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The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is overflowing with consistently developing opportunities, and people would not miss those opportunities as they trust that this will help their business development. Digital marketing fundamentally helps an organization to promote its brands or products through different online channels so that they can contact the focused customers without any problem. it has been in development for more than 20 years, and a few aspects build on much older types of advertising.

These days, the prominence of digital marketing is unparalleled, and very soon, it is trusted that digital marketing will totally immerse the traditional marketing. With its unimaginable opportunities and features, digital marketing will conquer traditional and offline marketing completely. The face of tomorrow’s digital marketing developing and with new creative ideas will be quite increasingly sophisticated and will be engaged to convey an incorporated experience to the customer. Fullestop has shown the time of the uprising of digital marketing consolidated.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best effective technique for your business which can utilize to connect with both prospects and established customers. 75% of people concur that content marketing makes them feel closer to a business or product, while 65% credit content for supporting them make better item decisions.

Great content marketing stirs positive relationship with one’s own brand and builds its awareness over the long run. For your content to perform well, you should put your objective group at the centre of consideration – use subjects that motivate them along with the client venture. This is especially valid in B2B, where everything spins around the buying procedure; successful content marketing satisfies.


From two or three years, chatbot and AI chatbot development have developed as the most followed pattern. Chatbots can be utilized to help consumers or users for a particular task, at whatever point they need.

You can discover chatbots on company websites for business use or in messenger on smartphones for personal use. A well-improved chatbot can be an extraordinary expansion to an organization’s website because it can enable to support your conversion rates.

The modern chatbot is still a youthful innovation and speaks to the organization when it’s speaking with the customer, along these lines, from a marketing perspective, it is an ideal representation of the brand building.

Voice Search

Voice assistants and conversational user interfaces are becoming more ordinary. Brands such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon are powering this trend as they compete in the overall industry. Voice-enabled applications are additionally turning into a prevalent part of our regular daily lives, changing the manner in which consumers and brands interact.

Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa. These are altogether manners in which the enormous brands are investing in voice innovation. From the smartphone to the smart home, there are various applications of this innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial intelligence is nothing but the science of machines and computers developing intelligence like humans. In this innovation, these automatic machines can do anything, even the easy to the complex task that people need to do all the time.

Artificial intelligence offers phenomenal abilities to control, monitor and evaluate a wide range of circumstances. AI will not expel the human from the circle, rather, it will increase our abilities for analysis and decision making, the better information collection.

Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Academic Poster

Academic posters are mostly use in meeting and conferences arranged within or by the academic community. These posters are useful by manifolds. You can elaborate your topic to be presented more effectively with the help these posters as they serve as visual aid.

The Purpose of Poster

The foremost adage behind making a poster is to get hold of the audiences’ attention. It can be done best by crafting an interesting poster focusing on the central idea of your research/project.  While creating the poster, it is important for students to know about the audience they are targeting. The poster should be as per the educational, geographical, gender, age and socio-economic background of the targeted audience. Also it is vital to consider the prior knowledge the audience has about the topic. The terminology they use in the poster should be comprehendible for the audience. This is important because the moment the audience stop understanding your presentation, the poster would become less impressive or absolutely useless in some cases.

Content of Poster

All the content you use in the poster, be it graphics, pictures, pie charts or tables, it should be relevant to the topic. The web links or other references should be functional and accurate. Try to focus on one aspect of the research topic. In case you cover everything in your topic, it would become harder for you to stay on right track. Make proper planning while designing the poster. How much background of the topic, research, questions and outcomes you need to put on the poster. Add some creativity in design to make the poster more attractive. Poster should be well organized. Mostly posters are A0, A1 or A2 in sizes. Poster should be so clear that the audience grasp the basic idea of topic in a single glance at the poster. The writing on the poster should be so clear and readable that audience can read it from the distance of 1.5 meters. The layout matters a lot. The color scheme you use, the font size and color, line spacing, use of bold, italics and underlined text, everything collectively makes the poster appealing for the audience. An academic poster must have all of the above things to make it presentable.

Properly Organized

The research presented on the poster should be in proper order, so that the audience understands the topic. Students should remember that the starting of the poster or the first three minutes of their interaction with the audience have prime importance. This is the time when either the audience develops interest in listening till the end or he/she finds the research monotonous and moves on. The academic post should be properly organized to achieve maximum success.

Proper Text and Images

Balancing the poster is again very important. The best academic posters are the ones in which pictorial demonstrations and written material is properly balanced across the page.  The pictures used should be relevant and clear. Use of 2D pictures looks more appropriate, as sometimes 3D pictures become confusing and unclear. Use the colors very wisely. Do not go for personal choice; rather evaluate the colors as per the topic and clarity in the academic poster.

A poster can be appealing and meaningful when the above points are followed. This helps to achieve long-term success.

Finding BigCommerce Partners to Suit Your Needs

There are a great many eCommerce platforms available to online merchants of all stripes, among them BigCommerce. Bigcommerce Partners are in plentiful supply, and like all digital agencies, some are better than others. However, rather than judging them by perceived quality alone, it is best to make your selection based on their unique talents and qualities that make them right for your business needs.

The first thing to take into account is what they do other than acting as BigCommerce partners. With so many eCommerce options, BigCommerce may not suit you the best. If you are new to eCommerce as a storefront, it may be best to listen to your selected agency’s recommendations for your specific market. If you are uncertain, trusting it to the professionals is always the best option. Even if you go in anticipating BigCommerce, look for agencies that are also familiar with platforms like Volusion and Magento to make sure all your bases are covered.

A more controversial suggestion is to give their SEO a kick in the tires by trying to find them on your search engine of choice by looking for the keywords relevant to your business’ needs. This is especially true if you’ve found a given agency based on word-of-mouth or advertisement, or any other form of marketing that you do not anticipate using yourself. An eCommerce agency that can’t market itself may not be able to effectively market you. It’s worth taking into account the quality of their stock photography, copy, and other content as well, as this will indicate the bare minimum of what you can expect to receive. It’s very difficult for an agency to make you look better than they make themselves look.

