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Get the Best Barbecue Rub from Casa M Spice Co™

When you want barbecue, you expect the best flavors and taste to satisfy. There are so many ways to enjoy barbecue because there are so many things you can grill and enjoy. It goes far beyond the barbecue beef brisket, juicy steaks, or fresh chicken on the barbecue.

If you’re like me, you don’t just pick any seasoning or spices to create great barbecue. You treat it like an art form and want the best of the best. Not is the time to get the best of the best with the Best Barbecue Rub you will ever taste from Casa M Spice Co™.

Barbecue is all about flavor. Whether you are enjoying savory pork chops with great spice and sweetness, spicy chicken wings, or even something different and more delicate like lamb or fish, you want to be able to not only taste the flavors of the meat, but enhance it with a dry rub that includes spices like black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper and more. A great BBQ rub brings out the best in the meat you prepare and makes the meal.

Let Casa M Spice Co™ make your meal with their variety of spice blends. With influences rooted in Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cooking, you get authentic Texas barbecue flavor and delicious spices that are traditional and famous in the region. With all of their spice blends perfected over two decades of experimentation starting with a base of the Casa M Spice Co™ original Chain Reaction™ seasoning, the mix of salt and pepper, spices and ground chiles bring out all types of flavors, from sweet and savory to hot and spicy and everything in between.

Casa M Spice Co™ has blends made specifically for beef, chicken, pork, lamb and fish, all designed to bring out the natural flavors of the meat and enhance it with a combination of flavors that will send your taste buds running wild. All of the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co™ come in milder Controlled blends and wilder Uncontrolled blends. There is something for everyone based on what you like.

As the holidays approach, now is the perfect time to share the flavors of Casa M Spice Co™. They have available on their website gift sets that are perfect for your loved ones this holiday season. What better gift to give than the gift of great flavor and the best barbecue rub you have ever had! Gift cards are also available so your friends and family can pick up more of your favorite spice blends.

With such a unique and detailed process for creating these blends, it is a labor of love for great food and great flavor. Mike and Manny Hernandez have worked together to assemble these spices blends and deliver them from their kitchen and family table to yours. They want to share these flavors with your family, especially over the holidays when so much is about sharing time with loved ones and making memories.

At Casa M Spice Co™, the belief is that great food makes great memories, and it’s true. There is nothing quite like a great meal surrounded by the people who make you happiest. Isn’t that a great gift to share with your family this holiday season?

If you agree, head on over to the Casa M Spice Co™ website and pick up one of their spice blends so you can wow your family and friends at your next gathering. You will certainly be glad you did. Start making memories and sharing great flavor with the help of Casa M Spice Co™ and the best barbecue rub around today!

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What Makes a Great Dry Rub?

Great barbecue is all about the flavor. The combination and contrast of flavors like sweetness and heat each quality enhances the meal and gives you a different sensation when eating food.

When it comes to preparing good barbecue, you don’t want average flavor. You want the Best Rubs For Smoking that bring out the most in your meats. But, what goes into making a great dry rub?

Today, let’s look at some of the attributes that make a great dry rub to take your meats to the next level.

Salt and sugar are necessary for a dry rub to help lock in flavors and get the crisp outer layer (bark) on your meat. There is a distinction, however, between the amount of salt and sugar that work best depending on the type of meat.

For example, a beef or chicken rub will typically have more salt than sugar because these types of meat are more typically served as savory finished dishes whereas pork is quite often paired with sweeter flavors, which means more sugar may be used instead of salt in the dry rub. Similarly, fish also calls for more salt than sugar in a dry rub.

Kosher salt or canning salt is commonly used in rub recipes because they are less likely to contain additives such as anti-caking agents or iodine, but mostly because the texture of the salt is more subtle than canning salt. In some cases, sea salts are used in dry rubs, but the flavor is more subtle than canning salt. Smoked salt can also add a smoky element to your meat if that is an intended and preferred flavor.

For adding sweetness, three main types of sugar can be used. White cane sugar, brown sugar, and raw sugar are typically most common. White sugar is a straight sweetener. Brown sugar can infuse some molasses flavor to the meats, something that goes particularly well with pork. Raw sugar can also have a similar effect to brown sugar.

For adding heat to the mixture, look for ingredients like black pepper, white pepper, cayenne, and various ground chile peppers to add that kick to your meats. Black pepper has a distinct and pungent taste, making is a common spice for dry rubs. White pepper is a milder flavoring and can add some extra heat. Spices like cayenne and ground chile peppers are heat builders that can give you those desirable spicy flavors.

At the base of the best rubs for smoking are two seasonings: onion powder and paprika. These two spices are essential because they are milder than other spices and don’t tend to overpower the flavoring. This means that they can be used in larger quantities than other spices. There are additional special ingredients to a spice rub like garlic powder, thyme, rosemary, nutmeg, oregano, and mustard powder that may require just a pinch to a spice mix or rub and be enough to add a distinct flavor.

Are you looking for the best rubs for smoking? Check out the original spice blends and rubs available at Casa M Spice Co™, perfected over nearly two decades from their family table to yours.

With blends specifically designed for smoking and cooking beef, brisket, chicken, pork, fish and even lamb, you can’t go wrong. Casa M Spice Co™ packs a ton of flavor into their dry rubs to take your barbecue to the next level.

Check out the great selection of spice blends with Casa M Spice Co™ today and get cooking. You won’t be able to stop grilling, smoking, and enjoying the great barbecue flavors once you try what Casa M Spice Co™ has to offer. So, get your hands on the best spice blends with Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern influence and start enhancing your meals!

