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8 Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s

The ’20s are the best and prime time in your life. You are free of responsibilities, no job, no kids, and no commitments. The world is your oyster, and you have got that adrenaline rush in you to party around. You practically live to party and live a life of no regrets. Choosing a party destination with so many options to choose from can be tricky. But we have got the best beach destinations covered for you. So, here are the eight beaches curated, especially for the party animal in you, in your 20s.

1. Palolem Beach Goa

Goa is a popular party destination. It’s chilled out, and the party vibe welcomes people from all parts of the world. The region has dense greenery, long stretches of coast and beaches. One beach that you must visit is the Palolem beach, which is famous for its traditional way of life, unmatched activities, and relaxed vibe. Go canoeing or trekking and get your pulse rates high. If you are in your 20’s, then visit this place for the wild trance parties that they host every year.

2. Bondi Beach Sydney

December is one of the best times to visit Sydney for holidays and other occasions. Bondi Beach is famous for its long stretch of fine sand and beautiful waves, which makes it an iconic destination. This beach has public showers where you can wash off the sand after a lovely swim. Take a stroll along the beach early morning and have breakfast at one of the cafes. Along with the cafes, this beach has many huts, trees, and organized events like fireworks and music festivals that will make your evening happening.

3. Kutu Beach Bali

If you are a lover of surfing, then Bali is the place to visit. Bali is a beautiful and economic tropical island. Kuttu beach is a center of attraction for party lovers in Bali. You will experience a stunning culinary adventure, the world-class food scene like no other. They have many surfing camps, which makes it perfect for beginners too for practicing. Party lovers will enjoy the parties on this beach as they go the whole night. This place also offers a variety of clubs to hang around based on your budget.

4. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Beach Greece

Mykonos Beach Greece

This cosmopolitan island, Greece, is a paradise for college students and families. Mykonos is the main attraction in Greece due to its glamorous parties. Enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset at the beach from the historic windmill dating back to the 16th century. Enjoy your drinks with your friends, chilling on the lounge chairs, and make the most of your 20s.

5. Koh Phangan Thailand

Koh Phangan is the fifth most significant island in Thailand spread over a 167sqkm vast area. This beach is famous for its excellent parties with people from all around the world dancing to the tune. Party under a full moon night with people painted in neon paints makes this beach party livelier than the rest. Make memories and click amazing pictures of the fire dancers that grace these parties, along with incredible drinks. Test your taste buds by trying out the satisfying Thai food and other incredible cuisines available around the beach. You can also try your culinary skills by learning to cook Thai food.

6. Miami Beach Florida

Miami beach

Miami beach

Miami Beach is all about white sand, serene blue water, coastal resorts, and crazy parties. Stay at one of its vintage hotels, and you will find the most exquisite dining, spas, and nightlife experience at the Miami Beach. Miami beach’s nightlife is full of DJ’s playing their electro-music and people partying nonstop. The unique designs of some exclusive clubs also attract people in their 20s.

7. Cornwall, England

Cornwall beach England

Cornwall beach England

Cornwall beach is one of the best beaches in England. It is famous for its uniques events like surfing festival and music festival that happens every year in August for five days. You will get to see surfers and skaters compete during this festival with loud music playing in the background played by the best DJs. This place is a full-on party atmosphere with drinks, rides, and food served in the event.

8. San Juan Del Sur Nicaraguan

Nicaraguan is a charming fishing village and a magnet for sunbathers and surfers. Visit the Sam Juan Del Sur beach for its horse riding, yoga retreats, and hiking activities along with your overnight parties. There are many surf clubs where you can get an expert instructor if you are a beginner at surfing. Have fun while learning to catch a wave with other surfers making it a thrilling experience altogether. The night clubs and beachfront bars keep this place high at night. For making the most out of the beach love, join the dirt biking activity around the beach. The parties, with music and cheap drinks, make this one of the coolest destinations for someone in their 20s.