You should make a decision as to whether you are looking for local partners or an online agency. This depends heavily on your business presence. Merchants that operate both a local physical location and an online portal might do well to seek out a local agency, as they will be more familiar with the ‘lay of the land’ in their area, especially with respect to what sort of web design will resonate with the community. Merchants that only exist online would do well to look at partners that operate with an exclusive web focus; it’s best to think of the web as its own locality and seek out specialists.

While your eCommerce agency may know what you need, it is important to pursue one with an idea of what you want. Having clear goals an agency can help you accomplish will take you much farther than simply turning your eCommerce ambitions over to an agency sight-unseen. As well, do your research beforehand and go in with a budget. Don’t allow yourself to get blindsided by a quote. While BigCommerce partners ideally streamline the process of establishing an online storefront, including cost reduction, it’s entirely possible for costs to get out of hand if you aren’t prepared.

Lastly, always look for an agency’s portfolio. If they can’t refer to specific examples of past success, proceed with caution. While there are legitimate reasons to keep their client history private, particularly with the proliferation of online NDAs, they should be able to give you an idea of what they have accomplished, backed up with evidence. In particular, it is important to see that they have had success with projects similar in subject and scope to yours. Hiring an agency without some foreknowledge about what you’re going to get leaves you no better off than doing it yourself. Make sure lines of communication are open from start to finish, and do your due diligence to maximize your success.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to choose Magento Development Services and hire Bigcommerce Developer.

How to Choose the Best Website Development Company in Toronto

Internet is a highly competitive market today. You must explore ways to give the best brand experience to your customers so that your business turns out successful beating the tough competition around in its industry domain. The first move in creating a great website for your business is to find the best Custom Web Development Services Toronto . Here are a few steps to choosing the best website development company that can fulfill your dreams of creating a successful website.

Be clear with your objectives
Many business owners feel they do not know much about websites and they must leave everything regarding their site to the website development company to take care. This is the worst mistake you can do to spoil your site. You must first do some research and study to find out your objectives and what can make your site successful one. Once you have listed out what you want in your website, you prepare the list of some good websites that impress you and are in line with what you wish to have. Share this list with the development company to inspire them and check if the development process happens in line with your aspirations.

Know your budget and work out the expenses
Right from the beginning, you must take an informed decision regarding the spending you can do on your site. Do not cut costs to save on a dollar. Spend what is necessary. When you plan the entire spending you will need to do, you can make a detail planning and see how to make the development process focused, simple and also effective within your budget.

Go for an accomplished website development company
The track record and accomplishments of a company will speak volumes about their capabilities than what they can share with you during a conversation. Visit the sites the company has already delivered. Read through the reviews about the company. Take referrals from past clients and check the credibility and reliability of the company in many ways before choosing one.

Develop a great content
Talk to the agency you wish to consider to find out what they have got to say about the content that will be published on your site. To ensure a great user experience, quality content is highly essential. More than the structure and functionality of a website, quality content is highly essential. If the agency you wish to consider can value the content, it means they are adepts in the art of creating great websites. This will go in to say that you can bank on them.

Find out the strategy
Make sure that the website development agency you choose is clear about the strategy they will follow while developing you site. A solid strategy will make it possible to create milestones. It can also facilitate realistic experience. Ask them to detail all the strategies they are contemplating on so that you can get to know if they match with your goals and objectives.

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Website Designing Company in Delhi – India

Website designing company Delhi-India, deals in web designing & development, digital marketing services, SEO services, social media marketing, Google Adwords. Political party promotion, android and iOS app development, software development,  ecommerce development etc. Our aim is to provide result oriented services with 100% assurance.  We make your online business smooth and efficient. We have a team of industry experienced professionals who deliver outstanding result by working on the latest technology.  Website99 motive is to make your business stand out from the competitor market. We are an award winning website designing company Delhi-India. We make a unique presence of your website in the online market. We provide cost effective services within a stipulated time frame. Our dedicated team works on the latest technology and help to turn your business into a big brand. This is the reason we are considered to be the best website designing company Delhi-India.

Why Choose Website99 – Best Website Designing Company Delhi, India

Expert Tips for Small Business Websites

Expert Tips for Small Business Websites

We are the leading website development & Digital marketing Company in Delhi-India. We have a specialized team for every single services such as graphic designing team, Digital Marketing team, PHP developer team, App development team. All are dab hand in their particular work with years of experience.

So far we have worked with so many reputed brands such as ICICI Bank, Bajaj Finance, Clove Dental, GRC, Yamaha Motors, NGO, Pharma Group, Advertising Company, E-Rickshaw, Narendra Chanchal, Election Campaign, Sudhir Genset, Kirloskar Genset, Olympic GYM, Jhandewalan Mandir etc.

These are the famous brands that website99 has worked with. All are well satisfied with our services and call us the best website designing company in delhi.

Turn Business into a Big Brand with Website99

Promoting a newly developed website to reach a wider audience is a multi-tired process. But we make it possible within a short span of time by using ethical SEO techniques. This continues process of few months gives an unique identity to  your site make it a real brand. It brings more and more traffic on your website and turn them into a real customers.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become a prime website designing company Delhi. Our vision is to be the best in IT industry. We feel  pleasure when our client give their positive and valuable feedback.

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Expert Tips for Small Business Websites

While you might search for a suitable company to provide Cheap Website Design Toronto services, you must take note of the following points in order that your website becomes a successful one in promoting your business, brand, company, sales and profits.

Keep it free of any clutters
Let the design and layout be simple and captivating. Avoid too much designs or information that can overwhelm the users. Uncluttered design can make your website look professional and provide a pleasant viewing experience.

Make it Google friendly
Aspects such as uncluttered site, powerful content, sitemap, relevant keywords, and proper URLs can make Google index your small business website with ease. Your website must include at least basic SEO. Discover a good SEO friendly CMS to build your site.

Keep the site mobile friendly
Google is now going by mobile-first index. If your website is not mobile responsive, it can have a suicidal effect on it. When it is made mobile friendly, it can adjust to any viewing device. Your site must be able to provide user friendly experience across all devices.

Inbound leads
The most important function of a website is to capture as many inbound leads as possible. Since people are these days interested in researching about the products they will buy, they look forward to compare them. They might not buy impulsively. This waiting time can be used to gather their email address and keep them informed and find out when they are ready to purchase. At the same time, never be too persistent in a way annoying the potential customer.