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Enjoy the Flavors of a Good Dry Rub for Brisket

During this happy and festive time of year, we all have our own way of celebrating with family and friends. Whatever plans we make around the holidays, food is a central part of it.

Many people choose to skip the traditional holiday dinner of turkey or ham and do something different that tingles the taste buds and creates a different vibe to a holiday gathering. Instead of having the traditional dishes, shoot for authentic Texas brisket, instead, in an attempt to spice up your holiday party.

A brisket can be a rich and flavorful cut of meat that, when prepared properly, has a lot of natural juices adding to the flavor. To make it even better, having a good dry rub for brisket is a must.

That’s where you can turn to the folks at Casa M Spice Co™ for help. With two decades of experience through experimentation, their spice blends have been perfected to deliver quality flavor that will keep you coming back for seconds and thirds every time.

When you add a spice rub, you don’t want to sacrifice flavor from the meat for the seasoning that will cover the outside of the meat. You want a spice rub that blends well with the meat, keeping the natural flavors present and building on it.

The beef brisket rub from Casa M Spice Co™, called Cattle Drive™, is a low sodium formula that allows you to season to taste without worrying about over salting. With spices like black pepper, onion, paprika and more helping to add flavor, you are sure to get a smoked brisket that you will want to brag about and showcase among friends and family.

A Good Dry Rub For Brisket also has sugar included to get the caramelization and outer bark to add texture to the meat as well, but doesn’t sacrifice the flavor, instead sealing it in to help enhance the meal. Cattle Drive™ uses a touch of sugar to create this signature bark that clings to the meat.

All of the spice blends at Casa M Spice Co™ are made with all natural ingredients, are gluten free and designed specifically for certain types of meat. If you aren’t in the mood for brisket, you can always get a great flavor with other meats like pork, chicken, lamb and even fish. Casa M Spice Co™ has spice blends created just for these meats and for fish. Don’t limit yourself to one flavor and enjoy all of them throughout the holiday season.

At this special time of year, the only thing better than sharing meals with others is sharing the flavors as well. With Casa M Spice Co™, you can do just that! How about getting your loved one the gift of great flavor or good dry rub for brisket with a gift card or gift set from Casa M Spice Co™? These gift sets come with a mix of seasonings and special stainless steel shakers that go great in any kitchen. This gift will give back to your family and friends for many meals to come.

So take this special time to share in the flavors of great food and make great memories and maybe give the gift of great flavor too. With Casa M Spice Co™, you can find anything to make your next meal extra special and especially delicious with unique blends that are influenced by Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine that is sure to make your mouth water and take your meal to the next level. Start shopping with Casa M Spice Co™ and prepare yourself for the holidays, because great flavor and great food make great memories.

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A Great BBQ Brisket Dry Rub

So much of what goes into a great tasting brisket can be summarized in two parts: the smoking process and the dry rub. It takes a proper cooking method and the perfect Bbq Brisket Dry Rub to have brisket done right with great flavor from both the meat and the rub itself.

Brisket is a Texas delicacy. There is a method to getting that perfect Texas-style brisket. Today, we will look at the process for making a perfect brisket and what should go into the dry rub you use.

Cooking a Brisket

Picking the proper brisket is important to the cooking process. A whole packer brisket is typically best because it includes both the point and flat muscle. Getting prime beef is also important for quality. You will have more fat marbling in prime beef, which will give you much more flavor and juiciness.

After you get the right brisket, you need to trim it before you can start with other preparation steps. Once trimmed, you can season the brisket with a BBQ brisket dry rub. We’ll review some specifics of the dry rub in a moment.

The steps for smoking the brisket are left to your discretion. A recommended time frame for an initial smoke is eight hours at 165 degrees. Once the initial smoke is complete, you want to wrap your brisket and smoke at 225 degrees for up to eight more hours, though it normally takes less. By wrapping the brisket, it locks in the juices and flavors and creates a smokier bark covering the meat.

What Goes in a Dry Rub?

When it comes to dry rubs for any meat, especially a beef brisket, turn to Casa M Spice Co™. They have specialized blends that are designed specifically for certain meats like beef, chicken, and pork to naturally enhance the flavors of the meat and create a great mix of spice, heat, and sweetness.

Casa M Spice Co™ designed a blend specifically as a BBQ brisket dry rub. Cattle Drive™ includes black pepper, onion and other spices and ingredients such as ground chiles to add some heat and bring out the natural flavors of the brisket. The blend is made from all natural ingredients and uses a low salt formulation so you can season to taste and has a light touch of sugar to create that perfect caramelization.

As a Texas made spice blend, Casa M Spice Co™ knows what it takes to make the perfect authentic brisket.

Aside from Cattle Drive™, designed specifically for beef, be sure to try the other spice blends from Casa M Spice Co™. Free Range™ is perfect for barbecued chicken. Good Shepherd™ is great for lamb. Whole Hog™ brings out the best in your pork chops, and Hooked™ is perfect for any fish.

At Casa M Spice Co™, the influence of Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern flavors have been a key element in their creations. These spice blends are the result of two decades of experimenting and perfecting so they are ready to go from their family table to yours.

Casa M Spice Co™ believes that great food and great flavor makes great memories. They want to help your family make great memories, especially now with the holidays coming up. That makes it the perfect time to give Casa M Spice Co™ a try. It makes a great gift as well. Check out the selection of gift sets available or Casa M Spice Co™ gift cards and give the gift of great flavor. Check out their wide selection of spice blends, including the wilder Uncontrolled versions of each blend for those who like hot and spicy cuisine, and start shopping for yourself and your loved ones today!

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