The mentioned places are the eight best beaches in the world to party in your 20s. It gives immense satisfaction to travel to your desired destination with your loved ones and make memories. Stick the memory of the place you visited on your carte du monde à gratter after scratching off the place. Make your visit worthwhile by making new friends, experiencing different cultures, and getting a new perspective towards life.

7 World’s Most Beautiful Cities with the Best Food

Introduction: –The beauty of a city enhances due to its culture, architecture, achievements, music, dance, sports, and cuisines. Whenever we plan a trip to some port, we love exploring the specialties and main attractions of that place.

We also look for convenient places to shop, eat, and rest as they are the primary necessities of every individual. If you are a food lover, then continue reading.

  1. London, England: – The beautiful city of England follows a fusion of traditional England, America, India, and China. Here are exceptional dishes in London which are worth a try:
    • Pollack, a type of fish tacos are the best variety of fish in London. A crispy cider batter with mayonnaise, avocado cream, and cabbages forms a delicious deep-fried dish and goes well with Taqueria.
    • The Duck Fat fries with raclette cheese and truffle mayonnaise are also worth trying. You can taste these popular dishes in restaurants like Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and Core by Clare Smyth.
  2. Bangkok, Thailand:- Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is also well known for its Thai cuisines and street food. Some popular dishes in Thailand are:
    • The aroma of this famous street dish Moo Ping is so tempting that it is hard to resist tasting it. The dish marinades and grills in soy sauce, and skewers. The red wine complements the dish very well, giving it a spicy flavor. You can drive to Silmon Road to eat it from the popular Moo Ping Hea Owen Cart.
    • They also serve the Boat Noodles on the boats floating on the canals. They are a kind of rice noodles filled into a broth consisting of pig’s blood and stock. You can have the traditional snack at Victory Monument for10 baht daily from 11 am to 9 pm.
  3. Mexico City:- The food of Mexico includes ingredients like corn, tomato, sweet potatoes, beans, vanilla, chili pepper, and avocados. Here are some of the specialty items to eat and drink in Mexico.
    • Flauta, popular fried food and a kind of tortilla. The dish comprises of filling like beef, chicken or cheese mixed with a rolled flour tortilla. You will also get guacamole sauce, which is a blend of avocados, onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, and lemon juice.
    • You can take a sip of any cocktail or beer along with the tortilla to help chew better. Dine at some popular restaurants of Mexico like the Nicos, Los Cocuyos, and Mog Bistro.
    • Mezcal, a type of cocktail with ingredients like basil, agave syrup, lime, and rim salt. It has an essence of the native Maguey plant. Drink Don Julio, a kind of liquor in popular bars like Jules Basement, La Opera, and Mezcaleria Mundana in Mexico.
  4. Maldives:- Maldives a beautiful city, is a paradise on Earth. The food of Maldives is as unique as its culture and landscape. Here are some of the popular dishes and drinks of Maldives.
    1. Mas Huni, is an ideal dish for breakfast, is a type of salad comprising of tuna, coconut, onion, lemon, and spices like a chili pepper. Roshi, a type of bread is a complimentary serving with this dish. You can taste these dishes at the Seahouse, Crystal Sands and Raaveribe Moazzam harbor.
    2. You can also taste the popular cocktail of Maldives such as Lucky & AL in the Avi Pool Bar, at the Velaa Private Island.

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Top 5 Safest Places to Visit in Africa in 2019

Traveling involves embracing the mother earth in its purest forms. From lush green forests to snow-packed mountains, everything seems tranquil on an exploration. If you’re a travel freak, you know the trouble of choosing one of the innumerable destinations to consider. For all the people who want a little bit of everything, Africa is the right place. Filled with beautiful plains as well as peaceful islands, the continent is one of the safest places to explore. There’s no limit to the hidden treasures in Africa. So, don’t wait, experience the cultural antiquities of Kenya and the urban city buff of Mauritius today.