Professional branding
Give a professional look to your site that reflects your brand image. Use the coolors that prominently appear in your logo. A small business website development company can give a professional look to your site.

Showcase the products and services well
You must show your products and services to the viewers in an attractive way. Do not have too many products in a page to clutter the page. Your customers are likely to spend only a few seconds on a page and you must grab their attention within that time to create the best possible impression.

Quick loading time
Your site must load as quickly as possible. The design of your site must have the best server infrastructure and bandwidth to support it. Work on many aspects in a way reduce the loading time.

Make the content relevant
Ensure that the content you publish on your small business website is relevant and will interest the audience. It must not be too long to bore them. At the same time, you must give enough information to the viewers. Make the headlines catchy and informative so that they can make the visitors continue with your site.

When you do not have a dedicated website that can engage your customers positively, you will lose out your business to your competitors who are working through a great website. So never underestimate what a professional website can do to your business.

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3 Tips to Upgrade the Lighting to Create a Smart Home

A smart home is becoming a popular trend because it is energy efficient. The energy costs are rising and people are looking for ways to reduce the consumption and make the house a safe place to live. Smart homes are worth investing in as they make life comfortable and easy. Upgrading the lighting is the perfect starting point for upgrading the house and making it smart.

Related image

There are a lot of ways that you can use to make the house lighting smart and energy efficient. There are temporary as well as permanent changes that you can make to improve and upgrade the house lighting. If you are not ready to change all the lighting of the house then here are a few tips that can help you use the lights you have in the best way.

Create a Smart Home with Smart Bulbs:

Lighting is a necessity for a functional and comfortable home and if you want to make your house a smart home then you need to change your bulbs. Nowadays there are smart bulbs available that will improve the energy efficiency of the entire house and they are durable as well. Swap out the CFL lights in the house for LED lights. The LED lights have a longer lifespan and lower the energy bills without compromising the comfort of the house. You can control the smart bulbs with your phone. If you forget to switch them off then you will be able to switch them off even from a remote location using your phone. You can also schedule smart bulbs to switch on or dim at any time you want. You do not need to install a dimmer switch as you can use an app to do that.

Invest in Color-Changing Bulbs:

There are two options when you are buying smart bulbs. There are white colored bulbs and other colored options as well. The white bulbs are an obvious choice but if you want to use lighting to improve décor of the house then colored lights are a great option. Using colored bulbs to the suspended ceiling lighting is an excellent way of adding a splash of color to the room. The colored bulbs are slightly expensive than white ones. There are models that can mimic the sunset and sunrise and they create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

For a smart home, you can program the smart bulbs to change colors in an event of a fire or smoke alarm going off. You can also program them to gradually fade as you go to sleep and switch on as the sun rises.

Smart Light Switches:

The number of bulbs, lamps and recessed lighting of a smart home depend on its size. If you need to install a lot of smart lighting then it can get a little expensive. If smart bulbs are out of your budget then it is better to invest in smart switches as they are more affordable. By installing smart switches there is no need to change the bulbs so it does not cost too much.

App Development Tips: Learn to Develop and Market An App

App development has become an interesting source of income for entrepreneurs and businessmen as mobile devices such as phones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular.

There is a wide range of apps available in the market. Most of them are entertaining and useful and offer regular updates full of new features.

Becoming an app developer has proven to be a profitable money-making strategy. However, starting on the business can be quite challenging as competition is hard and hundreds of new apps are offered every single day.

If you want to make money out of app development, you can do it by yourself or rely in the help of different companies that help entrepreneurial developers not only to polish their ideas for apps but also to market them accordingly.

App Development Tips - Learn to Develop and Market An App (2)

App Development Tips – Learn to Develop and Market An App

Why Are You Interested in App Development?

One of the first questions that app makers should ask themselves is why they want to develop an app, especially if they are looking forward to making money out of it. The basic idea behind apps -whether they are business oriented or not, is that they satisfy a need. They are easy to interact with and have a nice design. Those that are business oriented also try to improve the communication between the members of the company and its clients.

When you plan to develop a mobile app, make sure you have a clear idea of what moves you to offer an app. This will allow you to determine which kind of app you want to develop. If this is your first try at app development and you want to offer an app that people find attractive and useful, you are advised to develop a utility app. Those apps that help you manage your to do list or do the grocery list or keep on top of your appointments are extremely sought after. People are mainly interested in online tools that help them be more organized and productive as well as manage different issues at the same time.

Can you Handle The App Development Process By Yourself?

Unless you are really tech savvy there are great chances that you are not able to develop an app by yourself. If this is your case, be ready to invest in an experienced app developer. App developers are well aware of the software and online tools they require, how to use them and how to manage the different compatibility issues that may arise when working with mobile apps.

Hiring an expert in app development will definitely cost you some money, but it is definitely an investment when compared to wasting money and hours on end trying to develop an app with only basic software knowledge.

Is There Anything You Should Bear In Mind To Develop An App?

Of course there is! One of the most important issues is to ensure that your app runs smoothly no matter which mobile device the user has. Whether he loves his iPhone or smart phone or can’t go anywhere without his tablet, your app should perform perfectly well under all circumstances.

It is also worth mentioning that you should choose under which operating system (iOs or Android) you’d like your app to operate.

Keep App Development Anxiety At Bay

As you have the first versions of your app, it is almost impossible to keep from sharing it with friends and people you know to get their feedback. However, you are advised to wait until you and the app maker try out thoroughly. Nothing can harm more your reputation as an app development expert than offering a buggy application. Making a positive first impression is of vital importance in such a competitive niche, and starting developing an app that only receives bad critics from the people won’t do you any good. When ratings are good, people are more likely to download it and use it.

There’s a bright future ahead for app development. People will increasingly rely more and more on mobile devices and, therefore, the need of apps that help them communicate better with other people, relax, have fun, improve their productivity and so on will be more and more required.

Why Must You Develop The Content Before Designing Your Website

Experts in the arena of web design and development strongly say it is necessary to prepare the website content before starting off with the graphic design. Developing the content before the website is the right approach. This is because strong website design is much more than the colors, fonts and layout boxes. A good website design must focus on the user. It must address their needs. It must help them overcome their challenges. It must not be focused only on the coding trends.

Why this discussion?

