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Convert Magento 1 to Magento 2

Strong Reasons to Convert Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento is one of the powerful e-commerce platforms that can offer you an outstanding user experience that you can’t expect from any other platform. With the launch of Magento 2, there is a lot of confusion among developers that whether they should upgrade to the newer version or not.

Well, it is always a rewarding decision to update the latest version so as to experience a lot of new features and enhanced user experience. There is no point you can ignore the numerous benefits of switching to Magento 2, which is more SEO friendly and delivers great performance. Here is the list of advantages that you get when you update from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

The Overall Performance

One of the biggest reasons to switch to the updated version of Magento is the overall performance and enhanced user experience. With the latest version, you can eventually expect approximate 20 percent faster website loading speed.

The reason for enhanced performance is the extension named “Varnish Cache” that lends a hand in quick loading of your website without any hassle. The slow loading time of the website was the primary reason why people demanded an enhanced version of the platform that can speed up the loading process of a website. If you are also facing glitches related to the overall speed of the website loading, you need to switch to Magento 2.

User-Friendly Design

Another great reason that depicts the reliability of Magento 2 is the user-friendly design, which makes the user smoothly access the services without any performance-related glitch. One can easily customize the website without the need to squander huge time, which was in the case of Magento 1.

Moreover, the users get a whole new feel of easy checkout after their shopping with the enhanced e-shopping experience. Easy checkout and save later options gives an all-new feel to the users that significantly improves the user experience. All you need to do is to Hire Magento Expert that can provide you the efficient solution for the same.

The all new Interface for the Admin

Magento 2 provides a new interface to the admin that helps in easy management of the website’s functionality and content. This lets the admin personalize things as per their requirements so as to save ample time.

The drag and drop feature of Magento 2 is the best thing that you can get in an admin panel of a website. This feature simplifies the process of editing, insertion, and deletion that modifies the overall layout of your website.

The Responsiveness

The latest version of Magento is more mobile friendly, which is the reason you can prefer it for targeting the smartphone audience. The Magento 2 platform is designed in a way that it supports every device without disturbing the overall layout.

The proper scrolling and functionality of the website can be can be experienced on any of the mobile devices without affecting the layout. For all those Magento 1 owners out there, it is the perfect time to upgrade to the advanced version to provide the best user experience.

These are some reasons that showcase the need to switch to Magento 2 for the existing Magento 1 users for an enhanced experience.

Why Select Magento Over Other E-Commerce Platform?

When a business owner initiates the business, the first and the biggest thing that he goes on is the relevance of taking the business on the online platform. There are end numbers of advantages of creating an online website. Apart from the benefits of reaching a higher number target audience base easily and in a hassle-free way, more traffic means more leads and more conversions. One can look upon this by eCommerce website development.
But, is it that much easy to do conversions in this digital age of heavy competition? 
No. Not at all…!

In this technologically driven era of cut-throat competition, it is crucial to select a platform that gives you the most flexible and high-end choices to choose and customize you’re online shopping website. The time you decide to go online, you have to face so many issues based on preferences of web development platforms. 
The relevance of experienced and Magento Development Company in USA and across the globe:
An experienced and professional company creates the best eCommerce websites for their end customer and can only support for the success of your business. Why we focus on hiring only experienced Magento developers is all because you can’t simply invest with the company which you are uncertain for. So, hire certified Magento developer who has worked for various customers very successfully.

Advantages of choosing Magento over Shopify:
Magento is undoubtedly the best way of developing an eCommerce website that has all the important and latest features for a robust eCommerce website. Shopify is also not a bad platform, but every individual web development platform has its own merits and demerits.
Why select Magento in one go?

  1. Magento Versions: Magento has three versions, i.e., Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Magento Go version. The most famous of all the three versions is Community edition as it’s free of cost, but it need not compromise with the features available for end-users. Moreover, the enterprise version is suited best for the professional and experienced Magento developers. Shopify comes in various plans, but you will see a high price over the counter.
  2. Websites Scalability: Magento is robust platforms for getting your e-commerce website to develop from the developers. It is because it initiates a high level of scalability whenever required. When a business owner’s look for expansion of business online and there is a requirement of handling heavy traffic, there are no other reasons why Magento will not support it along with PHP support.
  3. Multi-store Management: Magento comes with multi-store management panel as one can look upon statistics of all Magento websites under one admin panel called as master admin panel. One needs not to switch from one website to other for analyzing the site. This saves so much time on the part of the entrepreneur.
  4. Effective Marketing tools: Various marketing and promotion tools come combined along with Magento store. Using these tools effectively definitely helps in boosting the sales of your products in no time. Promotional campaigns can be executed for giving special codes, discounts, and coupons to the users visiting the website by giving them reward points. This will ensure that you will be able to retain your customers well.
  5. Highly responsive website: It is essential that you need not to lose out on mobile users when you have released your website, and this is where Magento is fitted perfectly for the business. A “mobile-friendly” website ensures that you can reach 80% of smartphone users across the globe.
  6. SEO-friendly websites: The eCommerce websites are created using Magento is highly SEO friendly as one can write meta-tags and meta-descriptions and can add to the products as per the SEO rules.