Keep reading to know the safest places in Africa that you must head off to on your next voyage.

Stupendous Nightlife Of Mauritius

Stupendous Nightlife Of Mauritius

Stupendous Nightlife Of Mauritius

One of the safest places in Africa is this island nation filled with beaches and corals. Mauritius is the dream destination for most travelers. The places hold some of the unique reefs and a flora that speaks for itself. Port Louis, the famous port of Mauritius is considered a safe and secure region for both locals as well as tourists. The tourist season begins in May and goes on till the chilly November. All the nature buffs must visit the Black Water Gorges National Park and meet the rare species as well as plants. Home to the endemic species, this park is highly diverse and lush green.

Overall, Mauritius possesses the capability to be the best place you’ve explored till now, So, pack your bags and head out now.

Explore Historical Vibes Of Tanzania

Explore Historical Vibes Of Tanzania

Explore Historical Vibes Of Tanzania

Another unique destination in the continent is Tanzania, a country filled with brine waters. With an enormous number of beaches, Tanzania is a place that you must visit at least once. With a semi-autonomous archipelago, the country has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches to history that’s quite ancient and worth exploring, Tanzania will leave you spell-bound. You can experience an amazing architecture as well as Moorish culture in the country. Also, enjoy the unique delicacies like sea-food and sandy sea-shores. There’s also some mountain scenery at the Mount Kilimanjaro waiting to be explored.

Research a bit and book your tickets to this island nation in Africa to get some pure beach vibes.

Stargazing Amidst The Crowds Of Namibia

Stargazing Amidst The Crowds Of Namibia

Stargazing Amidst The Crowds Of Namibia

If there’s one region in Africa with a maximum number of desserts, then that has to be Namibia. The country will give you everything you need. From successful road trips on Kawasaki Motorcycles Australia to breath-taking stargazing during peaceful hours, Namibia has it all. You can also enjoy a few adventure-filled activities here. Fly in the sky with sky-diving or take over the roads with some quad biking on the premises.

The region is safe for tourists and proves to be one of the best in the continent. Don’t think twice before going on a trip to this ecstatic gem of Africa.

Gaze At The Rich Fauna Of Uganda

Gaze At The Rich Fauna Of Uganda

Gaze At The Rich Fauna Of Uganda


For all the travelers who wish to see some unique wildlife and rare animals, Uganda is the best place. Also, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the region. Being the country filled with greenery and tranquillity, Uganda is home to innumerable animals. From exploring luxuries of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to boating along the clean lakes, you can enjoy almost everything here.

The main attraction of this place is the huge gorillas. If you wish to see the gorillas in their natural form as well as the environment, then you must book your tickets to Uganda today.

Biodiverse Islands Of Seychelles

If there’s one safe island nation in Africa that has the most urban vibes, then that has to be Seychelles. The place is safe for both the locals as well as tourists. With a stable government and royal resorts, you will surely have the best time in the country. Being another island nation, the region is filled with brine waters and sea-food. You can also swim amidst the waves but beware of the tides as they’re quite frequent in this part of the continent.

Overall, Seychelles is yet another safe place in Africa that will leave you speechless. With some highly advanced hotels to peaceful beaches, you will find it all here.

Final Verdict

While traveling, one thing that you must not compromise on is safety. Always look out for the places that are safe for tourists. One such safe place to visit is the African continent. Being home to more than 25 countries, the continent offers everything to travelers. From swimming along the waters in Seychelles to experiencing some rich nightlife in Mauritius, Africa provides a fun-packed holiday to everybody. So, stop over-thinking and explore the hidden gems of Africa on your next trip.

Best Places for Honeymoon in Egypt and Stunning Nature

Egypt is one of the best countries for honeymoon because of the diversity of places and activities that you can do, as well as the fun weather that you will enjoy throughout the year, so no wonder that many tourists from around the world to spend a romantic holiday in the embrace of nature on discovering the rich history, meet the friendly people and of course eat the most delicious traditional meals that will appeal to everyone. If you want to spend your honeymoon in Egypt, check out the best places for you.