A number of times we find that businesses are not quite clear of what they want from their websites. While they might draft a list of requirements while contacting a Website Development Company Toronto, they are most likely to focus on criteria such as hamburger menus, hero images, infinite scroll, motion and video backgrounds.

User experience is important

Design trends are bound to change while the focus on user experience must not. The user experience is the ultimate criteria that can decide the success of a website. Hence it must be given a prominent weightage among the various aspects of a website. Rarely do business owners contact a design firm with the data based on their visitors, the needs of the users and the goal of the website development. It is natural for most site owners to get caught up in the design tends, the fanciful websites of their competitors and the looks and feel rather than focusing on the content, which is ultimately going to decide the quality of user experience.

Content must precede the design

In the first place, list out the objectives of your website and work on what you will want to convey to the users. Content must always precede the design. In the absence of the content that will go into the website, the design is never a design. It is only a meaningless decoration. Message and the content are the main building blocks of a website. Hey are like the foundation on which you must build the mansion of your site. Only when the design follows the content, there will be a coherent flow in the website creation process. Before you choose the colors, fonts, layout and other elements of the design, you must get ready with the entire content. If you find it difficult to write all the content, you can focus on the main line of the content leaving out the rest for later.

Guidelines to develop the content

To start with, focus on the core sections and pages of the website. Depending on how complex the content is and the variation that is found in the call to actions and content flow you must proceed with the right approach to designing.

The different elements of the content you must work on to start with include headlines and sub-headers, core content about the products or services, paragraphs, call to actions, images, videos, navigation, social media accounts and search engine optimization elements. The more equipped your graphic designer is with regard to the content you provide, the better can be the development process.

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Choose 1Digital Agency for BigCommerce Web Design

When it comes to building an eCommerce website, the design is of great importance. People visiting your website need to be captivated with visuals and the overall design of the site.

For BigCommerce users, this can be difficult because of the importance of getting your design right and making your landing pages, product pages, and, of course, your home page look and feel on point with your brand.

This is where 1Digital Agency can be there for you. As a BigCommerce partner, the team at 1Digital Agency can handle every step of your Bigcommerce Web Design.

There are many elements that go into your website design and tips you can follow to make it the best it can be to help you achieve success in the eCommerce space.

You want your website to be clean and organized so that it remains easy to use and doesn’t get too cluttered with wording or too many images. Labeling things clearly also helps, such as product descriptions and pricing, and doesn’t overload a page with too many products or put too many products on the home page.

Your website design should also be easy to navigate and not disrupt the navigation menu and how it is structured. Too many links on the home page can also be a problem, so you want to keep things simple and make it easy for customers to get around.

Your website design should also include the contact information and be listed where people are going to see it. Typical information listed includes a phone number, email, physical address, and payment methods.

A key part of your design is also going to be the images you use. In an eCommerce setting, customers don’t get to physically see or touch the product before they purchase, so you need images to show your products accurately. High-quality images are a must for painting the picture for the customer and making them feel like they are having a typical retail experience.

Finally, part of your design is not only having it ready to go for the traditional desktop, but many customers are now using mobile to make their online purchases on the go. Your eCommerce store needs to be optimized for mobile so that customers can utilize that convenient service for themselves. Luckily, BigCommerce has a lot of built-in features to make mobile shopping easier and add mobile payment solutions to your store.

With 1Digital Agency, you get the BigCommerce partner you deserve, a team that knows the ins and outs of design, development, and marketing. Using expert developers and designers who can transform your website into the work of art you envision, 1Digital Agency puts the knowledge and tools to work to create the BigCommerce web design that sets your website apart from the others. Working closely with BigCommerce on a day-to-day basis as Elite partners helps put a plan into action to take a custom created eCommerce website and turn it into a user-friendly website that draws in the attention of customers and leads to conversions.

1Digital Agency also offers an extensive portfolio to show previous BigCommerce web design projects that have been completed and the potential behind the work they do. If this sounds like something of interest to you or you want to start making changes to your website and get on a major platform, now is the time! Contact 1Digital Agency by calling 215-809-1567 or sending an email to info@1digitalagency.com.

Whether you have been considering a new design for several months or are completely new to eCommerce and just want step-by-step guidance and advise, as well as a team that completely supports the journey of creating a great design from start to finish, contact 1Digital Agency today to find out how they can help you get great results for your BigCommerce store.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to choose Shopify + Partner and Shopify Designers.

Ten Reasons Why PHD Students Love Research

Research is the main goal of PHD studies.  Students love research because of multiple reasons. Such reasons help to enhance the quality of research.

To Achieve Something

Many PHD students have a love for research because it is their desire to achieve in life. They are ambitious because they want to challenge and push to new heights. Additionally, students might even desire to make money through research.

To Find Something New

Humans are inquisitive because they have a desire to learn something new. A good researcher has an inner driving force that pushes to explore and learn new things. PHD research is one way that students can investigate phenomenon and derive new knowledge. Writing a good research paper is easy when dissertation editing services are used.

It Helps to Improve Life

Research helps to improve the abilities of the researcher and solve problems. It can enhance confidence levels and make you a better researcher. By acquiring research skills, students can find better job prospects that can lead to success in life. Students need to contact dissertation editing services to get top quality dissertations.

Intellectual Freedom

Research gives intellectual freedom to students because they spend their time doing something that is passionate for them. They might have deadlines, but they have time and space on developing thoughts. Additionally, students work towards their degree by having autonomy. This is the ideal situation for them as it helps to improve their cognitive abilities.


Research done by PHD students is a challenge for them. It is a life-long goal that they want to accomplish. They want to push their intellectual abilities to the maximum. When they finish their research work then it will help them to gain satisfaction. Moreover, the challenging part of research is that it helps to provide an original solution in a specific study field.


Research can be fun because of unexpected challenges that need to be solved. Moreover, PHD students are happy to use their abilities and competencies in solving the problem. This helps to improve the creativity and passion of students.

Research is the Future

Many PHD students love research because they will be part of the future. There are many advancements going on in multiple disciplines. The research that has been done by students will be valuable in the next 10-15 years.  It might impact any field of study in which the research has been done.

Research is Highly Regarded

A good researcher is always recognized for his/her contributions in the field. Moreover, the researcher g gains respect and prospective offers that improve their self-confidence and personal lives. Having positive regard ensures that students will be recognized in the work environment.

