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How to Boost Sales of Ecommerce Stores in Covid-19

How to Boost Sales of Ecommerce Stores in Covid-19

COVID-19 doesn’t signify your business has to suffer. The outburst is provoking havoc for e-commerce retailers at the moment. Some battling to source inventory, some frantic for an FBA alternative after Amazon’s delivery embargo, and some just seeing sales fall off a ridge altogether. But people are still purchasing goods online. Today customers don’t want to wait over a…

Find best and Themed Cakes to Raise Awareness

Find best and Themed Cakes to Raise Awareness!

Cakes that taste absolutely delicious and yummy and have the most perfect texture, are quite soft, moist, and airy and are evenly and consistently baked all throughout speak louder than words. And cakes that look incredible and spectacular speak even louder than words and actions. Cakes from cake shops are stunning and nothing less than…

iPhone 6S Screens from iDemiGods

Everyone undergoes some hardships in life. Sometimes, those hardships involve little things like a cracked or completely broken phone screen. Panic ensues and you have no idea what to do next. What if we told you that it’s completely okay and that these screens are actually replaceable for a decent price? At iDemiGods, we’re here…