1- Sharm El Sheikh “Best Places for Honeymoon”­­

Sharm El Sheikh is always famous for its tranquillity and amazing beaches that make it the best and most convenient honeymoon destination in Egypt. This charming destination offers you lots of fun activities, including diving to explore the coral reefs, swimming in the heart of the pure Red Sea or swimming with dolphins, or Experience “sailing” which is the most popular sport in Sharm El Sheikh.

Not to mention the magnificence of enjoying the sunset, and getting more exciting and enjoyable with safaris between the mountain ranges of the amazing Red Sea.

2- Ras Mohammed National Park

If you want to get away the whole world to go on a unique holiday with your partner, the honeymoon destination you are looking for is Ras Mohamed, this stunning location is 12 km from Sharm El Sheikh and 72 km from Tor Sinai.

Surrounded by charming nature that allows you to enjoy the tranquillity of nature, the site is home to many rare species such as sea turtles and many other objects that you can discover in a fun diving trip to be near dolphins and many crustaceans like Sponge or even sharks.

3- Agiba Beach – Marsa Matrouh

Agiba Beach is located about 24 km west of Marsa Matruh, and can only be accessed via a path leading down from the top of the slope, where it represents a lot of privacy and away from the noise of the traffic, allowing you to harmony with nature in addition to the wonderful opportunities to capture images in such amazing places and times that are unparalleled.

4- Ain Sokhna

With its unique location just an hour from the Egyptian capital of Cairo and a collection of the most beautiful and unforgettable beaches, Ain Sokhna is one of Egypt’s ideal honeymoon destinations for an unbeatable holiday. In addition, the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea and its pristine beaches qualify it to be home to many water sports activities, including glittering sand skiing, towering mountaineering, and safaris in nearby mountain valleys.

It also has many opportunities to take stunning underwater pictures and a romantic camping, where you can enjoy quiet moments and enjoy the wonderful air breezes, and charming landscapes.

5-Luxor and Aswan

You will start a new life and of course looking for a new destination for honeymoon in Egypt, what do you think about the discovery of civilization for more than seven thousand years in the arms of the present ?! Enjoy your journey to the depths of the past to see past life in Luxor and Aswan, enjoy the Nile cruise holidays that takes you to the heart of Egypt by visiting Luxor, the world’s largest open-air museum and enjoy visiting the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and you can learn about their past habits.

Through enjoying one of Egypt tour packages, you will also be waiting for the great Karnak Temple and the beautiful Luxor Temple, and then return to sail in the air of Egypt full of love to move to Aswan, where different cultures and endless beauty where you will not only be surprised to be at the temple of Horus in Edfu and Kom Ombo, as well as, Abu Temple Simbel is famous but you will be even more surprised by the splendor of Nubian houses and colorful neighborhoods with stunning views of the Nile, with smiling faces everywhere you go, friendly people, unique shopping venues and special things like “rare herbs, incense, traditional Egyptian cuisine and many more. Lord of the fun, such as henna and walk long distances on the Nile and watch popular shows known in Aswan, as well as the discovery of the Nubian dance performances and various language and distinctive accent and even other music.

6-Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is located in the heart of the Western Desert in Egypt, only 50 meters from the Libyan border and about 25 meters above sea level in a beautiful place full of trees and palms, a place ready for what you are looking for in your imagination away from the noise and the inconvenience with refreshing air breezes that make the atmosphere more suitable for a romantic dinner while enjoying a lot of activities such as sand skiing, camel riding or even cycling and other distinctive leisure activities.

7- Fayoum – The Tunis Village

If you want to spend your honeymoon in Egypt near Cairo, you can go to the village of Tunis on Qarun Lake, a rural village in Fayoum with simple hotels. You can also go on a whale safari by renting a car for EGP 1000 per day.