Collaboration with other Professionals

PHD students while in the process of conducting research will be able to successfully forge partnerships with other professionals. This allows the exchange of information and leads to networking that can translate into professional relationships.

Improve Opportunities

Research helps students to enhance their potential by securing employment, scholarships, business collaboration, project funding, and others. Such opportunities are important for the growth and development of individuals.

Research is a challenging and fun activity that is loved by many PHD students. This is because they want to improve their job prospects, achieve self-confidence, and learn new skills. Moreover, research helps individuals to develop partnerships with other professionals.

Must Know Design Tips For Business Websites

Whether you own a small or big business, you will need a good, resourceful, engaging and optimized website to reach out to your customers. Today a business without a website is like a shop without a physical address. When you hire an Affordable Website Design Toronto to develop your site, the following tips can help you design a great website that helps you achieve your goals in an effective way besides maximizing your ROI.

Keep it uncluttered
A good web designing must always be simple and also captivating. A complicated design or too much information can ruin the very purpose of your website by affecting the user experience. An uncluttered website will look professional and engage the audience productively.

Let Google find your site easily
Search engines in general and Google in particular go by a set of criteria to list websites in their search results. Some important aspects to work on to let your website be found on Google are a clear content, sitemap, proper URLs, uncluttered design and others.

Make it mobile friendly
These days, Google is very particular about mobile-first index due to the rising popularity of mobile search on the internet. If your website is not mobile friendly, it can have a suicidal impact on the purpose of your site. It is important that your site provides a mobile friendly experience across all devices.

Create effective inbound leads
It is important for your business to focus on inbound leads and capture as many of them as possible. Customers are doing a thorough research these days before deciding to buy a product. You can collect their email ids to keep them informed and also find out what their buying preferences are. At the same time, you must take steps not to annoy a potential customer.

Make the contact details visible
Never forget to make your contact information visible prominently in every page. Create a separate contact page to include the physical address of your business so that your business will look authentic. A map and hours of operation will be very useful to your customers.

Let the branding look professional
Use prominent colors that are part of your band logo. An accomplished web design company can give your site a professional look. Be consistent with the use of fonts throughout the website. Ensure the graphics and images you use sync with your site in a complementary way.

Get a simple buy unique design
It is important that your website reflect your brand. The first impression created by your site on the viewers is important as it can play a crucial role in attracting or repelling the visitors. If your site is just like those thousands of other sites on the internet, it is not likely that it will create an impact on the viewers’ mind.

Give adequate information to the viewers
You must showcase your products and services as effectively as possible to your customers. Displaying too many products and services on a single page can make the site look cluttered. A professional, precise and effective way of informing your audience is crucial to the success of your site.

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Expert Tips To Build Or Redesign Your Website

Every business website is a highly potential digital asset. To start with, every visitor searching for your business lands on your website and hence your business’s site must be good enough to give the best first impression of your brand. When you are about to create or redesign your business website, follow these tips to make it the most effective one.

Tips To Build Or Redesign Your Website

Tips To Build Or Redesign Your Website

Specify your goal
Develop a clear understanding of what you wish to achieve through your site. Reflect on whether you intend to get more sales or rank high on the search engines or enhance the operational efficiency, generate more leads or improve the customer satisfaction. This can help you give the right shape to your project.

Welcome constructive criticism
Constructive criticism is vital for the success of any creative project. You must get to know the quality of user experience from different perspectives including those of the customer, employee and the developer. You also need to ask for the opinions of these three stakeholders and take them in while creating or redesigning your site.

Make things simple
Quite often, your website might not need all those elements that you think are needed. A welcoming site that engages the audience very well is more important than a flashy site. Keep the website simple, uncluttered, and free from any kind of confusion.

Do not leave the existing customers alienated
Ensure your attempt to bring in new customers does not alienate the existing customers. Though it might be tempting to portray a completely new image of your website, mind that some efforts to change the way your brand message is conveyed can put down your existing customers.

Include clear call to action
The main intention behind the creation of a website is to move people to action. Ensure that your website is good enough to give a seamless experience to the visitors by including call to action buttons in every page. Never hide things like phone numbers or booking buttons. Every aspect must be easy to use and discern.

Present your team and story
B2B businesses are built and run by humans only. Hence it is important to showcase the team behind your services and technology. Spend enough time on the design and content of your site especially on the about us and company page. This will help people develop a personal connection with your site and also learn about the people behind the product.

Gather ideas from your competitors’ sites
Whether a positive or negative input, you must gather some useful insights from your competitors’ sites to decide what you must do and what you must not do while designing or redesigning your site. Keep the site loading quickly and let the design look appealing.

Answer the likely questions
Your website is the primary and the best source for your customers to learn about your products, company and services. Hence it is important to foresee all the possible questions that a customer might have and answer them in your content. Find the best Website Design Company Toronto that can fulfill all the above said objectives and get your site designed or redesigned.

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7 Gaming Categories to Try Out Today

Gaming isn’t just about entertainment and amusement. Even, gaming also benefits us in various ways, like increasing the rate of concentration, enhancing memory, and improving our multitasking skills as well.

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According to a study in China, playing games just for 1 hour can affect our brain, which further gives benefits, like better focus and ability to remember more things as compared to non-gamers.

Due to these chilling results, the gaming industry has made many improvements and changes to make the experience unbelievable. Hundreds and thousands of game are available in the gaming world and these are divided into several categories according to their gameplay.

Some of the popular gaming categories are:

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

MMO games are played over a local area network or on the internet. These games are like having a virtual world, which is surrounded by the game’s characters and obstacles.

Players from all over the world compete against each other. These types of games are played on a very giant scale. Players interact through virtual game rooms with other players and enjoy being part of the game.


As the name speaks, this category includes many adventurous missions and tasks to be done by the player. These games generally have some back-stories, which run around the character to make the gameplay more interesting and realistic.


The player is served with many challenges to complete various levels and earn new challenges.

Action games require the player to make all his senses into work. For example, if the obstacle is another character, then the player will fight using his hand and eye coordination, and so on.

First Person Shooter (FPS)

The player is the protagonist, and the whole game is centered along the weapon, which the player is using. Plus, this game also includes all the obstacles, enemies, bonus points, etc.


