give it a fresh look. The new interior has a redesigned instrument clusters with new features and even more advanced technologies and gadgets. Both trims Cross and Urban have been fitted with new steering wheels with some controls on the steering wheel. The interior has been powered by a redesigned switchgear to improve the intuition of the driving environment inside the vehicle. There is no doubt that overall technology has been improved greatly. All the 500X trims have been introduced with new in-dash infotainment system where traffic lights recognition system, lane keep assistance and mapping has been offered as standard. However, other features like the blind spot detection system, an autonomous emergency braking system and adaptive cruise control system have been offered as optional features across the new 500X model lineup. Fiat has given a full-time attention to the car connectivity systems this time and boosted up their old outdated features in this car. There is a seven-inch infotainment console display with touch controls and it includes the Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto connectivity systems as standard across the model lineup. For the navigation features, a tom-tom navigation can be used through Fiat UConnect system.

Fiat 500X Engines

The Fiat 500X models have received the new range of engines of Fiat Chrysler group. These same engines have been added to the Jeep Grandee vehicles and kicking the massive power and performance at the same time. The old generation 1.6 litre naturally aspirated engines were capable of generating 108 bhp but the new engines are able of generating 118bhp from their 1.0 litre three-cylinder setup. Further mated to the six-speed transmissions with the dual clutch system. Only petrol engines have been offered for now. The all-new Fiat 500X prices are starting from £16,995 for a base Urban model equipped with the 1.6-litre petrol engine. However, the models with 1.0-litre engines are starting from 18k GBP in the UK.

Characteristics Which Influence Ford to Travel

Vehicles are a sort of basic piece of our lives now a days. Mediums of transportation changes with the progression of time, in early days it was very straightforward yet now individuals need quality highlights like capable motors, extravagant inside, tasteful looks alongside most recent contraptions and infotainment frameworks also.Discovering every one of these characteristics under one rooftop was very hard until the point when Ford propelled Transit. A passage isn’t an obscure name in the car world. Since 1903 Ford has delivered numerous superlative models and perfect work of art yet Transit made an awesome effect among all.

Influence Ford to Travel

Influence Ford to Travel

Portage Transit, a superlative lightweight business vehicle

Regardless of you need a vehicle for individual utilize or for your business, all you need is quality execution. In 1995 Ford propelled Tourneo which was later named Transit and due to its pragmatic utilization, spacious lodge for a towing and stacking ability.Passage Transit wound up famous in a matter of seconds and from that time till now Transit is doubtlessly the most respected and acknowledged family and payload van. In view of Transit’s total worth, in 2016 Ford got the third blockbuster grant for offering up to eight million units of Transit.

How down to earth is Ford Transit?

In present days, everybody needs a vehicle which not only simple to drive but rather offers quality inside alongside effective motor and ought to be pragmatic to use also. Which is the reason Ford Transit is offered with two wheelbases of 130 and 148 inches and accessible in three different sizes with general 130˝wheelbase alongside 126˝ load floor, 148˝ wheelbase which has 143.7˝ load floor and a broadened length of 148˝ wheelbase which gives you 172.2˝ of load floor.Office of twofold side sliding entryways is just offered in medium and high rooftop models with a capacity of eight, ten, twelve and fifteen seats for voyagers. Passage Transit has now introduced three modified body classes and trims of Passenger wagon XLT, Passenger wagon XL and Cargo van with various rooftop statures. There is a low 83˝, medium 100˝ and high top of 110˝.

Assortment of motors Ford offers in Transit

Passage dependably tries to encourage you well with its quality and profitability. By inside and assortment in body lengths, as well as Ford, offers you a scope of motors also in Transit. You can choose any of them according to your necessity and request your business as every one of them has eight-speed programmed transmission frameworks.Either than essential programmed coordinate infusion 2.5L port infused motor with which you can have 170 drive and 150 pound-foot torque you can get 3 other capable motors. Portage offers you 3.2L I-5 control stroke turbo diesel engine motor which gives 185 drive with 350 pound-foot torque and accommodation for cargo stacking and carriage administrations. The second choice is 3.5L EcoBoost V6 coordinate infusion and turbo charging motor which offers 310 drive and gives an astounding torque of 410 pound-foot. Mix of turbo charger and direct fuel infusion truly makes great amount of torque.What’s more, to wrap things up you can have 3.7L TI-VCT V6 motor in Ford Transit which conveys quality execution with 275 strength and 260 pound-foot torque.

Other quality highlights of Ford Transit

Wellbeing and security, extravagance and comfort, temperate and simple to drive, if these aren’t your requests under a rooftop than what else you need? Open lodge and agreeable seats with vast leg and head rooms, 4.5 inch manualand standard infotainment screen, 6.5 touch infotainment screen with Transit Ford SYNC 2 route framework, load space lights, raise focus armrests, day night rearview reflect, settled back and manual vented third line windows, manual tilt and extending controlling, front &rear delineate and removable third column seat situates alongside most recent speedometer are few from extraordinary highlights which Ford offers in Transit.

How sheltered is Ford Transit?

Travel isn’t only an agreeable and rich van however it additionally is one of the most secure vehicles also. With antilock braking, solidness control framework and driver and traveller thorax air packs Ford Transit get 4 stars for the secure frontal crash and 5 stars in secure side impact tests from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.