8-Sahl Hasheesh

Located 18 km from Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh is a magnificent resort located on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. Although a lot of resort provides many water activities you can do, but it is mostly known for its majestic beaches and pristine white sand.

9- Dahab to Spend The Most Beautiful Honeymoon in Egypt

Dahab is another beautiful coastal city located 500 km from Cairo, a charming destination that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities including rock climbing, windsurfing, desert walks, snorkeling, and diving. Dahab is also an ideal destination for all budgets and tastes, making it An ideal choice for many tourists.


Places to Visit Near Mysore within 50 kms

Mysore also called as ‘Mysuru‘ is the cultural city of Karnataka and having many beautiful places to visit near Mysore with in 50 kms which spreads the fragrance of Mysuru Dasara, Mysuru pak, Mysore Silk, Mysuru Peta all over the world.

History of Mysore (Mysuru)

Earlier to November 1, 1973 the Karnataka state known as Mysore State and was renamed as Karnataka by Shri Devaraj Urs, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka. Now Mysore city is the administrative headquarter of the District and also regional headquarter of Mysore Division. The city is famous for the Dasara Festival also known as the Navaratri which usually falls on September or October month every year. Main Attraction of the Dasara festival in Mysore is Jambu Savari, on Vijayadashami, the procession will be held in Mysore City, on that day Idle of Goddess Chamundi will be placed inside Golden Mantapa, on top of decorated Elephant. Before Independence Mysore Wodeyar (Odeyar) dynasty kings use to sit inside the decorated Golden Mantapa on top of the decorated Elephant and use to lead the procession. But after the Independence, Goddess Chamundi idle replaced the King’s place.

The City is also famous for Mysuru Zoo, Mysore Palace (Amba Vilasa Palace). During Dasara or Navaratri Mysore palace is decorated with nearly 97,000 bulbs, this trend is continued during public holidays and Sunday’s too.

According to legend the name Mysore is derived from “Mahishasura”, Sanskrit meaning of Mahisha  is Buffalo, In ancient days Mahishasura ruled this very city , could take any form at his will, including buffalo, was very cruel and used to torture Devas who lives in heaven and rishi’s who lives in hermitages, especially in the forest, to seek relief from him, rishi’s and deva’s went to Kailas , home of Lord Shiva and pleaded him , but he expressed his inability, then god’s and rishi’s pleaded Parvathi, wife of Lord Shiva, she slayed him in the avatar of Mahishasura Mardini form of Chamundi, later days , when Odeyar Dynasty started ruling this area, they accepted Mahishasura Mardini as their family god . There is another theory exist behind naming “Mysore” is the mentioning the “Mysooru” in the Copper Plate which date’s goes to 862 AD, and in later centuries especially 11 and 12th centuries this area was known as “MAISURUNADU”, and later it took its Anglicised form as “Mysore”.

Mysore District not only hold rich heritage, it also hold the rare and prestigious distinction of yielding of the largest number of inscriptions available in the state. The earliest mention of the Mysore in recorded history goes back to Asoka, at the end of Third Buddhist council, a team of Buddhist Monks were dispatched to Mahisha Mandala, for propagating Buddhism. At later stages Shatavahana Dynasty, Ganga Dynasty, Rashtrakuta Dynasty, Chalukya, Hoysala, Vijayanagara Dynasties ruled over the place, subsequently, the rise of Mysore goes hand in hand with Mysore Odeyar Dynasty, the rise and rise of this dynasty made city popular among all over the world. The Contribution of Odeyar Dynasty is significant for the development of the city, because they ruled the state with Mysore as capital until Mark Cubbon changed capital from Mysore to Bangalore for administrative convenience.