Sometimes, you want to play real-world sports, but some hindrances persist, like having no ground or place to play or anything can pull you behind. But, this is the generation, where every new day brings a new technology and brings the real-world sports into digital gaming format is one among them. Whether it is football, baseball, or cricket, it could be played as a video game without any physical need for ground and opponents.

Board Games

Board games aren’t here for a while, they are being played for many years. These are easy to setup and give a ton of entertainment. Just buy a board game and start playing, no matter where you are. These games also hold a prominent place in the digital gaming market and they are one of the most played games.

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Classical games like chess, ludo king, Sudoku, etc. can be played on computers and smartphones. Due to which, development companies come into being with smart and techno-oriented ways to make these games more engaging.

Combat or Fighting Games

These games include a very limited number of characters. The player competes with the opponent on one challenge by fighting, until the time expires. Player’s character earns several powers, whenever it completes a level.

Sometimes, we really want to step out from that pattern or loop that we are continuously following and enjoy being free from all the burdens and chaos. Gaming is one of the best solutions to this.

So, let’s start gaming.

Convert Magento 1 to Magento 2

Strong Reasons to Convert Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento is one of the powerful e-commerce platforms that can offer you an outstanding user experience that you can’t expect from any other platform. With the launch of Magento 2, there is a lot of confusion among developers that whether they should upgrade to the newer version or not.

Well, it is always a rewarding decision to update the latest version so as to experience a lot of new features and enhanced user experience. There is no point you can ignore the numerous benefits of switching to Magento 2, which is more SEO friendly and delivers great performance. Here is the list of advantages that you get when you update from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

The Overall Performance

One of the biggest reasons to switch to the updated version of Magento is the overall performance and enhanced user experience. With the latest version, you can eventually expect approximate 20 percent faster website loading speed.

The reason for enhanced performance is the extension named “Varnish Cache” that lends a hand in quick loading of your website without any hassle. The slow loading time of the website was the primary reason why people demanded an enhanced version of the platform that can speed up the loading process of a website. If you are also facing glitches related to the overall speed of the website loading, you need to switch to Magento 2.

User-Friendly Design

Another great reason that depicts the reliability of Magento 2 is the user-friendly design, which makes the user smoothly access the services without any performance-related glitch. One can easily customize the website without the need to squander huge time, which was in the case of Magento 1.

Moreover, the users get a whole new feel of easy checkout after their shopping with the enhanced e-shopping experience. Easy checkout and save later options gives an all-new feel to the users that significantly improves the user experience. All you need to do is to Hire Magento Expert that can provide you the efficient solution for the same.

The all new Interface for the Admin

Magento 2 provides a new interface to the admin that helps in easy management of the website’s functionality and content. This lets the admin personalize things as per their requirements so as to save ample time.

The drag and drop feature of Magento 2 is the best thing that you can get in an admin panel of a website. This feature simplifies the process of editing, insertion, and deletion that modifies the overall layout of your website.

The Responsiveness

The latest version of Magento is more mobile friendly, which is the reason you can prefer it for targeting the smartphone audience. The Magento 2 platform is designed in a way that it supports every device without disturbing the overall layout.

The proper scrolling and functionality of the website can be can be experienced on any of the mobile devices without affecting the layout. For all those Magento 1 owners out there, it is the perfect time to upgrade to the advanced version to provide the best user experience.

These are some reasons that showcase the need to switch to Magento 2 for the existing Magento 1 users for an enhanced experience.

The Shopify SEO Expert You Deserve

Creating a website for your business can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. There are a number of small details that will affect the outcome of its success if they are not properly handled. Things such as checkout process, search engine optimization, and overall layout must be handled with care. To tackle these details, you’ll want the assistance of Shopify SEO and development experts. With their knowledge of one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, your business will be gaining views and buys in no time. 1Digital Agency provides experts that will go above and beyond to ensure that your online business thrives by optimizing it to its fullest capacity. Contact us today, and our company will put you on the right path with sustainable success with search engine optimization.

Want to know why SEO is so important to your business? Optimizing your Shopify website is highly important when it comes to building it for both short and long term goals. By properly optimizing your website, it will rank higher on search engine result pages thus driving more traffic to your website. There are a multitude of ways to have your site ranked highly with other established businesses. At the core of it all, creativity truly matters. It is up to you to use your imagination when it comes to designing your website. Using different forms of media such as videos and images will help your site distinguish itself from other ranked websites. Using moderately sized images will help you do just that. Having large images might impact the loading time of your website, thus creating unwanted bounces from your site. By making your images decently sized, your website becomes more visually appealing and easier to navigate, which will give users an incentive to explore it and stay on pages longer to find more content. Our Shopify SEO Experts will use their technical abilities to make your site as SEO friendly as possible, including fitting and formatting different pieces of media onto your Shopify platform.

Keywords are another component to a strong ranking on a search engine. Having both short and long form keywords used in titles and in pieces of content you publish will help with this. Be creative with how you place them! You can use keywords in more places than just the articles of your websites. Don’t be afraid to place them in areas such as the title tags, meta descriptions, or even the URL tag. The more places you can use your keywords appropriately, the higher the site will rank. However, be sure not to overstuff your website’s content with keywords as this will result in penalties.

Finding those words is always a fun challenge that our Shopify SEO experts are always ready to meet. There are numerous research methods to find what words rank where in the search engine world. One of the best methods is SEMrush, which will show you keywords to use and allow you to utilize a more analytical side of things. Since Google is the clear search engine superpower of all the different platforms, many people use Google Analytics to track and research keywords. At 1Digital, we do our best to remain a step ahead of everyone else by having our hardworking employees become Google Analytics certified. This way, all of our workers have a better understanding of SEO and can help contribute to situations pertaining to it.

For more information on receiving SEO services for your Shopify site from our experts, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment! We’ll go into great detail on how we can help your business achieve and sustain long-term success. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about how to choose Shopify Developer and Shopify + Partner.

How Cloud Computing is Transforming with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

When it comes to very widely known IT buzzwords, (AI) artificial intelligence is the one which at moment solving many problems related to many industries. From finance to healthcare, manufacturing to retail industries have figured out ways to converted pain points into innovative solutions.