As a whole, Magento must be the first choice for business owners looking for a business website. Shopify lacks the customization options, but Magento is undoubtedly the best web development platform for getting your tailored website. So, hire Magento developer  who is all cautious of all the nuances going on in the e-commerce marketplace. 
Source:- https://bit.ly/2AygDet

Benefits of Using Magento for E-Commerce Website Development

Magento as a platform is flying high when in the digital and e-commerce industry. It is all because of the increasing interest of the business owners across the globe for developing their website for the business. They are getting more aware and seeking towards branding and goodwill of the business nowadays. In the below,  we will look deep into the benefits of using Magento for eCommerce website development.

Rising demand of the Magento development: For reaching the more and more desired target audience in every corner of the world making the demand higher for the websites. Magento caters the need of the entrepreneurs’ up to an optimum extent when it comes to demand of dynamic demands.

Magento placed as one of the most popular platforms for the development of best in a class website for e-commerce and business. Undoubtedly, people are attracting more towards Magento because of its stunning and feature-rich interface for the e-commerce website in the world and making them fond of this e-commerce platform.

Growth in the ROI of business with Magento platform: It is a straight and simple concept that if the target audience purchases more of the products from the website, one can see the increase into the ROI of the business. Thus, it is essential to know that one should invest in Magento website development and hire a certified Magento developer for better output and productive outcomes in the business.

Magento development and its benefits for business:

Before we move ahead about the merits of choosing the Magento over rest of the development platforms, let’s go through what Magento development is?

Magento is a free and open source e-commerce development platform having some cool features for letting Magento developers creating a unique and feature-rich website for the consumers as per the need and requirement of the business. We should be aware of top mistakes on an eCommerce website.

Moreover, community version comes free of cost; one can purchase enterprise version for developing a lot of websites for the clients having great unique features.

Features of Magento development for developing Magento website:

Multiple store panel:

One can’t require opening and log in the various dashboards for checking the website status and analytics if master admin panel is the same for all. It relaxes the work of business owners as they can secure the time by the various logins of different admin panels again and again for checking up the details of their website.

Open source and free:

Magento is a free and open source platform for the development of an e-commerce website for selling the extraordinary features. The community version is free when it comes to cost and to create the website of the client by hiring Magento developer as per their desire. If the developer is looking forward to developing too many websites, then they must opt the enterprise edition of the Magento.

Latest and responsive themes:

It gives the best benefit if Magento is used for developing the platform as it comes with responsive and dynamic themes for Magento website development. Readymade themes are always attractive to use for a website. Moreover, customizations of the themes are also available along with a high level of uniqueness and creativity if you go ahead by hiring the expert.

Extension development:

For adding the dynamic and unique features set of Magento that it has in-built ones, then developers can implement unique functionalities for the websites of the clients so that the website can look unique and can never look exact as the competitors. So, going ahead with Magento Development Company in USA or across the globe can help in making web development process more smooth and accurate.

More Scalability: 

If you are aware of the merits of WordPress, then Magento looks same and with the power of great functions for the online eCommerce website. Higher scalability refers to higher business gains and attention from people, and more traffic can be driven out due to the best website experience. It is crucial to be ready with the website systems that cater the need as per the wants. Magento development is the same as per your desire if you are looking forward to an expansion of a business.

Good for SME and Large enterprise:

Magento is best when it comes to the development of the website for the startups or the medium level of the entrepreneurs for the expansion of the business. It comes with all the amazing features with big enterprise would require to go ahead with business for making it reach on the high level. Entrepreneurs need not worry about the website development as per their business as Magento comes with power-packed features which can counter the needs of big business.

Latest promotion and marketing tools:

Let’s come straight to the most promising feature of Magento development that offers best in class full-fledged promotion tools for making the use of Magento in full. Business owners can simply go on and make use of the promotion tools by giving coupon codes and offers for customers as well as providing access to an individual user to sort out the user dashboard for tracking the history of orders, tracking and payments.


If you are looking ahead for the website for reaching the customers base from the initial days, then you can go ahead and can select the Magento without thinking much. It comes with SEO features for the website too that helps in getting higher ranking and enlarged audience.

Wrapping Up:

As we discussed above the features, in a nutshell, it is all about how you hire Magento developer and how experienced they are. Their knowledge and passion for the development of the website as per the needs and requirements of the business help the business to grow more regarding revenue and performance.

For more details on the benefits of Magento for e-commerce website development.  https://www.panaceatek.com/benefits-of-using-magento-for-ecommerce-website-development/