List of places to visit near Mysore within 50 kms

1. Mysore Palace
2. Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS Dam)
3. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens
4. Manasa Gangotri Clock Tower
5. Mysore zoo
6. St.Philomina Church
7. Regional Museum of Natural History
8. Chamundi hill
9. Rail Museum
10. Brundavan Garden
11. Srirangapattana
12. Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary
13. Biligiri Ranga Hills
14. Chunchanakatte Falls

Places that should not forget to visit in Mysore:

The Mysore Palace (Palace of Mysore)

Mysoe Palace

Mysoe Palace

Being the second largest city of Karnataka state, Mysore City is an abode of The Palace of Mysore (Amba Vilasa Palace): The Palace of Mysore is the official residence of Mysore Royal Family the Wodeyar Dynasty which ruled the state from 1399 AD to 1947. Palace Consists of the Golden Throne, Number of temples, two durbar halls and surrounded by a large green courtyard.

Mysore City consists of total seven palace’s including Amba Vilasa palace. Which is constructed by Rajarshi Krishnarajendra Wodeyar IV. Part of the palace occupied by the royal family as residence and restis placed under government supervision. Amba Vilasa Palace is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India.

The then Regent of Mysore, Her Majesty Vani Vilasa Sannidhana and her son The then maharaja of Mysore state His Highness Shri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar (Odeyar) commissioned Henry Erwin to construct the new palace in the place of old palace, which was burnt and turned to ashes. The construction of the palace started in 1897 and finished in 1912. The construction cost of the palace 41, 47,913 rupees. Magnificent masterpiece is constructed with fireproof technology. The resultant is a magnificent masterpiece Amba Vilasa palace, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every day across the world.

The architecture of Mysore Palace

Raghuvulu Naidu with Henry Irwin studied and visited Delhi, Madras and other royal palaces of the day and finally fell on love with Indo-Saracenic Architecture. The Domes especially are in this architecture. Mysore Palace is three story architecture, and domes especially is 145 feet height above the ground level are five store buildings.

Golden Thrown Mysore Palace

Golden Thrown Mysore Palace

The palace consists of Golden Thrown which is of 750 kg and will be available for public view only during Dasara Celebration. During other time, will be dismantled and kept safe in Vaults. This masterpiece is a child of Singannacharya, Throne is made up of fig wood and studded with precious stones, gold, and silver. Golden Throne is the main attraction of the Dasara Celebration, During Dasara time Royal family hold private Durbar. Other Parts of the palace are Gombe Totti and Kalyana Mantapa.

Jagan Mohana Palace

Construction of this palace was completed in 1861 by Krishna raja Wodeyar III, and was used as royal palace by the then Royal family, now this palace converted into an Art Gallery. Now this palace holds the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Roerich and other notable painters. This is one of the seven palaces in Mysore City.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo showcases love on animals of Mysore Wodeyar Dynasty. This was established as the private Zoo of Royal family, later handover to Government of Karnataka. The official name of this zoo is Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden. Under the Royal patronage, it was established in the year 1892.

St.Philomina Church Mysore

St.Philomena church mysore

St.Philomena church mysore

According to philomina.org the church constructed in the year 1956 and is one of the largest churches in India. St.Philomina Church It has been constructed in the Gothic Style and is inspired by Cologne Cathedral Germany. Maharaja of Mysore laid down the foundation for the church in 1933.

Regional Museum of Natural History

Regional Museum provides the rare insight of the regional history of nature and the natural world. It is situated on the banks of Karanji Lake and feet of Chamundi hill.

Rail Museum

Rail Museum situated near the railway station and is second of kind established in India after first one established in New Delhi.

Nearest Tourist Places to Visit in Mysuru:

Brundavan Garden Mysore

Brundavan garden mysore

Brundavan garden mysore

Brundavan garden is a garden located in Mandya District. It is just 24 km away from the Cultural city Mysore. Brundavan Garden is constructed in the downside of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam by the then Dewan of Mysore Sir Mirza Ismail. Brundavan Garden is basically terraced garden, construction of this Garden is started in 1927 by the Department of Horticulture and is known as the Krishnarajendra terrace Garden. Today the garden occupies as much as space as 60 acres. The musical fountain is the main attraction in the garden.