This step is building a new change where expenditure on cognitive and AI systems likely to rise at a speed of bullet train till the year 2022. The one area where the influence of artificial intelligence is touched, a global cloud computing market. The hype of cloud computing is helping to benefit all markets and shown as a symbol of honor. For newly established companies, the aptitude to march directly to cloud infrastructure has permitted them. Many of the corporations have failed to build their intricate heritage systems.

Using more influential and advance infrastructure, organization whether large size or small, any location or industry can reach the top of the global industry. This created democratization of latest technologies such as AI, Deep Learning etc. The various unique sectors using this wonderful development language has become playground of the innovations in IT industries.

AI abilities are depending on the large amount of premium data. With fresh strength of cloud computing, companies can collect, store, process, and analyze data in size.

In short, if cloud is better, AI is better.

Things We Understand

Amidst all the excitement its worth taking a deep breath and understanding that AI is not a silver-bullet or a panacea to any-and-all IT woes. As with any technology, AI is a tool, and one that will only work effectively when it has a clear business aim. Context is everything, and for the best results AI must be directed towards a tangible output.

AI is the technology only works when businesses have a clear objective. Business step by step plan is important. For desired results, AI must be invested in the directions of concrete output.

To understand issues related to AI implementation is through with the help of the example of jacket shopping. Nobody buys a jacket without knowing which type of jacket and when they want to use it. It is unsuitable to use the winter jacket for a summer trip and travel. In the same way, AI can be implemented in the wrong context. To solve problems your business is facing, it is important to have crystal clear considerations of issues. This will lead to finding an appropriate AI solution.

Many businesses have experienced and learned a lesson because of their contact with cloud computing. Cloud computing was always a “must have” technology though many businesses were not clear about why this is the case. It may sound strange now – but once when cloud computing is the default option – most of the early deployments was unsuccessful. Turning into exaggeration, businesses invested in the cloud without knowing why they were undertaking it or stating what a fruitful implementation seems like for their organizations.

Going Forward

It is important to note that growth of cloud computing has permitted the AI sector to prosper, addition in AI is now building the cloud industry forward. As AI becomes more systematic it requires even many strong platforms to work on. The cloud industry has been excited in its response, with cloud implementation serving to improve the industry to new levels.

As cloud becomes stronger, access to AI is more common as the infrastructure required to install these services are more easily available and cheaper.

Crucially, cloud computing using AI isn’t a radical or revolutionary change. In many respects, it’s an evolutionary one. For many organizations, it has been a seamless integration from existing systems, with AI investment gathering pace quickly. Over the next few years, we can expect to see the industry continue to boom, with AI driving cloud computing to new heights, while the cloud industry helps bring the benefits of AI to the mainstream. Collaboratively, AI and cloud computing will become the twin-turbo drive engine to smarter businesses. Importantly, cloud computing with AI is not a deep-seated or innovative change. It is a gradual one. For many businesses, this journey has been continuous addition from current systems where AI addition picking up speed swiftly. In the coming years, we can able to see a significant boost in AI technology in the IT industry. Also, artificial intelligence pushing computing to top heights. On the other hand, cloud industry support taking the features of AI to the mainline. Collectively, AI and cloud computing will develop into a dual-turbo engine to better businesses.

Work 365 is a Customer Experience Platform and built for Microsoft CSP Partners to scale and grow their cloud business. Built on Dynamics 365, Cloud Automation Platform, Work 365 helps you to deliver exceptional Customer Service, Increase Profit Margins, and Streamline Accounting and Sales.

Why Billing Automation is essential part of Microsoft CSP Programme

Cloud Computing provides a lot of plus points for end-customers. This helps them to create fully accessible IT environments with no need to finance in a hardware and licenses. Cloud services resellers can generate revenue as they build a constant source of monthly subscription profits rather than build a high-risk application which can turn into the possibility of failure. To receive complete advantages of these characteristics, cloud service providers need to allow clients to access technology and keep the own processes in the line too.

What’s new about this situation?

Previously when resellers just sold licenses, they did that simply. Each license is an assurance by the client for a longer duration of time and with no flexibility. If they need to do more? They just bought additional licenses. In most of the cases, the billing scenario is handled by the vendor, so any manageable discounts rely on what the vendor provided, not on the reseller. The licensing model was inflexible, a requirement such as purchasing short term services was not very common.

Nowadays, cloud computing has influenced a cloud scalability. For customers, it is not required to buy new licenses to expand their IT potentials. Short time period expansions are now available, with subscriptions which can be canceled on anytime. A mixture of services has largely expanded. It is not just about the catalog of independent licenses that client buy. They are collecting a large collection of cloud services that reseller will have to combine. Vendors can charge reseller for cloud services, it can be a Pay-Per-Usage or Pay-as-you-Go scheme. This has a heavy impact on Total Price of Ownership Calculationscustomers wants to make. Cloud service providers differentiate on the cost of services they provide with respect to Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure.

Significance for the Billing Process

This results in more complexity on the side of the cloud solution provider. IT services are not related to an only single cloud environment, customers want the best services available. It is no longer advantageous to leave the billing to individual vendors. So, the first characteristics of any billing system used by resellers are that it can integrate a large number of various services and merge them in a single periodical invoice. For example, Invoice should consider the client used services, payment scheme applied and any discounts for using various services of the same vendor.

The successful billing process which allows the flexibility and scalability that end customers are familiar to. If service is provisioned, then it needs to be added immediately and closed when the customer finishes use of service. This result in a complex pricing calculation. Also, the end customer need complete visibility about how much the provisioning will cost.

Why Billing Automation is necessary

It is not possible that someone can simply calculate these costs by hand and create the invoices. This process should be fully automated. Other than leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, automation provides more benefits. Billing automation allows the cloud reseller to provide discounts that fortunate in building specific relationships. Billing automation can bring structure which will be valuable in enhancing the efficiency of the whole business.

How Work 365 can helps

Work 365 is a Customer Experience Platform and built for Microsoft CSP Partners to scale and grow their cloud business. Built on Dynamics 365, Work 365 helps you to deliver exceptional Customer Service, Increase Profit Margins, and Streamline Accounting and Sales. Using Work 365 – Microsoft CSP Billing Automation Software, CSPs can transform their way of doing Subscription Billing and Invoicing completely.