Chamundi Hills Mysore

Chamundi Hills Mysore

Chamundi Hills Mysore

The Chamundi hill is 14 KM away from the palace city Mysore and an average elevation of this hillock is 1000 meters. Chamundi Hill is named after Chamundi, believed to be an incarnation of Parvathi, wife of Lord Shiva. Chamundi attracts a large number of devotees across all over the world. Lord Chamundi also get reverence and respect from Mysore Royal Family and is also the guardian of Mysore Maharajas. Halfway to a temple near steps, Statue of Nandi of 16 feet monolith structure which was gifted by Dodda Deva raja Wodeyar in 1659, he also constructed 1000 steps to reach hillock of Chamundi.

Srirangapattana Mysore

Srirangapattana Tippu Sultan Museum

Srirangapattana Tippu Sultan Museum

Srirangapattana is the abode of Lord Shri Ranganathaswamy and is just 13 km away from Mysuru City. Srirangapattana is an island and entirely enclosed by River Kaveri. Srirangapattana is one of the important pilgrim centres for Vaishnavates. Srirangapattana served as the capital of the Mysore Kingdom under Hider Ali and Tippu Sultan. Other attractions of the Srirangapattana is Daria Daulat Garden and Jumma Masjid.

Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary

Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary Mysore

Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary Mysore


Frequently Asked Questions about Mysore

How can I visit Mysore places in one day?

You can cover Mysore all places within one day before that you need to plan of visiting and time spending on each places then you can manage to cover the places within one day.

Which is the best place for one day trip in Mysore?

Covering full of Mysore places in one day is bit difficult, you can cover it based on your time spend on each places. The best places have been listed here: 1. Mysore Palace 2. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens 3. Manasa Gangotri Clock Tower 4. Mysore zoo 5. St.Philomina Church 6. Regional Museum of Natural History 7. Chamundi hill 8. Rail Museum 9. Brundavan Garden 10. Srirangapattana 11. Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary 12. Biligiri Ranga Hills 13. Chunchanakatte Falls 14. Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS Dam)

What are the important places in Mysore?

Mysore has many beautiful places covered by. You can cover those places within 2-3 days if you manage the time as per your time schedule. The most important places are mentioned here. They are Mysore Palace, Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS Dam), Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Manasa Gangotri Clock Tower, Mysore zoo, St.Philomina Church, Regional Museum of Natural History, Chamundi hill, Rail Museum, Brundavan Garden, Srirangapattana, Ranganatittu Birds Sanctuary, Biligiri Ranga Hills, Chunchanakatte Falls, GRS Fantasy Park and many more.

How many days are enough to cover Mysore places?

As per my experience minimum 3 to 4 days required to cover all the places of Mysore. You'll be sight-seeing and learning about an architecture and natural heritage beauty. Also, can be covered the place within 1 or 2 days, but you'll be tired and you can learn general information of the places. I believe, just visiting the places without learning their history is no use.

Shettihalli Rosary Church Hassan History

Consider a Shettihalli church Hassan built by French Missionaries in the 1860s. Consider a reservoir built by government in the 1860s. Awesome Historical place to visit. And this is covered by Hemavathi rivers, it’s reaching to Gorur Dam & about 20 km far from my native place Sakleshpur.

Tourists are lured to this place which looks like a Titanic floating in the water when the Hemavathi Dam is filled. The church was built during the British period to increase its appeal as the Hemavathi reservoir was filled and ruined today.

Titanic Church Hassan Karnataka

Titanic Church Hassan Karnataka

Shettihalli Church Hassan History

Fr. David Anthonnappa, Shettihalli (Jayanagar) church Priest says, this place is becoming a historical place which is located in Hassan district. This church construction was completed in 1860s, to gather and pray for the Christian community. After the construction of Hemavathi Dam, the church was submerged in water due to heavy rain in 1976, from then people around this place were migrated to different places along with their families.