WordPress web development services – Combining creativity and technology with experience

In the digital marketplace every customer wants to own a 100% scalable, highly interactive and robust website that enhances their brand value, grows their business and leads to higher conversions.

As a technology platform, WordPress offers many advanced features, easy and simple-to-use architecture, templates and customization facilities and the objective in WordPress web development services is to make correct use of these features and additionally bring in creativity, technology depth and experience to deliver visually stunning and feature rich websites that give customers a competitive edge in the market.

Definition of an ideal WordPress web development services provider
Arguably one can say that an ideal provider is one who engages with its customers right from the beginning when website is under conceptualization and offers end-to-end services across the value chain.

  • Customers are able to easily maintain the websites and use their own content, images, multimedia and other proprietary data.
  • WordPress themes, templates, modules, plugins are shown and discussed with the customer. The customer is advised about their respective features, advantages and disadvantages and based on an agile and interactive delivery process these components are built into the website of the customer in consultation with them.
  • Security aspects of the website are explained to the customers and built into the website.
  • The development process is iterative and customers are provided access to check the website and share feedback.
  • Before delivery, customers are explained on how WordPress functions and are given tutorials to explain them how to use the Admin features of the website.
  • As far as possible customers are able to maintain the website on their own with little external support.

WordPress web development services from Techindiasoftware.com
Techindiasoftware.com meets all these challenges and objectives with professionalism and serves as an ideal and one stop shop for all WordPress web development services.

Whether one is looking to enhance an existing website, or build a new one from scratch, Techindiasoftware.com has an experienced team of certified WordPress developers who are well versed with latest version of WordPress and can offer diverse WordPress web development services that include:

  • PSD to WordPress Conversion
  • Theme customization
  • Theme development
  • Plugin integration
  • Plugin development
  • Multisite development

Key Differentiators

Agility in development, a customer centric approach and a commitment to protect the intellectual property of the customers are some of the key differentiators. Other differentiators include:

  • Unmatched quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Skilled WordPress developers
  • Proven delivery methodology
  • Quality Assurance
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support

Myself Mouzzam Jafri Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to Hire Magento Developer and Hire WordPress Developer.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Development Company

Are you planning to take your business online? If yes; it is a wonderful choice to select a new platform to boost your brand. However, a website alone can make or break your business if done without a strategy. It is best to hire a professional web development service to launch your business with proper tools and strategy. Let us look at the five reasons to hire them for the launch of your virtual business.

Strategic Websites

A website acts as the face of a business which attracts the attention of the users with its design and products. Hiring a professional web development firm to build your website from scratch will give you the freedom to make the web space cater to your business goals. It is one of the best investments you can do to your business for the long-term. A professional web developer gives a clean and unique look to make it stand apart from other million websites existing on the internet.

A professional can understand the demands of your business and build a website to generate leads and online sales. If the website is an information portal or a blog, the web developer uses different layouts, graphics, and designs to make it appealing to the users. Professional web developers of a firm have unlimited access to various tools required to build a functional website and have the knowledge to integrate latest technologies into the website.

Personalized Web Properties

Users that access the website care about some properties like loading time, ease of navigation and visual build. A website with crowded content and too many ads is an off-putting quality on a website. A web development company takes all such aspects into consideration while designing the website. The layout of the content should be hierarchical to make the website look professional. The quality of coding done by professionals falls in accordance with web standards. Well coded web pages make the website look easy on the eyes of the user and give the best first impression which makes the visitors come back to your website.

It is difficult to make feature-rich website along with enhanced functionality without the help of a professional. Apart from building your brand website, the website should be able to reflect the ethics and values of the business to gain the trust of the users. A web development firm makes sure to give positive vibes to the users as no one visits a website which appears to be sketchy. The professionally built website can add features like book an appointment, share on social media marketing, join the newsletter etc for the user communication.

Content Management    

Just like the framework and design of a website, having clear and precise content is needed to engage the user after opening your website. The professional web developer builds content which shares the journey and story of your brand. Compelling words with a relevant topic is a sure way to keep the audience engaged. Digital marketing strategies revolve around powerful content which converts the users into customers. A professional can help in keeping the content consistent and builds the trust of the target audience. A professional web development company has experience in creating the right content that complements the marketing strategy and brand value too.

For a website to be successful there needs to be a balance between engaging content and layout or design specifications. The amount of white space around the content also creates an impact on the web engagement. So hire professional web developers to create engaging content with robust web design and SEO optimized keywords.

Web Analytics

Creating a good website is not the end of the business strategy. To develop the business and make it viable with profits, the owner should understand the web traffic and how to convert leads into potential customers. A professional web development company has resources like web analysts in digital marketing gives you an information about the performance of the website and give reports on the user preferences. By obtaining the data on user patterns and their taste, a business can change its strategies and tactics to attract customers. Leaving a comments section for websites like blogs, entertainment, and news portals will help the business understand its shortcomings.

Web analytics also give a detailed report on which products are more popular and how much time is spent on specific products. Understanding web analytics can help the firm to change its marketing strategy and improve the cash influx. The analytics data give a competitive edge over other businesses and think ahead of new marketing trends. A business can reach only its full potential by staying on track of all the trends and technologies.

SEO optimization

There is no point in making a great website if it is not recognized by search engines. SEO optimization is crucial to increase the visibility of a website and professional web developers take great care to optimize the website. They have the capabilities to help the website rank higher in the search results with related keywords and titles. A web page should be optimized for the images embedded in it and to increase the loading time. Expert web developers code well and add features to the web design to help the search bots to crawl the content easily.

Without a proper SEO optimization, the website will never surface on top search results and will likely go unnoticed by the users. It is very important to make responsive web pages that can load faster and be compatible with all devices. A website undergoes changes continuously, and it requires the help of a webmaster to update the site on new technologies and trends.

Hiring a professional web development company to build a functional and pleasing website not only brings in customers but also saves time and money. It is recommended to talk to the firm of your choice before handing over the web development services to discuss the experience and expertise they have. Make sure to communicate well during the development and see how their effort will give you an increase in ROI.

Author Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with Adreno Technologies. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized offshore software development india firm businesses to improve their online presence and grow their revenue by you planning digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have keen interest in Entrepreneurship, java development outsourcing, Brand Management, Tech Consultancy, etc.