Shettihalli Church was not only the Church, it was having an Orphanage for poor family, Primary Hospital with good facility, and along with 150 years of running St. Mariam school for boys and girls. Later another new church was built just 2kms far from this Shettihalli church to worship. Even after the long time, this church is still famous and people address this church as “Titanic church”.

Fr. David Anthonnappa, Shettihalli (Jayanagar) church priest also requests visitors to maintain the clean and not spoil this beautiful place by doing wrong things. Please visit and maintain the purity.

Travel Experience to Shettihalli Church

Shettihalli Rosary Church Hassan

Shettihalli Rosary Church Hassan

During my graduation in 2010, all my native friends were saying that there was an old church in center of the river, then decided to visit this place without fail during my college holidays and after sometimes I went along with my friends by bikes, we were around 10 people with 5 bikes via Rarakoppalu, Magge and then Channapura crossed, have to take right direction from Channpura it’s about 10 KMs.

When we entered to Bridge, which is the largest bridge I saw in Hassan district, very nice with clean, completely different than compared to all other existed bridges. Whatever, I would like to say Thanks for this bridge constructor. Firstly we had spent some time near a bridge and there was hot with wonderful breezing. I never felt this happy before in any of places I have visited. From there I saw the Rosary old church but was looking like a small broken building.

After sometimes we all went by bike near to the church, there is a small path for bike and small 4 wheeler also can drive. I felt very sad after seeing that ruining church, then I asked someone farmer was working out there about the church and he told me that this happened because of the flood around 30 years back. Already there were few visitors was taking photos and looking at the walls, I went inside and did the same. Since it was my first visit to Shettihalli Church, I was very much excited to see completely and to know what has happened to this church. From then whenever I will take my friends and family to this place and spend some time. It feels relaxed. I am sure; you will visit again and again if you visit the place.

Shettihalli Rosary Church History Hassan

Shettihalli Rosary Church History Hassan

Advice for Shettihalli Church Visitors:

  • Don’t go for swimming in the river it’s very dangerous. Many people have died because of fishing nets
  • Don’t stay after 6 pm, because there will be full of dark and no lights. It’s dangerous to stay after sunset
  • Please maintain the cleanness, don’t throw wastage’s. Keeping this place clean is essential to the visitors and they will continue maintaining.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Bangalore to shettihalli church distance?

Bangalore to Shettihalli Church is about 250 kms, you have travel in NH75 (Bangalore to Mangalore highway). The road is very good and it’s about 5 hours of journey. Once you cross the Hassan city after 10kms), you have take left towards Magge road.

Is shettihalli church is good for photo-shoot?

Yes. It is very nice place to have photo-shoot. Especially in the monsoon season, it looks completely beautiful. But, during the rainy season this church will be submerged from the Water.

What is Hassan to shettihalli church distance?

About 35 Kms distance from Hassan to Shettihalli church. Once you reach Hassan. Take the NH75 (Bangalore to Mangalore highway), drive towards Mangalore, once you reach Byrapura take the left turn towards Shettihalli church.

What is Shettihalli church to sakleshpur distance?

About 40kms of distance from Shettihalli church to sakleshpur. The road is quite not good and also having curved shape of road, I suggest you be careful with slow drive towards Sakleshpura.

Is there any hotels near by shettihalli church?

Since this Shettihalli church is located in village, also edge of the river, you don’t find any Hotel and Restaurant surrounded by. But, you can prefer Stay at Goruru, Sakleshpur, and Hassan.

What are other attraction places near Shettihalli Church?

There are few attraction places close to Shettihalli Church. They are Manzarabad Fort, Gorur Dam, Belur Temple, Halebeedu Temple and many more.